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Just stepped out of a salon!

I used to love the cheesy adverts like L'oreal. They were quite cringeworthy but at least they were memorable. When I look back at the slogans now, I think, 
Yes. We are worth it!

It's not just about looks. It is far more important what lies underneath the makeup and hair spray. I love this quote:

But at the same time, we need to feel good about ourselves. A favourite lipstick in our handbags is the equivalent to a comfort blanket for a child.

It's amazing how more confident I feel when I've straightened my hair and covered the dark circles under my eyes. This is also a very good quote and my brilliant facialist is my lovely friend Claire at Stags and Angels.

When I think about a makeover or a skin therapy, my Go to girl has to be Claire. I've even given her the nickname Make up Claire! I have so many friends called Claire that they have nicknames (all nice!) Over the past year, while I have been ill, I have seen her as a bit of a fairy godmother! The last make over she did for me a few months ago was amazing. I didn't recognise myself. Neither did a choir member who thought I was a new starter! I felt so uplifted and lovely. This quote is so apt for how I felt. You sometimes need someone to sprinkle some magic dust on you to enhance what is already there. That someone for me, is Claire.

I love visiting this gorgeous salon and no matter what treatment I have done, I go out glowing.

I was glowing! As part of the makeover, I had my make up and hair done. I loved the curls aa my hair is usually straight. She does fab hair pin ups for weddings or a day at the races. She also cuts men's hair too. Abbie who is there also does fab hair and is a colour specialist and will sort you out for hair extensions. This reminds me of the times I've coloured my blonde hair from being 16. I now wonder why as it was fine. The cap. What was that all about? Thank goodness now for foil! I used to put that Sun In on and squeeze whole lemons on my hair. Pips too! I remember mum using a red Harmony leave on dye on me but we got distracted watching Brookside and left it on far too long!

This made me think of all the times I tried to curl my hair. I should have just had a perm! I loved putting my mum's and gran's curlers in for them. I then used to use all my mum's curlers and curling tongs until I got some Benders. I absolutely loved these!

As soon as you step into Stags and Angels, you feel at home. You instantly relax. There is such a warm, relaxing vibe and of course, you are greeted with a smile and asked how you take your coffee. The instant way to a woman's heart!

For me, and I'm sure for many other women, even men, we don't just go to beauty and hair salons for our fab treatments. We also go for the down time. We love that 2 or 3 hour window in the day or week just for us. A well made coffee and a good magazine are an absolute must.

Claire has both! Her different flavoured lattes are divine. I love the coffee art on top as a finishing touch and the little biscuit on the side. 10 out of 10!

I love the gingerbread lattes the best, with the little loveheart on top. All part of the restful experience when you are there.

The lattes also help to keep me awake as I am known to drift off and fall asleep when I am so relaxed. I've done it at a salon in London and the lady was well happy because it proved how successful her facial was! I've also fallen asleep in the hairdressers chair while she was blow drying my hair! I didn't fall asleep in one massage though. Far from it! My friend and I had gone in separate rooms and when the lady brought out the big bamboo branch and started whacking me on the derriere, I just kept wondering if the same thing was going on next door. By the look on my friend's face, it had been!

Claire and I go back a very long time. In fact, we became friends through a mutual friend who asked if I'd be a guinea pig for Claire to do waxing on me. I'd never been waxed but after that day, I haven't looked back!

I used to go to her house for waxing and the day she gave me rocket fuel coffee before my eyes were tinted has stayed with me! It was so funny, me just blinking through the whole treatment and getting tinting lotion on everything but my eyelashes! I also remember offering to tint my sister in law's eye lashes with a home tinting kit. Never again! I'd forgotten how clumsy I was and just kept poking her in the eye!
This next quote is so true. I've only ever worn false eye lashes once, when I had my make over here. I will definitely be wearing them again with the effect they made!

Onto eyebrows. We never bothered so much with these when I was a teenager. Actually, I don't think I bothered as much with make up altogether! Nothing much has changed. I find myself nipping into my daughter's room to borrow her eyeshadow and blusher! I also feel the effects when either Claire or my sister in law do a proper job of my make up! I stopped myself when I said the other day I was just going to go and slap my make up on as that is what I literally do. Like concrete! I think I need a lesson in blending and whatever else you do! An idea for Claire there- hold make up tutorials! When it comes to eyebrows, I am definitely old school!

My eyebrows do have a mind, and life of their own! Luckily, I have Claire to tame them!

Claire used to come over to me too and give the best massages, manicures and pedicures, especially the paraffin wax setting on your hands. The Indian Head massage was just divine and when she started reflexology on my feet, she spotted the migraine point straight away.

I love this reminder that we are all different and different methods work for different people. A reminder there is no one quite like you. Emphasis on the You in Younique!

Claire does amazing manicures and pedicures at Stags and Angels. You do feel better with your nails painted. Some of my friends proper go to town with the colours, the glitter and the sparkly nail art. My fave is always the white tips on the French manicure. It is true that you don't realise how much you touch stuff when you are waiting for them to dry!

She recently did a manicure for my daughter with acrylic nails and we were very pleased with the results. She does an offer on mother and daughter nails and we are going to go back together for this!

