Love your local!

This title has a bit of a twist! Love your local pub but also your local small businesses! I love the idea of supporting family run, small shops and cafes. I totally get this quote because my dream is still to own a cafe bookshop. I've had this dream a long time now and it stays with me, tucked away, waiting to come to fruition one day. Books and coffee are two of my favourite things. I actually sung that lone as,I typed it!

I love sitting in a corner of a cosy cafe, book in one hand and coffee in the other, like here at the lovely Locke Park cafe. My dream is to bring this bookshop to bookish coffee lovers who want to sink into a comfy settee with a big mug and escape into their own little worlds, occasionally looking up as the door opens.

I love the idea of fresh flowers on the table, just like at the lovely Locke Park cafe. Such as simple, yet very effective touch, as in this montage of pictures. I do love the smell of lillies and yellow roses and freesias.

I have just found another perfect place to sit and sip my coffee or tea and chillax. It's got a lovely corner to sit and read my book. Tgis little coffee room is called HAVE-it and the lovely atmosphere hits you soon as you walk in. It's a mixure of a chilled vibe whilst at the same time the place wraps its arms around you in a big hug. I love it! HAVE-it also has a gorgeous gift room with vintage tea and coffee sets. I love these in this picture.

I love this next quote so much because I can imagine the owners doing a little dance, knowing their products, a lot of them handmade with love, are going to a good home! I know a few people who have their own handmade businesses are how hard they work. I know how happy they are when people love and appreciate what they are doing. I mean, wait till you have handed the gifts over to the customer, to save breaking the glass vase, but dance to your heart's content then!

I love the personal touch of a small business and the pride they have in their products. I've spoken to some shop owners who want to take the jewellery and handmade gifts home because they love them so much!

We are so lucky to have talented people opening up small shops and cafes, selling beautiful products and sharing their passion with us. I love going into these shops, wondering what unique find I will have that day. I know I will always be greeted with a friendly smile and have time to walk round and round, and round again, browsing and taking everything in. This ways happens at the wonderful Newburgh Gallery on Dodworth Road! Shops like these help create the 'spirit' of the town.

In the past, I've seen too many small shops that have had to move out of town or go online and it is really sad. Especially little specialist shops down The Arcade. This lovely place is having a comeback though and I love the good range of cafes and small shops. I follow The Arcade on Facebook and it's lovely how all the businesses support each other. I shared this quote recently how you can help a small business. If everyone just did a few of these things, how great would that be?

I love going to many shops on the Victorian Arcade but I have a few faves. Marshmallow Moments, that used to be Essential Soaps,  has lovely bath and soap gifts and next door, Ryan Jewellers have such unusual jewellery. Both owners are so friendly and welcoming.

I loved Candletime and the antique store at the bottom but they aren't there anymore. Victorian tea rooms is always a lovely place to stop for a coffee and a slice of cake. Again, such a warm welcome is given. Their range of cafetierres and homemade cakes is fab too!

I love this photo taken at night of the Arcade. So magical and inviting, like a Van Gogh painting.

Years ago, there were even more snall business shops in Barnsley. I loved going to Elstone's with dad for his Midget Gems and Wine Gums. Watson's, the tobacconanist was fab too with all the different pipes and cigars. The whiff of tobacco would hit you as soon as you walked in! I loved specialists shops like these and do miss them.

We always visited John Brittain's toy shop. That shop was the equivalent to my fave shop now, TK Maxx, and I could spend ages looking around at everything. I clearly remember the Town End before the Western Relief Road and the little heavy metal shop where I'd go with my big brother to buy his Metallica and Dio t-shirts. This little shop was called Rockbottom and was on the end of Peel Street, opposite Leo's. I loved it in there. All the silver skull necklaces and rings, sparkling in the sun, amongst the rows and rows of black t-shirts.
I also remember Bailey's Baby shop that 'sold everything but the baby'! I saw the lit up sign that was used on the shop, on display in Elsecar Antique shop and it brought back some good memories. Benji Harrold's jewellers also, with the old clock that is still there.
Moving further out of town, at the bottom of Dodworth Road, is a gorgeous gallery, Newburgh Gallery, that I recommend to everyone. It was recommended to me and I was so glad I went! You are welcomed in straight away and given a cuppa if needed! I love the special weekend days like the recent vintage ones where there's Bucks Fizz and snacks. I have been quite a few times now and love talking to the owners, who are so lovely.
I walk around and around, taking everything in. Then I walk around again and always buy something! There are some lovely paintings and one of the owners is a painter. I follow the Collector's page that shows his painting as part of a collection at Wentworth Woodhouse. Such a stunning painting! This photos from their Facebook page shows how lovely the gallery is.

