Let's go find a cafe!

My lovely friend Vic and I have made it a challenge to find new cafes and tea rooms over the next year. We are not doing too badly in our recent quest as we have not only found them but also some good florists, gift shops and antique/charity shops too. We'd love to get a little mysterry tour going in years to come where we stop off at two or three cafes/tea rooms and visit some gift shops. Throw in an outdoor market town too and we're away! Vic will do the driving and I'll do the commentating. We'll be on Dragon's Den one day. Watch this space! Hope it won't be like our Settle to Carlisle train trip years ago. It was a lovely day with gorgeous views but because the train was delayed, by the time we reached Appleby, it was shut! We were looking through the cafes and gift shop windows all forlorn. Here's what you could have won!
I have had two very similar conversations at the till as I was buying 'another jug' and 'another cup and saucer I won't need!' about how certain charity shops are stocking very good pottery and crockery for really good prices. One lady commented that if the same tea sets were on eBay they would be dearer. I have found the Barnsley Hospice and Wakefield Hospice shops are amazing for people who are potty for pots! The charity shops in Holmfirth.
On our trip out we found a gorgeoys cafe but also the little charity shop in Denby Dale, St Augustine's which is like an Aladdin's Cave full of everything! My friend and I spent forever browsing and exclaiming, walking from room to room upstairs and downstairs. We were dizzy trying to take it all in! The various glassware, pots, crockery, lamps, jewellery etc. were amazing. I had just bought two jugs from my favourite range, Carlton ware, Briwn Wave so kept my hands-free whilst my friend piled hers high like in Crackerjack! I said I'd treat myself on my return visit! We loved it in there. I've worked in a charity shop as a student and loved it! You never knew what was going to come in! I remember trying a gorgeous wedding dress on and scaring my then boyfriend!

Moving onto the new cafe called JBs Coffee nd Card shop. I took my friend on the Kirklees bus route as I remembered gorgeous villages with cafes and gift shops. As we reached Skelmanthorpe, We saw the micro bar, Tipsy Cow and JBs Coffee and Card shop. We knew this was the one. We loved the front of the cafe with the outside tables and the red post box and I took a picture from their Facebook page when I got home, showing the lovely outside. When you walked in, the nostalgic feel and inviting charm continued.

The staff were so friendly and my friend started telling them about this blog and they thought that was brill! The coffee was so good. They had a very tempting sweet cabinet and even gluten free chocolate shortbread squares. We had a wobbly table though so some of my coffee spilled. Never cry over spilled coffee! No matter where I go, my table wobbles. Is that a metaphor for my life?

There was such an extensive range of lovely cards and gifts. They had cards for every occasion so that suited me as I don't need an excuse to send a card. I will send a Thank You card to reciprocate someone else's Thank You card! I settled with this humour card!

My lovely friend Vic is just like me and loves anything vintage and different. She bought some fab bags so when I was scouring Pinterest for my Carlton ware and I saw this teapot, I thought of her. Browsing Pinterest for pots is so not a good idea because I've found even more I want and all in different colours!


  1. Wow what a lovely devine afternoon!
    Beautiful places we visited and sampled lush cake!
    Really enjoy our travels and always look forward to our next mystery tour
    Soon be taking our fur kids along too ������

  2. Always enjoy our cafe spotting! Here's to many more!

  3. Always enjoy our cafe spotting! Here's to many more lovely afternoons!


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