Dodworth Delights!

There are two Dodworth Delis. Onecs take out and the other a sit down cafe. We absolutely love it here in the sit down one but still need to try the take out. We love the decor and surroundings in this cosy, little cafe. The staff are really friendly and we always have a laugh. Their sandwiches are so tasty and the salad so lovely that I always eat the lot. No limp lettuce left over on their plates.

They have gorgeous savouries and desserts here and we have been here quite a bit. The coffee and tea are lovely too. When my friend Vic asked me to recommend a cake place, we went there. She was well impressed! It's hard when you are recommending in case the person doesn't like it! No worries here. We were chatting to the lovely staff and other fab customers whilst eating gorgeous cakes so I know she will be back!

After our first trip to Dodworth Deli, Vic and I popped into Locked in Time Antique centre. I knew she'd love it here. There are two floors of antiques and a little cafe on the ground floor. The coffee smelt great! As you walk in, you are surrounded by jugs. Hence my, "I love jugs I do" quote! Vic was proclaiming it was like keeping a little bit of Great Britain in a time capsule. We loved it here and promised we'd return when We had more time.
We returned the week after and made it upstairs. My goodness! It was packed full with tea and coffee sets and a variety of crockery. We didn't know where to look first! I bought some lovely condiments and two paintings of dogs by a local artist in Monk Bretton. I loved them! The jewellery was just gorgeous. I sipped a lovely filter coffee as we talked Antiques. What a fab place to visit!


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