There is so much to choose from: paintings, crockery, glassware,  jewellery, candles, Powder scarves. And now, with the added quirky vintage pieces, it is such a find! I do think this quote suits this gorgeous place down to the ground. A visit here and you are sure to feel fabulous!

I can come out with a necklace, a scarve, a China tea cup and saucer and a vintage punch bowl in one visit. It's like a fantastic go at The Vintage Generation Game! I'd seriously go there every week if my purse would allow it!

Keeping on the vintage and fabulous theme is the antique centre and cafe at Dodworth, Locked in Time. My goodness. I was amazed just browsing downstairs but when I went upstairs, I thought I was in pottery heaven. Two full rooms packed full of quality tea and coffee sets. Where to look first! Clarice Cliff caught my eye but I left with this gorgeous brown tea set with poppies on. It was love at first sight! The paintings by local artists were gorgeous too.

There are so many gorgeous little gift shops in the villages of Barnsley. I love Hollygrove in Goldthorpe and I used to pop after work for a nosy but never left empty handed. I follow them on Facebook and their gifts and furniture are lovely. I remember buying a handmade wooden stool with a picture of a little girl painted on. Beautiful. They sell my faves, Art of India and Gorjuss products too. This montage of their Facebook pictures is just a glimpse at their lovely things.

Mapplewell has lovely gift shops. Micassa is gorgeous and the new Willow flower shop looks lovely too. I've just noticed a new shop called Izzi Gifts so need to pop by and check it out. I was drawn by the bright yellow clock in the picture!

Mapplewell is such a busy, little village, like many others and it's great to see them thriving. Others like Royston, Cudworth and Hoyland are all waiting to be explored. My frirnd chose Mapplewell for her gorgeous salon, Stags and Angels.

My friends and I love it here. It's like stepping into a magical, little place where you go in feeling tired and aching. You are always greeted with a smile and yummy latte. The L'oreal advert definitely fits this place. After a massage, pedicure, makeover, you definiyely feel feel like you've just stepped out of a salon because you're worth it! That's probably two adverts!

Another village with lovely local shops is Penistone. We've been popping to these lovely shops and the little market for years and my favourite shop is the Chemists. Not just any chemist! It opens up into the best gift shop! There are picture frames, jewellery, vases and do on. You name it and it's in there!

The little flower and gift shop is lovely next to the gorgeous Art Cafe. It has two floors of gorgeous flowers, gifts, clothes and jewellery. Just lovely!
Cawthorne also has some gorgeous, local small businesses. Seeing a small business grow over the years like Cannon Hall has been so lovely. All their hard work is paying off and their deli full of homemade, local produce is so lovely to walk round. The village itself has so much to offer, including a warm welcome to you and your doggies at the Spencer's Arms. Their gin and tonics are good too! The tea rooms with the little shed of fruit and veg are lovely and we sit outside in the garden eating their homemade food.

We love to go to the Antique centre, full of handmade goodies and a gorgeous cafe selling the best homemade pudding and custard! Yoi can't walk past the post office and traditional sweet shop without popping in for some liquorice! The Gallery 2 gift shop is like a tardis, packed wall to wall with beautiful gifts and cards, shown here in these photos from Facebook. If you need a photo frame, this is the place!

Wakefield is not as local but has to be mentionned for its two marvellous handmade craft shops in the Ridings shopping centre. Created in Yorkshire is full to brim of locally handmade products and my favourite are Brownfish designs jewellery made from recycling beautiful vintage tins. I love them all but I'm always drawn to the blues and greens! I love following her on Facebook to see her new products, especially when she displays them next to the original vintage tin. I love how Brownfish designs and others, keep sharing other artisan's products. It's a lovely feeling of togetherness; everyone is in it together!

Made and Found in Yorkshire is such a lovely shop featuring handmade products by local makers. I bought some lovely Craft tea there the other week called Storm in a teacup and it is gorgeous. I am so proud that my friend's Pretty Little Treat Company products are on sale here. These products really are handmade with love.

