Worth visiting Wentworth!

We love Wentworth village and it always reminds me of Miss Marple as we turn into the beautiful village with its little cottages and green doors. As you travel along the main road, you pass the little village shop, the bistro, the tea rooms and the old post office, expecting the sleuth herself to walk out with her straw hat on and basket in hand.
The two pubs are in keeping with this era and the ivy climbing up the walls looks ancient. The church is a grand sight to look at with its avenue leading up to the church door. Spring is a good time to see daffodils swaying ibn the breeze. We love the tearooms and sometimes have to wait for a table so use this time to walk up and down the village, admiring the lovely houses and buildings. When we reach Paradise Square, we always stop and stare in wonder. What a very apt name for this little square of cottages. The lawns are all sheltered by the houses and are full of a variety of flowers. What a tranquil scene.
Further on is Wentworth garden centre which we love and then the antique centre. When a good friend introduced me to this years ago, I was hooked. I love antiques and I love cafes so when the two are combined, I am a very good customer! They have lovely pieces of antiques, pots and jewellery. This has expanded over the years and is well worth a visit.
When I first entered the Village Tea Rooms, I fell in love with it straight away! It is so cosy and as idyllic as the village itself. We were given a very warm welcome and enjoyed our visit there so much. It is one of those places where you spend most of your drinking time looking at all the pictures and quotes on the wall! There is a fab old mantlepiece painted mustard and comfy settee. The cakes and drinks are gorgeous. They offer you a cafetierre, which is a rarity I find these days. There is seating outside in the garden and when the side door is open with the sun shining in, you could sit hours eating crumpets with butter and drinking Earl grey tea from a floral tea pot. Pure escapism.


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