Doggy cafes are the best!

I love cafes and now I have a dog, I love doggy cafes. More places are becoming dog friendly and when you look into it, there are more than you think. This blog covers a few of the ones we frequent the most! They are so friendly and welcoming. Our dogs feel they are given special treatment. This saying on a sign on Pinterest made me laugh.

These signs are funny too, especially the water dog bowl sign.

One of our faves is The Lucky Pup, but we've coined it Mucky Pup because after a run around Cawthorne Park, that is what they are! We love it here. The staff are so welcoming and love our four legged friends!

The coffee is fab and the coffee art of a paw on top is a lovely finishing touch. You can order from the main menu from The White Bull too. We sometimes get the dogs a sausage or a doggy bun with a paw on it. These are so cute!

This made me look into other different dog coffee art and these next ones are fab too!

There is a wide range of toys and handmade accessories in the corner to choose from. Their bandanas and bow ties for the dogs are lovely. They sell good food and treats and we always stock up on the dental toothbrushes pick n mix. They even sell ice pops for dogs. Imagine our dogs running for the ice cream van!

This is a fab place when it is cold and rainy outside. You can come in and sit by the fire. It's a good social place too. How friendly are dog owners? We always chat to some lovely folk and compare dog stories. There are so many happy dogs, and dog owners all in one place.

Our next fave has to be Locke Park Cafe. We love to come here and sit inside or outside with the dogs. I used to come here to the then new cafe before I was a dog owner. I'd sit ages reading and sipping my cuppa. I only ever drink tea here because it is just so good. Taylors Tea is so refreshing and I easily get through two cups. I love it when they serve my tea in a heart shaped mug with the cow milk jug.

I'd sit on the same table, wherever possible, and read, in my own little bubble. I'd look up when the door opened and get a glimpse of the world carrying on outside.

As well as books, tea and coffee, dogs can be added to the list of a few of my favourite things!

We love it here because we have such lovely memories of Locke Park. The walk is a lovely walk, full of trees and flowers, especially in Autumn. This season just takes my breath away.

This photo, capturing the bowling green and Locke Park Tower at the top, in Autumn is one of fave taken in Locke Park.

The cafe is so cosy and inviting and I love the fresh roses on each table. In the late afternoon, the sun shines through onto the flowers and it is such a lovely scene. Our dogs are welcomed so well here. Staff learn all their names. We order the dogs a dog sausage in a dog bowl and they love it!

Going back to Cawthorne. This is one of our favourite dog walking places. Through the picturesque village and in the wonderful parkland where they can run free, off the lead. This place is special to us and we joke it is inbuilt into the Sat Nav in the car! We love walking around the Victorian Pear Walled garden and Fairy Land with the pond and koi carp.

We also love The Pavillion at Cawthorne. They too are so friendly. We sit outside with our dogs and again, sometimes order them a sausage. Their flat whites and hot chocolates are gorgeous. As are their homemade cake squares and scones.

It's lovely sitting here in the sun. Our dogs know too that straight after, they get their run around the gorgeous parkland.

We sometimes grab a coffee or hot chocolare to go whilst walking the dogs. They did special hot chocolates in the Winter and they've vontinued it on. My faves are the Salted Caramel and white chocolate and the Turkish delight. They come with the whole bagamashings and are superb!

We have so much choice at Cawthorne because the lovely Thyme Bistro at the garden centre now has a separate enclosed dog friendly part to it. Again, you can order from the tasty menu and it's lovely to shelter from the wind and rain. As before, we sometimes order a doggy sausage. Inside the garden centre are lovely dog accessories and treats.

On a sunny day, we sit outside at the back, by the stream and the yellow roses. It is idyllic here and yes. I do stop and smell the roses!

In the village of Cawthorne, the lovely little Village store and cafe is dog friendly if you sit outside in the garden. I love this Welcome sign. Very fitting for such a friendly place.

It is a beautiful hideaway here, amongst all the plants, flowers and foliage. You feel like you are abroad! They have a tub of dog treats which is a lovely thought.

