Gin is back in!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of gin! They also know I was a gin lover back in the day before it was cool. Cool now to teenagers apparently means a constipated, overweight, old lady so I use the old term obviously. Unless they are the side effects of being a gin lover? There are two main questions I have come across in my research and perhaps the first crossed Shakespeare's mind of an evening.

I also love a Pornstar Martini. Who doesn't? It's for the healthy passion fruit on top of course! I love this Pinterest picture.

Luckily my sisters in law both share my love of gin and cocktails. When we have a Pornstar Martini, we're still not sure of the Prosecco etiquette. Do you down it or mix it in with the martini?

My friends and I went to Leeds one day and ordered the massssiiiiive Pornstar Martini in The Slug and Lettuce pub with a bottle of Prosecco. Now you're talking!

This was fab but next time we are all for the Pornstar Martini tree I've seen advertised on Facebook. I just need to remember which pub it was!

My sister in law and I also love a refreshing Mojito. The mint leaves in this are gorgeous. We once asked for a ginger mojito and got such a look off the barman like we were committing a drinking sin! It was divine! On a similar note, We ordered a Dark Storm with ginger tones and that had a right kick. Thought I'd better use some correct jargon for reviewing drinks! The Beatles sang, "All you need us love" and I totally agree with the Fab Four but I do love this quote.

I am also a Pimm's lover and love the strawberries, mint and cucumber all mixed together. This is a lovely barbrcue drink on a sweltering day. As is the Cheeky Little Vimto. So refreshing and no hangovers the next day!

The lovely Lakeside Cafe bar in Newmillerdam is advertising Pimm's o'clock. For me, it's always Pimm's o'clock!

Back to gin. We've found a new Passion fruit gin by Boe in Oscar's Wine Bar in Holmfirth so will be trying that next week. Even the bottle looks lovely!

Back in the 90s, gin was Gordon's. No fathing. Just a Gordon's gin and tonic. Then we moved onto Bombay Sapphire. Now? My goodness! There is a selection as long as my arm! I couldn't believe the 106 gins when I went into the new Cafe bar Pour House 22. Where do you start? I always look for my fave then ask what are similar. The owner told me about a marvellous Gin sampler tray of four different gin and tonic for £11.22 I think! Great idea! They also do special cocktails for special occasions and I love this from Facebook for St Patrick"s Day.

My list of favourites keeps growing! I love the Jasmine tea gin, OPHIR, Copper Beachand Whitley Neill Rhubarb and ginger.
I love trying different tonics and I love the Aromatic and Meditteranean at the moment. I've also been recommended mixing my gin with Ginger Ale and that is tasty too. I also love fathing with extras. I'm a complete father by the way! I love the gin at The Spencer's in Cawthorne as they put juniper berries in.

We use lemon and lime but also frozen fruits. My friend uses the popping bubbles and I love those. We have a very healthy approach you know! Just like this quote!

Mixers are fab and I've always had the Gordon's ones. Cannon Hall Deli is great for gin with its long Gin Wall. They do a fab variety and you can ask for a tester queuing up for an ice cream. I recently tried their Ginger Ninja and it was awesome! They do the Edinburgh Gin mixers which are great.
My two friends have fab gin cabinets. One is an old glass door cabinet like my grandma's and the other is a modern metal one. I love the idea of an old one refurbished and like all of these from Pinterest. My friend from Love Vintage has just got one in she is revamping.

I also love the idea of a drinks trolley I can whizz around from room to room when needed! Very retro indeed!

There are a few places like Cannon Hall and Wentworth Woodhouse that hold Gin tasting sessions but I haven't been to any yet. I really need to get my skates on and remedy that! Friends have been to both of these venues and enjoyed tasting a variety of gins and tonics and feeling rather squiffy in the process!
I have friends who are also in a monthy Gin club and this is very tempting too. As I remember you get a few different bottles a month to try. Sounds like a good club to me! Anyone who knows me also knows I've tried every gym going in the past. One of the last gyms, on the way back, we'd call off for two halves a lager and a packet of crisps!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not very good at baking! I am, however, very good at creating folders on Pinterest and saving recipes. I love the look of these cocktail cakes and buns. I just need to learn baking now!

In addition to cocktail desserts, cocktail chocolates are lovely too. I absolutely love the Hotel chocolat Mojito chocolates but they are quite potent! Six in a box does not look much but it really is a lot!

In addition to cakes and chocolates, my sister in law introduced me to these alcohol popsicles from Aldi. They do a Peach Bellini and a Gin and Tonic and they are wonderful on a sunny afternoon! I did always love the Cider and Lager and Lime lollies from the Ice Cream van mich more than a '99 with a Flake!

This book made me laugh. I need to see if it is a joke or really a book. I once followed a column in the Big Issue and thought it was that fab that when they advertised the book they'd written, I requested The Barnsley Bookworm shop to order me it. The man at the till could not find it and looked everywhere on the computer. The light bulb went off for him first and he pointed out the word play with both the title and the author. There never was a book just a rude play on words. Oh. How we laughed!

I feel I need to finish on this gin advertisement poster. It proper tickled me. This was a genuine advert back in the day for Hendricks and I love it!

Hurrah for gin! Chin! Chin!


  1. A lovely read Suzy!! Keep going �� �� ��

  2. Thank you Louise. I'm loving writing again!

  3. Love your stories and Gin!

  4. Love this blog! Gin has always been my thing, way before it was cool. Love the advert at the end.


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