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I have always had a love for things in the past. I was the one of those grandchildren sitting, listening intently to stories of the olden days. I'd hear about Great Aunty and Uncle so and so and feel like we were old friends. I'd ask so many questions, wanting to know as much as I could about them. I loved looking at all the black and white photos, crinkled and faded with age. They'd come out of the box, each one eager to tell their tale of bygone days. I'd love to see their smart clothes and accessories as they were at a dance or a family occasion. My fave pictures were always the ones at the coast. I remember photos taken outside the guest house of all the families staying that week. They were like official school photos with everyone in rows. Can you imagine that happening now? I'd hear fantastic stories of Feast week where everyone would go to the Coast and you'd bump into everyone you knew as you all had the same holiday week! I love this quote about old photos. 

I was also the grandchild who loved opening the jewellery boxes to try each jewelled ring and piece of jewellery on. I cherish the jewellery I now have from my grandma and remember her wearing it. My love of antique jewellery might stem from those sunny days in my grandma's front room opening her musical jewellery box, the contents sparkling in the sun. I'd try all her long necklaces and bulky bracelets on. Her rings were beautiful but I only tried the costume ones on. Luckily, the earings were clip on so those went on too! I'd finish with the sparkly broaches! I've been on Pinterest to find pictures of vintage jewellery and there are some fabulous things!

I love the jewellery at Elsecar, Wentworth and Cawthorne antique centres in particular. I can spend hours browsing the cabinets. It is very seldom though that I find a ring that fits me to buy. Probably for the best! I end up buying a pair of earings as I know they will fit! The precious stones in the rings such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and amethysts are just beautiful and I love them in heart and flower shapes.
I also remember my grandparents' tea sets and crockery and feeling privileged when we used them. When I was a student, we popped into an antique shop with cafe in Hope as a little break after hiking. My eyes fell on the most gorgeous coffee set. I was no collector but I knew these were quality and wanted them straight away. They were the mid century Carlton ware Leaf wave range in cream and brown. My step father bought me the lot and when I graduated I become an avid collector of this range.

I love to display my Carlton ware in my class cabinets. My pride and joy. I do toy with using them but never do!

I then branched out to Poole and Wade coffee sets too. All in the cream and brown theme, although I got a few in mint free too!

I am one of those people on a Sunday browsing around antique fairs and centres, getting excited as a vase comes into sight! I am also finding some lovely ceramics in charity shops too. I also love coloured glassware, especially as tea light holders. As I look on Pinterest for pictures of these, I'm drawn to this pretty teacup and saucer. I'm always fluctuating from keeping them as best to thinking of the quote: Buy the dress, wear the shoes, drink from the bone China. Made that last bit up!

I've always been interested in history. More modern history of the 20th century and loved visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where there was a changing clothes from the 20th century exhibition. I love vintage and not just because it's in style to be vintage! I'm aiming at a shabby chic house but the emphasis is more on shabby at the mo!

My other friends have a fantastic beauty products business and they are beautiful. It is called The Pretty Little Treat Company and the packaging is gorgeously vintage. Their slogan is 'Exquisitely Handcrafted Bath and Body and those words are spot on!

Their hand cream is divine and they make lovely gift boxes. I love the Lavender one so much! They remind me of bygone days where ladies had their dressing tables filled with glass trays and bottles. The products have such a floaty and feminine feel to them. My friend Vic gave me a new Lavendar balm to try and it is wonderful!

Their products are sold all over Yorkshire in gift shops, salons and boutiques. I always buy a lip balm in an organza bag and they make lovely prezzies for friends and family. The strawberry, violet and honey are gorgeous.

My friends travel around Yorkshire, taking their beautiful products to craft and food fairs. I've seen them at Cawthorne Food festival and I got a deluxe pic and mix of creams of my own choice in a gorgeous presentation box. My favourite was seeing the lovely stall magically made up for the Wonderfully Made in Yorkshire in Silkstone at Christmas. That's my friend Vic for you. She has such a good eye for design and colour.


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