The views from this tearoom over Cawthorne are gorgeous. Even the view of the garden is!

The Cherry Tree pub is dog friendly too. That is still on our list to visit with a dog. I do remember their homamde chips though. Tasty! The Spencers at Cawthorne is dog friendly abd we have taken them into the bar part where there other dogs or we have sat outside, looking at the picturesque view whilst sipping on Rhubarb and ginger gin!

Moving on from Cawthorne is the lovely village of Silkstone. We love visiting The Pot House Hamlet and the Potting Shed cafe. We love the atmosphere here with the bunting and decorations.

It is dog friendly downstairs, near the log burning stove and it's perfect here on the settees to get a warm, out of the cold.

We do sit outside with the dogs too. In Summer, the back patio is open and we sit there with the ducks and geese on the other side of the stream watching us.  It is lovely lookong up at the blue skies and the brick chimney.

It is just like sitting outside somewhere in Italy when the flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining on the stream. The dogs love it here and outside in the fresh air.

This hamlet also has a garden centre, the best card shop, lovely pet shop, gift shop, hair salon and Pookie womenswear. There is a little farm going on too with chickens, llamas, donkeys and the most gorgeous peacock. Ruperts pet shop and grooming parlour is lovely and they have treats for your dog. They hold parties for different dog breeds every so often. What a fab idea!

These are a few of the treats on offer in this lovely pet shop. They also sell beautiful greetings cards of paintings and drawings of different dog breeds. Lovely.

The Barking Company muffins and cakes are gorgeous! I love the bones on top!

Rob Royd Farm shop at Gilroyd is also dog friendly outside. We love the breakfast here. The Eggs Benedict is superb!

Holmfirth is such a picturesque village and we go with the dogs because there are wonderful dog friendly places there. We absolutely love the cafe, Ribbles of Holmfirth. Soon as we walked in on a rainy day, we loved it! So did t one dogs! They were greeted straight away and given a treat! The tea, coffee, cakes are all lovely and we were taken by the warm, cosy feel to the place. This montage from Facebook pictures shows the gorgeous dairy free and gluten free Lemon and Elderflower cake. It also shows some funny reading material to read whilst you are there.

We also found the cafe, En Route and again, we were really touched by how friendly the lady was. The coffee was very good too.

One of our other fave dog friendly places is the Zorro Lounge. It is a chain and we visit the one at Fox Valley. It has such a vintage, eclectic vibe to it. Homemade doggy treats are available (made by a staff member) and they greet you straightaway with a dog bowl of water.

Their doggy sausages are lovely. The whole menu is gorgeous! They do fab breakfasts and lovely tapas. They have a vegan and a gluten free menu too.
Ponti's opposite is lovely too and we sometimes sit outside with our dogs. They have comfy seats and an outdoor heater so it is great!

At Fox Valley, there is also a mobile coffee van called Creme Fresh and we sometimes sit out there on the benches, sipping lovely coffee with the dogs at our feet. The couple who have the Cafe Creme at Penistone have this and both have fantastic gluten free and dairy free cakes and buns. I love these pictures from Facebook.

We also love walking around Worsbrough Reservoir and Worsborough Mill. Such a scenic walk, especially in Autumn. The trees are lovely and it is great to see them reflected in the water.

We love to call at Miller's Tea Room for take out coffees while we walk. Or sometimes we sit outside with the dogs on the cobbled courtyard, overlooking the old mill.

Inside the Cafe is dog friendly too and so lovely on colder days to sit in and have their gorgeous food. The homemade cakes are gorgeous. And their Gingerbread lattes. There are dog treats in a little jar to help yourself. They also sell gorgeous homemade dog clothes and blankets.

Elsecar Heritage centre is dog friendly. You can walk around the lovely Elsecar Park, grab a coffee at the refurbished dog friendly cafe there and sit in the bandstand. I always think of my mum reminiscing about coming here with my dad Sunday afternoons, listening to the band. Always puts a smile on my face that.

