Zorro Lounge

When we found this fabulous place in Glossop, I should have known it was going to be amazing. I love the film Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones so I should have known we would be in for a treat.
It was a miserable morning as we sat in the car with our flask, looking over at the grey skies and hoping the rain would just blooming well go away.
I was relieved when we turned around to go find a cafe in Glossop until the rain stopped. My goodness. We did not find just any cafe but the Zorro Lounge. I immediately fell in love with it. With everything. I kept exclaiming about the pictures, the ornate mirrors, the glimmering chandeliers and the quirky furniture. The menu did not fail to excite me either. We ordered brunch to fuel us up the mountain and strong coffee. After a while I posed the question, would it hurt to have a cocktail? Of course not!
Hours later, I knew it was said cocktail that got me up Kinder Scout, viewing the magnificent views and feeling on top of the world! On our way back down though, when the rain and wind suddenly re-appeared, I could have done with some of that wonderful cocktail in that blooming flask! 


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