The Pavillion

Cawthorne Park has such lovely doggy cafes and this little gem is one of them. Doggy, not foggy as I wrote in one blog. I am typing as fast a my mind is thinking! I say doggy cafe because you can sit outside with them. 5he tables are under a shelter and you are provided with blankets. We always aim for a certain table that gets the most sun! There are always fresh flowers on the tables and at the moment, they are daffodils.
This cosy cafe is such a find. It offers gorgeous sandwiches and soups and the homemade cakes are very moreish! We order a dog sausage so they aren't left out and there is always a bowl of water for them. The staff are so friendly and can't do enough for you. We love to sit with our flat whites which are amazing. You can see down to the lake and up towards Cannon Hall but my favoutlrite view is the gorgeous white blossom tree.
Sometimes, we order take away drinks and my fave of these are the hot chocolate specials. My goodness! I daren't even think how many calories are in these! I love the caramel white chocolate and the mint but the best is the Turkish Delight hot chocolate! Each one has different toppings depending on the flavour. I love watching the drinks being made as they add the ingredients. I didn't even know you could get rose flavoured syrup so I'm looking round to buy that for home now.

Just to say sorry for spelling mistakes. My challenge is to look for doggy, not foggy cafes. I realise also, as an ex teacher, I should perhaps be using colons and semi colons but I'm concentrating on the content more. I am aware of the grammar police as social media is all about getting your message out quickly without any editing! My bug bear has always been apostrophes though. Especially when browsing menus. I don't want pie and potatoe's but I'll have pie and potatoes!


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