Then head over to Elsecar Heritage Centre. The gorgeous Pantry welcomes dogs in the right hand room and outside. I love the vintage look of this tea room and the gorgeous homemade savouries.

Brambles tea room around the corner is also lovely and welcomes dogs too.

The sunny view through the window, looking at the blue sky over the heritage centre is beautiful. They serve lovely food and drinks. I really enjoyed their Berry fruit tea last time.

I love the art work on the walls of this traroom witg thr srrirs of the dog and owner sharing afternoon tea together.

Wentworth garden centre is a lovely place to visit with the dogs as we can walk around the gardens, as long as they are on a lead. We've even been in the maze!

It is lovely sitting outside the Walled Garden cafe and the Deli in the Courtyard. We sit in the sun with a cafetierre and a homemade scone. There is also a fab pet shop and play area.

I love the garden centre and their seasonal section of the shop, especially at Christmas. My favourite part is the book shop section with fab fiction and non fiction books.
Bretton Hall is also dog friendly for sitting outside the cafes. There is a special path to walk around instead of walking through the Gallery. We sit outside the Cafe, taking in all the beautiful surroundings.

It's lovely walking past the sculptures, the flowers, the trees and breathing in nature. My favourite part of Bretton Park is the pond surrounded by a variety of gorgeous trees in different shapes and colours. In Autumn, it is so magical.

Newmillerdam is another lovely place we like to walk the dogs. I have lovely childhood memories of wallong around the lake and getting a '99 with a Flake. We'd always feed the ducks too. I have lovely family photos here. I"d always clomb onto the massive tree roots for photos! The building jutting out into the lake is very atmospheric in this photo from facebook. It is now a lovely little Cafe and you can sit in the window and look out onto the lake.

Lakeside Cafe is dog friendly outside and in the conservatory with the cobbled floor. They serve lovely food and drink here. The staff are friendly and the surroundings are very picturesque.

I love the conservatory where we can be sheltered from the rain. The decor is lovely and reminds you of a warm, sunny day. Even in the middle of November!

There are so many more new dog friendly cafes and tea rooms opening and cafes are making their outside areas accessible to our four legged friends. I am used to looking out for them and when we went to Carleton the other day, I googled dog friendly cafes. After our picnic in Edale, we went to Csstleton. It was raining by then so gladly settled into the lovely Tilly's tea room. They did cafetierres so I was happy and we shared on a scone and cherry cake.

The Red Kite at Wakefield is also dog friendly. In the beer garden and in the bar part. They have a doggy menu of food to order and a draught barrel of water for them. It's lovely here, sitting in the sun.
Also, at the Trinity Walk Costa in Wakefield  we sometimes sit outside with the gogs. Thr dogs can have a puppacino, which is a little Costa cup of cream. They love it and it gets on their noses!

It's great to get ourdoors with a happy pooch and appreciate your local area. Sometimes we grab a takeout while we walk or bring a flask from home. We are blessed by amazing surroundings and here are a few from our favourite dog walks.

On researching dog tea rooms, I found these delightful photos on Pinterest about dog afternoon teas at Egerton Hotel. These are so cute!

I love the dog bowls in the afternoon tea stand! They might serve the Pawsecco dog wine the pet shops are selling!

While I'm writing about dog cafes, I must share the wonderful Kitty Cafe in Leeds with you. My friends visited recently. You don't need to take your cat as the cats are already there! My friends loved it here and enjoyed their afternoon tea in lovely surroundings with gorgeous cats. A tip though from my friend - make sure you cover your tuna sandwiches with the net cover they give you!

Before I sign off, I want to share these dog and teapots with you. So cute! The dog cracker holder is fab too!

As are these dog cups! I need to stop spending so much time on Pinterest!

Signing off now with this lovely picture. Always makes me smile.


  1. Lovely read as always. We are so fortunate to live here. You don't have to go far for beautiful countryside and places to visit. The dogs have lovely walks as well!!


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