Savour every drop!

Savour every drop of coffee and every drop that life gives you whether it be ordinary or special moments. Stop your walk, pause and take in that magnificent tree! Stop your meal, pause and take a proper look at your loving family who love you unconditionally. Stop drinking your wine(only for a second), pause and take a mental picture of your beloved friends who have loved you at your best nd your worst. Savour it all and take it all in. Be thankful for what you have and who you are.

When I think of being blessed and grateful, it makes me feel happy. Aaah. That elusive word! The pursuit of happiness is such a Catch 22. You spend ages reaching the heady heights of happiness yet find stress, anxiety and sadness along the way.

What even is happiness? How can it be measured? Unfortunately, all too often these days, it is measured in material things. I am a good example of this. I am sure the Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic books were written about me! I am a recovering retail theraper though. It was just like comfort eating to me. A whole tub of Pringles could be compared to a TK Maxx spree. This is still my fave shop but now I think before I buy. Do I need this? Where will this fiftieth photo frame go in my already cluttered yet cosy house. I am very good at leaving frames up with the sepia pictures they come with, waiting for the right photo. My mum often says she feels like these people are family now! When I first stopped buying in impulse and just browsing, I found it to hard. I'd start saying, I'll come back for that top next week and I'd either forget or it would l have gone. I still love a good sale rail. Who doesn't? Debenhams 70% blue cross sale every time. I love their designers, especially Jasper Conran, Nine Savannah Miller and Betty Black.
Happiness is also measured on social media. Who doesn't edit their pics? Unfortunately, it can appear that you spend your life in cafes and that you never cook. These posts are just a few hours of your week, but on social media they are the only picture of your week. I often think of putting pictures of me on my worse days as I have a chronic illness but who'd thank me for that? My hairdresser is a facebook friend and I'm always conscious how my hair looks now! I'm way too honest and even fessed up to cutting my own fringe!
The downside to social media is comparing and analysing your life. I try not to but we are only human. I love the quote below and try to remember that. The grass is not always greener and fresher. It may be full of choking weeds, even weedkiller. I'd rather not find out! The upside is sharing special moments of happiness and being happy for people. I always think part of being happy is sharing it around and being genuinely pleased when fab things happen to others.

I read an article in Grazia once about happiness. I love this informative, edgy magazine. No trivial content in this! I am a closet Take a Break reader too and get to indulge at the hairdressers. They always call you back when you've got to the nitty gritty part of the story. I worked with a lady whose story was published in this mag and she was famous overnight. Anyway, the article focused on this new generation of 30 somethings who are in such pains to record their scenes of joy and happiness every minute, they aren't actually feeling it and the moment is passing them by. It's like a new angst has been born in them, moving on from the hormonal, teenage angst. Now it's this self doubting, over analysing stage. Surely, we seep out all joy from an event if we are then unpicking it afterwards.
It mentioned the mobile phone which is stilting conversations and turning us into social zombies. It stated whilst you are clutching at your phone on social events, such as meals, you're not actually with them on the right level. Put your phone away. I love taking photos of cafes and places. Came in handy for this blog! I love taking selfies with folk (less chins at the correct angle). These are great for marking special days and creating a virtual photo album. I was one of those people who had my phone out, just in case. In case of what though? I do now try to take pics then put my phone away and just enjoy being in that moment. I used to spend a day out posting on Facebook. Now, I enjoy the day and shove all the piccies on at the end! A valuable tip from a friend!
Happiness is a personal thing. It is an abstract noun. We can't see or touch it but we can feel it. It's good to be happy. It's also good to see others happy, especially as a result of your  actions. It is contagious and can be spread! A laugh and a giggle can go a long way. So can bitterness and smugness. I try to veer away from these but I have held onto things in my head and let them affect me and take hold of me. I refuse to get bitter anymore. Bitterness does not affect the other person. It only eats you up. We watched After Life, Ricky Gervais' wonderful new series. This was pure brilliance. There was a point made about happiness that was so good. This show had me crying, then laughing on a roller coaster of emotions. Pure brilliance!

I am a firm believer in living in the moment. Yes, I do daydream and zone out but I also live for now. This didn't happen overnight. I've spent a lot of time living in the past and wanting to bring the past back. It won't come back. That's why we have memories. I've learned to hold on to these precious moments shared with loved ones. They have to be enough.  I love reminiscing with friends and have such a fab memory. I love saying, "Remember when..." Looking to the future is something I've done less of. I'm not as into the unknown. I may have some sad memories, but they are all known. No surprises. I did plan more as I was younger, but I'm at a wait and see point in life at the moment. We don't have yesterday or tomorrow. We have now. Live in the moment and blooming enjoy it!

I used to be one of those people waiting for Friday, for summer, for the next holiday until I realised I was wishing my life away. Everyday is a bonus. Life is short. Too short to be wishing it away.

There are many songs written about being happy and I love the Pharrel Williams Happy song. It's one of those foot tapping songs where you know the chorus but don't really think about the lyrics. I saw this this on Pinterest and loved it.

When I was a primary teacher, I loved teaching Dough disco with the Foundation children. This was really good for their fine motor skills for writing. I thought the lady who delivered it was fab! I follow her on Facebook nd she has broadened her teachings to courses for Early Years. I love the Spread the Happiness courses. They look brilliant! We all need a Shonette Basin Wood in our staff room to keep us going! A modern Always Look on the bright side of life person with buckets of enthusiasm for everyone!

I used to be happy in my career and loved my calling to be a teacher. I had job satisfaction too. Unfortunately, the actual job of teaching, which I still love with a passion, has stopped being rewarding. Teaching is a verb. Guiding, supporting, helping, coaching, listening and mentoring are brilliant verbs linked with teaching too. However, this list of words are verbs linked with teaching too: assessing, testing, scrutinizing, checking, data handling, paper working(made that up but you get my drift) form filling and observing. Unfortunately, I have witnessed much of the fun of the creative curriculum and happiness in the classroom be sucked up by teaching to the test and constant revision of core subjects. Let's inject a bit more fun for learning back into the classroom, take teaching outdoors more. Stop, pause and look at that tree, that aeroplane in the sky, that bee buzzing on the flower. Let's put our Revision guides down and see an expanded noun phrase in the flesh! Then draw it to your heart's content!

I love this quote too. It always makes me smile. I enjoyed my teaching career and I'm looking forward to whatever is next!


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