Tea party like you mean it!

I love this poem. A me, myself and I tea party! I didn't eat that last piece of cake. It was her! From being little, I loved setting up my tea set for a party with my dolls and teddies. It would take me forever getting everything ready and mining them all up. They'd keep falling down but I persevered! I love this Pinterest quote full of nostalgia.

My guests back then didn't care it was only water and a bit of sugar in the teapot! Sometimes I'd treat them to some dilute! They'd all sit round my little table and we'd have a ball. I'd pour the teapot and felt so grown up! My mum and my best friend Claire would join in too and we'd have a plate of alphabet letters. We'd make different names and words, then eat the lot!

My best friend Claire and I would have midnight feasts too, on sleepovers, with all the tea paraphernalia and different sweets. We loved reading the Lovehearts out aloud and thr one saying, Hunk always made us laugh. As I was looking on Pinterest, I saw this loveheart that is apt for me now. Love it!

We also wore the candy watches on a string and waited to see whose watch lasted the longest. Parma violets were also a treat and I still love them now. I can't believe I still haven't tried the gin!

As I grew older, I loved making tea for everyone. This time, We'd have proper drinks and food! I found an old notebook the other day I used as a waitress pad with all the orders my family has asked for! Those memories have stayed and I've enjoyed doing the same with my daughter. We still do it now! Any excuse to bring out the China! I love the idea of not saving things for a special occasion; get them used now. I also love wondering who used them before. These China cups will have heard some right gossip over the years!

This quote is so right. In fact, you're never too old for anything!

That little girl excitedly inviting all the dolls and teddies is still me; I just invite real people more now! And there is gin! My lovely sister in law sometimes serves hers in tea cups and saucers and for me, it tastes even better!

I love these I found on Pinterest. They'd make an interesting addition to my crockery collection!

Prosecco fuelled tea parties are now my idea of fun. Gone are the days of necking Mad Dog 20/20s for the sake of it and seeing who can hold the red Aftershock in their mouths the longest (me, by the way!) My friends and I are far more civilised these days! We soak up the alcohol with door step pieces of moist cake. That word. Nobody likes that word - Moist! To be honest, I actually prefer Asti Spumante or Bucks Fizz. Lidl do an amazing Asti and M&S Bucks Fizz.

As I was thinking about the content of this blog, I saw this picture and I loved it! I love playing with words and I love drinking tea! I love the idea of 'finding something good without looking for it'.

This reminds me of the lovely little tea rooms and bookshops you come across on a day out and you add them to your list of places you must revisit. It's like those spontaneous nights out with friends that were brilliant because you weren't over expecting anything and you just went with the flow. Five Desperados later and you are dancing as if you are auditioning for Flashdance as if your life depended on it!
One such place that took my breath away was Rockpool Cafe in Mousehole, St Ives. We went with family and it's quite a normal cafe at the back but when you walk around the front, your breath is taken away. Not just by the quaintness of the cafe but by the awesome view of the rock pools and the turquoise sea. I could have sat outside all day. Inside was gorgeous, with its cream and green furniture and outside was amazing.
We ordered a cream tea and cocktails. Why not? While we were ladies of leisure, the rest of the family were exploring the amazing rock pools down below in the gloriously hot sun. We were on holiday!The pictures we took were lovely and they bring back such fab memories.

I follow Rockpool cafe on Facebook and love these pictures from there of the quirky, metal teapot vase, the turmeric latte(great for joints so may try that) and the fab view of the rockpool. Just stunning!


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