Wowsers! I was excited about this new place when I saw bits on Facebook but I was not prepared to love this new cafe as much as I did! I thought I knew my coffee but my goodness. I only touch the surface! I'd seen little snippets of different ways to make coffee but I wasn't expecting a lesson in what took me back to my Chemistry class days!

Me and this other lady who'd popped in for some kind of latte were told the menu of different methods of coffees, looked at each other and sat down, ready for the coffee lesson to begin!

We settled on a very comfy settee, not really knowing what to expect. I said I liked my coffees strong, and she said she liked hers milky. And so the lesson began! My blog will not do this wonderful place and the owner justice. We were so impressed! We were both made a pour over coffee with a filter bag and this was lovely. By now, myself and the lady were talking and realised we had quite a few things in common. We sat sipping our coffee, helping ourselves to the complimentary biscuits on the table.

We were enjoying our coffee and telling the owner how much we loved the new little place and we got talking about Ibiza and how the owners go there. I'd noticed the decks and collection of LPs in the corner so I asked if they had Chilled Ibiza one of my fave albums on CD. Next thing I know, the beginning of the first track was being played whilst we sat, relaxing. Who needs to go to Ibiza? Now we have Chilled Barnsley! Soon as the song started playing, friends visiting from Ibiza walked through the door!

Our second brew was a siphon and Aeropress. I had the stronger Aeropress and it was very good. By now, a few more customers had come in and we all watched the siphon coffee being made. It was like being back at school in the chemistry lab. There was a lot to take in and I made a mental note to research these methods much more.

I'd seen that this cafe sold the new Barnsley Brew tea and coffee so was really pleased when I saw the big display. On the same display were these fabulous bread boards saying, Barnsley Born and Bred. I asked about the boards and I was told he and his wife wanted to make gift hampers for family and friends. They researched these boards and decided to buy their own machine that burns the letters on. They've made up a hamper with all sorts of lovely things and every time you visit, you get a raffle ticket to win it. When I brought my friend the next day, she was so impressed, she bought two boards and said she'd come back for more.

I knew there were the odd gifts with the bread boards and cups and saucers on Facebook but the little gift shop in the back were a lovely surprise! When I walked in, I was in crockery heaven! I didn't know where to look first! So many 60s and 70s vintage coffee and tea sets, mixed in with more modern gifts. All presented in a manner to envisage them on your table and on your shelves. I lpve Denby ware and there was a lovely range of colours and designs.

I could have stayed longer here but we went to pay and said we'd be back soon. I was actually back the next day! We said how nice it was bump into someone who is going through something similar, as both me and this lady were experiencing similar health problems. And yes! It seemed good timing how we both entered that cafe in a few minutes of each other. We said we'd bump into each other again! It reminded me of the lovely word, serendipity. I like this rewording from Pinterest!

Before we left, I asked the owner why it was called HAVE-it. He told us to go outside and read the sign on the front. I did but was lost! We relooked behind each letter and realised they all stood for something:
H- handmade
A- artisan
V - vintage
E- eclectic
I love the eclectic bit the best! I still didn't get it though. The sign was missing it! After an explanation, I realised 'it' was not there because 'it' can be anything! It's a personal thing what we like. Be it cappuccino, latte, espresso, tea and so on. I loved the idea of 'it' not being assigned to a box. Keep thinking outside the box and you can't go wrong!
The next day, my friend and I were there, ready to try something new. We had a peppermint tea, Aeropress and syphon. I asked a few more questions and took a bit more information in on this second visit as I spent most of my first visit oohing and aahing! The light on the Siphon is a halogen bulb and gives a magical feel to the whole process.

I am recommending Have- it to everyone and have suggested it as our coffee friends group next place to visit. Yesterday, for the Tour de Yorkshire in Barnsley Have-it and Barnsley Brew were doing demonstrations in the Learning Lab in the Town Hall. We had free samples of tea and coffee that were lovely. I tried my first coffee bag which felt weird to touch! A coffee bag? It tasted gorgeous!
Since my visits, I've looked into these different methods and I love the idea of having these siphon at home. I'd need to go on a year's course to get it right and we were hard pushed to find room on the work top for our new blender, never mind these shiny contraptions!

It is amazing seeing all these new cafes opening in Barnsley, in the town and surrounding villages, such as The Old George and Chez Marshalls in Mapplewell. People who know me, know I'm a coffee addict and love frequenting tea rooms. This quote does sum me up very well!

I do love coffee and tea but it's so much more than the drinking of coffee and eating a slice of cake. It's so many things: having some me time with a book; having thinking time in your own little bubble with some good background music; time with family and friends, often supporting each other over a chat and a hug and even meeting new people whom you have a lot in common with.

It's about stopping the fast forward button of modern day life and pausing to just be. Be in that moment. We need to do more of this. At the moment, I tend to love reminiscing and don't tend to think too much about the unknown future. I am starting to enjoy the moment more. In this modern age of over analysing our actions and everything that happens, I'm trying to enjoy the moment more as it is.

I was taken straightway by the welcoming atmosphere of this gorgeous new coffee room and the friendly owner who was very passionate about his craft. The ambience of a place hits you straight away.

When The Old George opened, they set the bar very high for any new independent coffee rooms opening. Have-it has continued with the high standards and bringing a special place for people to relax and savour every moment. I love the idea of savouring the flavourings of life, mixing them all up and just enjoying them.

When I wrote before about 'it', this to me was very good coffee, lovely conversation and a chilled out atmosphere.

See! I told you. It's not so grim up North!


  1. Love a Latte. Think it's time I experimented a bit more!!!☕

  2. This sounds awesome, like a real coffee experience! I never knew there was so much to it! I’ve always been a tea person but lately I’m having more and more coffee and enjoying it! Where is this place? X

    1. Top of Peel Parade opposite Dimensions. You will love it here. We need to sort a visit very soon!

  3. I love it here. An amazing place!


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