I also use to visit my very talented friend in her Sparkle and Gloss salon. She did make you sparkle. You always left satisfied with the treatment. It was around this time I asked her to do my makeup for my wedding. I am so glad I asked her as it made me feel like Grace Kelly as I stepped out of the wedding car and posed for my photo. I had been a very indecisive, nervous bride to be, especially over my makeup and hair. I shouldn't have worried! I left it in the capable hands of Claire and Debbie, my hairdresser at the time and I absolutely loved the effect! It was a hot day and I kept using the makeup greaseproof sachets to wipe my face. I don't know their proper name! At the night do, she took one look at me and whisked me to the Ladies to redo my makeup from the sweltering day! A handy friend indeed! She did wedding makeup for other friends who were over the moon with the amazing results.

Claire also does Prom makeovers at Stags and Angels. She has had so many satisfied customers who have written reviews. The photos on her Facebook page are amazing.

One thing I would love this Summer is a spray tan. Nice and easy. Rather than again, slapping it on unevenly and getting it all over my hands and fingers. I used to tan much easier as a teenager. But then, looking back now, everything seemed easier as a teenager! I once called in at a spa in town to have a tan for a hen party. Luckily I had a patch test on my tummy. Test patch turned green so I've kind of veered away from fake tan ever since and followed the path of the English Rose look. I will put my fate in Claire's good hands and have one this Summer. I think this quote sums up myself and possibly a few more over 40s folk whose bingo wings flap less when they are tanned. Or is that just my imagination?

Claire is very intuitive and very understanding. She absolutely knows her craft inside and out. We both suffer from fybromylgia and her massages are amazing to help with the pain.

She knows exactly where my main pain is. Her massages make me feel like I've done ten hours at the gym and the relief is amazing. She releases all the pent up stress and stiffness in my shoulders, upper arms and neck and I feel brilliant afterwards.

I love the idea of the massage also helping mentally and spiritually. It isn't just about the physical healing.

She's such a spiritual person and I always feel better for being in her company. When I visit her salon, Stags and Angels, the warmth of the place hits me straight away. It's such a lovely, relaxing beauty salon and I feel so at home when I go. Our friend Sarah says the exact same thing as me.

Stepping into Stags and Angels is like stepping into a sanctuary. It really is. Claire and Abbie make you feel so welcome. No matter how tired, exhausted, stressed, frazzled you feel on entering, you leave as a new person.

Her little treatment room is like a cocoon, away from everything. With the candles lit, the lavendar and sage oils working their magic and the relaxing music in the background, you can float away.

Claire also offers amazing Pamper parties at Stags and Angels which are so much fun. She has different themes and different props for young children and for young teens.

She has a list on her Facebook page of the different themes and what each child receives at the party. I don't know about you but I like the look of the Unicorn theme!

Again, she has received fantastic reviews of the decor, food, treatments and the fun the children have had.

Claire is very spiritual and puts you at ease straight away. She has recently started giving Angel card readings. I have had a few and they have been very accurate. I have also witnessed other readings that have been accurate. You choose three cards to be read to you. They are kind of a guidance from the angels. There may be a number also, which can give you a meaning too.

I do love the idea of your friends and family being angels guiding and supporting; we are all here supporting one another. As in this quote. Also, the fact that none of us are perfect. Not one person!

When I visit here, I always pick up a Pretty Little Treat Co goodie. This local company is a company run by mutual friends of us both and their hand made hand creams, bath bombs and lip glosses are gorgeous.

When I think of visiting a spa, I still can't believe I never have! This is something I need to remedy and very soon! I love this picture and this would definitely be my friends and I. We'd smuggle gin and wine in. And Pringles! They'd go so well with the plates of lettuce at the health spa!

I don't know why this has made me think of the girls in Sex in the City but it has! Perhaps because they were always snacking on lettuce leaves! And Carrie was an amazing relationship blogger! Perhaps if I wrote one it would probably be more on the lines of a mid life blog - Not enough sex, more's the pity! And I wouldn't be typing away with my Jimmy Choos on; I'd have my furry Primani slippers on!
I will leave you with a quote from Carrie, a wise lady. I suppose beauty is about believing in yourself and being surrounded by people who make you see it. It's about having the confidence in yourself. When you have that, you shine! I love this quote. Embrace who you are. Nobody else is you, but you! And it also helps to have an amazing beautician as a close friend!

I have enjoyed finding these fab quotes from Pinterest but I will leave mysrlf with this thought. Maybe if I spent less time on the marvellous Pinterest, and more time on learning how to put my make up on better, then I wouldn't be rushing around at the last minute, poking myself in the eye with my eye liner and putting my new glossy eye shadow on my lips as lipstick! That is so not a good taste!
Just a thought!


  1. So funny but inspiring. Anything that makes you feel better about yourself has got to be good trouble is I've got to the stage where I need a complete facelift!!!

    1. That's another blog! Thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. What an awesome write up so true. We are almost definitely angels just winging it. Finding that inner peace is just what we need in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives ❤️

  3. It really is. Thank you for creating your lovely sanctuary that is Stags and Angels.

  4. I’m a absolute fan of stags and angels too! The facials are out of this world and I must must must try Claire’s massages. The angels readings are spot on too! I walked in one day with the weight of the world on my shoulders and left lifted and light as a feather, my soul lifted and my spirit energised like never before. I felt amazing inside and out and that’s all down to Claire! Thank you my lovely 😊 xxxxx

    1. I totally agree with you! It's not just a physical treatment you receive. It is spiritual too.


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