I told my friend their hand cream was my 'Go to product' and I had all their products on ky bedside cabinet, sitting slonside my Neal's Yard, Origins and Aveda products. It was very telling that I had more of the Pretty Little treats thank any other. The two products in my bag are their Violet lip balm and Lavender butter balm.      .

Both Brownfish designs and Pretty Little Treat Company visit craft and artisan fairs, sellong their lovely products. Two of my favourite on the run up to Christmas are Wonderfully Made in Yorkshire at Silkstone church and Hen's Teeth's Art at the Altar in Penistone Church. I was overwhelmed by Pretty Little Treat's stall, looking so magical and I met the lovely lady behind the Brownfish designs. Most of my Christmas presents for people are from these two artisan fairs. And Newburgh Gallery!

I do love going to craft and artisan fairs and me and hubby have a bit of an unspoken rule that I go in first, especially at Elsecar, to browse on my own, before he comes to join me! By then, I have squirrelled away into my bag three pairs of earrings, a necklace, a lot of chutney and a scarf that I've just bought! I bought a lovely Red poppy and ginger hand cream by a company called Big Green Tree on a Christmas market in Barnsley. The lovely lady told us about how she made the products using aromatherapy oils and her eyes lit up as she told my friend and I about their little company's journey so far. I was so glad when I saw her stall again at Elsecar. How lovely to see her products in Cawthorne Garden Centre last week. It's great to see small companies grow with hard work, guts and love.

Burrwood is a lovely gift shop at Pogmoor and is the perfect spot to get a lovely gift for family and friends for birthdays. Or just a little something for yourself! The owner is so lovely and we always have a nice chat. There are so many Steif bears for sale, amongst the beautiful glassware, candles and frames. They seem so happy, propped up on the shelves. The lady has just started selling romance novels too so that's another reason to pop in!

Another local gem is Grapevine in Wilthorpe for buying wine on those special occasions. It's always so inviting when all the twinkly lights are lit up in the windows at night. I once popped in for a bottle of birthday wine for hubby and came out with a bottle of red with a fish on it as he loves fishing. It was wrapped really well but as I got to the car, I did wonder what it actually tasted like? It was gorgeous.
Mcgilligan's in Gawber is also a lovely place to stop by for beautiful flowers and gifts. Again, the owner is so lovely and we have a good chat. She keeps telling me the names of all the pretty flowers and I promise to remember them but never do! She has some lovely wildflowers and made me a lovely arrangement up for my sister in law who knows all their names too!

She sells Neal's Yard creams so sometimes I'll pop in for a plant and come out with some gorgeous orange and geranium hand cream! I have comment on the lovely decor and features of the shop in the past and I will miss the harpsichord flower counter and the world map on the wall. I will miss the lovely owner as she goes on to pastures new.

I do love a good, local flower shop and The Flower Corner on Summer Lane is a little gem too. Again, like many other flower shops, they have added other things to buy and this range of clothes, mainly linens, and jewellery is gorgeous.

These gorgeous places are just a few on offer locally. There are so many other littlr shops in other villages too. All of them waiting to be visited and explored! I love shopping local and must admit, it's very rare for me to go online for my shopping. I'm old fashiomed in that I like to go to the shop and see what I'm buyong in front of me, rather on a screen. I like the experience of visiting the shop and speaking to the owners and the people who are behind the beautiful handmade products. I remember meeting the lovely lady who makes my fave handmade jewellery, Brownfish designs. My friend said I looked starstruck and I probably was!
It is sad to see hardworking family businesses move online.  This quote sums it up so well.

I think this blog hits the crux of one of my reasons for writing my blog. To share gorgeous small shops and cafes amongst like minded friends. These two signs are powerful and make you think about how and where you shop. I still love TK Maxx and Debenhams (I was able to spot the shop and designer of a top on my friend's airer the other day, Jasper  Conran, and she was very impressed). I will keep supporting my local shops too. As in the sign, a fiver in a local shop adds up. I do hark back to the 'old days' in my blogs quite a bit. Shopping local and supporting small, specialised businesses keeps this nostalgia going. I loved it when my friend entered Locked in Time with me and stood open mouthed. She told the owner he had bottled a piece of the good old days.
I do like to end my blogs in an upbeat way so I thought I'd end with this little quote. Love it!


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