Wentworth Garden Centre

Over the years, this place has really flourished and is a lovely afternoon out. We love the garden centre outside with its gorgeous hanging baskets and collection of pots. I can easily spend an hour inside looking at household things: ornaments, candles, teacups and tins. They have a great range of jewellery, bags and scarves. I love looking over the conserves at the mouthwatering jams and chutney. The best part is the book and jigsaw corner. They have a good selection of books for children and I have found some good mystery/ drama fiction that I have enjoyed.
The place is great for children with the family farm, the playground and the carousel ride. This is the place where I was stung by a wasp for the first, and I hope, last time! The pet shop is also a good place for children. We love to walk through to the garden and get lost in the maize. The garden is stunning and I always say I want to work in the little photographer's building with its patio doors and lovely views. I love photographing nature and this spot is perfect in the Summer and Autumn. Such vibrant colours with the trees and flowers. We found a little wildlife garden next to the deer and felt privileged to walk in though the gate to inspect further.
We always get an ice cream whilst walking around and we can bring our dog of as long as it is on the lead. We sit outside either cafe with the dogs. It can get quite loud anyway in the large cafe. We love everything on the menu and this place do cafitierres for two. If no one wants to share, I still order one! Their selection of cakes is out of this world!
There are a few shops in the Courtyard and we loved the spiritual shop selling dream catchers and stones. The ice cream parlour too. It looks like they're renovating so we hope these shops return. We love this area in Winter when the ice rink comes out. After skating, grab a hot chocolate with a Flake in the cafe.
On our way out, we always grab something from the fruit and veg stall if it is there. Everything we buy is fresh and delicious. We have enjoyed visiting the farmer's market in the past and I always buy some quirky cheese. I'm still not sure about charcoal cheese yet. Maybe next time!


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