Tea is happiness in a cup!

I feel I've been leaving out the magical liquid that is tea! I've concentrated more on coffee and cafes but I must tell you about my favourite teas and the gorgeous tea rooms I've visited and have yet to visit! Tea is 'happiness in a cup and does lift my spirits. This is the old British view of putting the kettle on and setting the world to rights. Friends and family pour the tea and listen to each other, sipping the warm liquid and feeling better from it. The emphasis is on sharing your load. What better way than to do it over a cup of tea and a piece of cake?

I'm not saying that making a cup of tea will solve all your problems but it will help. It's one of those social ice breakers when the other person wants to comfort someone and can't find the right words. A hug and a cuppa go a long way. Immediately you are focusing on something else, other than the problem. Fair enough, It might be you mentally wondering if your friend can buy any other biscuits than fig rolls and jaffa cake but what a nice distraction it proved to be! I'm no biscuit snob but have a list of biccies I'm really not into! Garibaldis, fig rolls, jaffa cakes, bourbons and pink wafers! I love this rhyming quote!

There is nothing finer on a cold Winter's day than snuggling up on the sofa, blanket wrapped around you and holding a warm cuppa. Add a book and a biscuit to dip in and I'm sorted! I grew up on those biscuit variety boxes and loved custard creams and jammy Dodgers the best. The Foxes golden crunch creams were mighty fine too but tended to drop in my tea, then had to be fished out! I'd still eat it though. Obviuosly!

Christmas was great for biscuit lovers and I'd love the special tins my parents received. I remember the shortbread with the landscape pictures of Scotland on the front. We'd love the special Victoria biscuit tins with the silver and purple foiled extra special biscuits. Even now, I'm a vintage biscuit lover, getting excited when I first saw the massive custard creams in Costa! Yorkshire Tea biscuits are yummy too. Chocolate biscuits were a real treat growing up and my fave was the Trio. I always ate around the sides, then the top and ate the biscuit bit last. Now I love the Gold bar biscuits and eat them the same way. I loved the advert for Trio biscuits and now I will have it playing in my head all day long!

When I think back to my childhood, I remember my grandma having a Ringtons tea delivery man. He used to pull up on the green and I was in awe of this smiling man who got out of his little van and produced a huge basket of teas and provisions for my grandma, aunty and mum. My aunty now has a Ringtons delivery and keeps me topped up with my favourite Redbush tea. This is grand tea. Very like a tonic. Not quite a gin and tonic, but it's a good replacement while I'm trying to detox!

It is lovely to make it a social occasion and use the special tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl. None of mine match but I prefer it that way! There is some organization to my non matchingness! I love making words up! They used to match but I have proven very clumsy with crockery and glassware! Yes. I recommend a little tea party now and again, even if it's just you and the dog!

I love Alice in Wonderland and I love pictures about the Mad Hatter's tea party. I would love to hold a proper Mad Batter's tea party one day. Obviously, I'd invite Johnny Depp along but he's a busy man! I have visited two magical tea rooms in Barnsley: The Strawberry Secret Tea Rooms and The Twisted Teapot. These follow the theme of Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Beauty and the Beast and others and have inspired me to want to do a themed party one day. I will divulge more ablut these tea rooms in my next blog about afternoon tea! I looked on Pinterest and got some fab ideas!

There are so many brilliant brands of tea. I've already covered a few and love PG, Tetley and Typhoo. I became obsessed with tea pig teas when we used to visit Sara's cafe in town. The various jars were all in a row on the counter and we'd keep trying different ones. I love their Rooibos (Redbush) the best. I recently got hold of some Barnsley Brew tea which is s local firm set up on the market that have branched out to the Barnsley museum gift shops. I got the mug to go with it too! I do have set cups and mugs for tea and coffee and my fave mug for tea is my big Krispy Creme one! I still visit the Whittard shop and my friend has recommended the T2 shop in Meadowhall so must go there too. I do love Earl Grey and Lady Grey but prefer the Earl version. I've never really been a lady!

I've ended up just writing about tea itself! My fave tea rooms will have to be in another blog! Right. I'm just going to go and put the kettle on! I love listening to The Feeling's album, Twelve Stops and Home and can imagine being on the tube, knowing you'll be home soon for a cuppa. There's a fab song on this album called, The Kettle's On. It focuses on his loved one going away and him telling her, he and the kettle will be waiting for her. I can't read these lyrics; I have to sing them!


  1. Great blog! Love tea!

  2. Lol love it! A great read! I love tea too! Looking forward to the tea shop reviews! 😃👍🏻❤️

  3. Thank you. Can't leave the tea shops out!


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