Be Youtiful

I've borrowed my title from this amazing quote. Just being you and being true to yourself makes you truely beautiful.
Your youness shines through naturally, like the sun on a warm, sunny day. I think we've forgotten what a warm sunny day looks and feels like! That's why this next quote is so important!

One of the best compliments I've ever been given was from a fellow teacher friend who, after reminding me of my organisational skills, or lack of, also reminded me of my creative skills. She smiled at me and said she liked my flowery edges! I'll take that thanks! I always tried to keep positive, even when faced with endless files of data and tick boxes! I loved the idea of a cardboard cut out of me with flowery edges! I remember one night this friend I used to work with, saying I wasn't very organised (which is true) but I was lovely. Aww thanks. Funny thing was though, as she drank more wine, she kept reminding me that I wasn't very organised, even though I was lovely! Ok, we get the picture! I'M NOT ORGANISED! At least I know my own limits!

It is easy to be yourself with people you have known a long time or new people you just click with and they 'get you'. You feel more confident to make mistakes or do something a little unusual. It's harder being around people who either don't want to get the real you or have already made their mind up about you and have made the wrong assumptions. This can happen everywhere, but I've found this mainly in my career and as a Mum.

It's sometimes easier said than done to keep believing in yourself; sometimes we forget to in our busy lives and other times, people may chip away at you so you actually start doubting yourself and believing their words.

This next quote proper got to me and really made me think.

I spent too long worrying what others thought of me, particularly at work towards the end of my career. It's difficult not to take things personally working in a profession where people join because they see it as a calling and obviously get so involved they take their work home, and not just books in a bag to mark. You do get involved and if you're that kind of analytical person, you can't help but take things personally. You end up treading on eggshells around people, and worst of all, changing yourself to fit in or mould yourself into the person you think they want you to be. This quote also made me think.

You need to be you and be proud. We are all different wity different tastes, likes, views, talents and so on. We should not have to pretend we are something else just to get the approval of those around us and just to fit in.

In fact, I've just had another light bulb moment! I know many people who are different and like to sing to their own tune and retreat into their little bubble for a time. We still get things done, just in our own way. 

It helps to see your originality and quirkiness as quality. Can"t let people put you down or question you about how you do your own thing. Let them worry about their own thing! Just keep on and believe in yourself, everyday.

It's not about being big headed,showing off or selfish. It's about self protection. You need to stick up for yourself. At the end of the day, it's up to you how you act, what you do, how you think because there is only you living your life.

As I am writing this blog, I've been inspired by a lovely friend who has just posted this next quote. We are very similar in that we hide our worries and anxiety behind big smiles and loud voices. We are the life and souls of the party, always cheerful and laughing. And for 90% of this, it's all true. Some days though, we paint our smiles on for the world, as I know many more do. I love this as my friend is a sparkly friend and you need to hold on to those sparkles that make you you.

You saw your worth before and you can see it again! When you do, something changes in you. It's like a domino effect of confidence and belief.

We need to stop thinking we have to be normal. What is normal anyway and who makes the decision as to what normal is? Being normal to me, as always sounded a bit boring and mediocre.

How will you know what you coupd have done if you just keep doing the norm and what is expected? Sometimes, we let fear and anxiety rule our decisions and this is a hard pattern to stop. Step out of your comfort zone, I certainly am! I wonder where it might take me?

So the next time you just go along with something to please someone else, when you'd rather be trying something else, just go for it and see what happens! Just like with Chicken Licken, the sky won't fall in if you follow your own heart, rather than following the crowd.

Embrace yourself and be thankful for yoursrlf. This is one my fave quotes. I lpve the idea of not being an awful mess but a glorious mess bexause not one of us is perfect and we need ti be loved for our faults as well as our strengths.

But then I like messy people! I tend to gravitate towrads them. People who don't care of I've put beans and coleslae on ky plate or marmite on my pancake! People who love me for my wearing of odd socks thar are actually coordinated by colour and pattern. People who humour my quirks and the fact I forgot to brush the back of my hair before I came out. These are my type of people.

I've always loved Christina Aguilera's song, You are Beautiful. The lyrics and video are powerful. I remember the old saying as kids,
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling names won't hurt me." It made sense as a six year old kid but now, as an adult, I can see that calling names, words even can hurt and destroy people's inner peace. Especially in this day and age of social media where words are sent electonically and it gives that person sending them a feeling of cold detachment because they are not saying the words face to face.
We are beautiful. We just need to remember those three words. 


  1. The World would be a very boring place if we were all the same! We all have something to contribute and complement each other by having different personalities!

  2. I love that idea of complementing each other. I should have put that in my blog!


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