The Lovely Lounges!

We love the chain of Lounges that have such an originality, you don't feel like you are visiting a chain! Apparently, each lounge has its own name. We love visiting the marvellous cafe/bar lounge called the Pico Lounge in Glossop. I was hooked straight away with the friendly atmosphere and the gorgeously vintage decor. I went to the bar to order and just kept looking at all the paintings, lamp shades and chandeliers.

The food was lovely and so was my French Martini. We went on from here to climb the North side of Kinder Scout, fuelled by the wonderful food and drink! Imagine what so could have done had I drunk two Martinis!

We visited this week with our dogs as this chain of companies are one of the most dog friendly companies we know. We are always greeted straight away with a dog bowl of fresh water for our pooches and we order them some yummy sausages. We sat outside in the glorious sun on the patio at the side of the little stream. It was gorgeous!

We have also visited the Cosy Club in Leeds, part of the same company. We loved it at the Cosy Club, especially the fabulous entrance hall with the big, comfy chairs and the bunting. It really was cosy with a fantastic, busy city vibe. We loved the vintage feel of the furniture and the decor. While we waited for our table, we enjoyed sitting at the bar with a few nibbles.

I love this Facebook photo, showing how fabulous this place is.

Nearer to home, we visit the Zorro Lounge at Fox Valley. We love Fox Valley and sometimes go to Ponti's but mainly the Zorro Lounge. Again, as soon as we sit down, friendly staff greet us with a dog bowl of fresh water. We also like to give our dogs the yummy handmade treats that are sold at the bar. It's great to know our dogs are welcomed so much. Love this piccy on Pinterest. I need to spend less time on Pinterest, by the way!

I am drawn by the bright colours of the tables, all different patterns. Their coffee is very good too and I know my coffee!

We have been in the evening also and enjoyed very tasty tapas with wine. So many dishes to choose from!

We love the their range of food is amazing with vegan and gluten free menus. I even love the bright colours of the menus in this picture from Facebook.

Breakfast is served all day and the range of Lounge Eggs are yummy. I tend to have a gluten free breakfast and it's delicious! Oh, and on researching the name, it's the octagonal building that honours Samuel Fox, the designer of the Victorian Paragon umbrella!

I was really excited to go to the open evening of the Falco Lounge in Barnsley town centre. My friends and I were very impressed by everything including the free tapas and drinks and friendly staff. It was absolutely buzzing! There will be Tapas Tuesdays where you can get 3 bowls of tapas and a glass of wine for £10.50. We're up for that!

We all loved the vintage, colourful decor and kept pointing out different paintings on the wall! It feels really homely. My friend even joked it was the nicest front room she'd ever Sat in! It does have that warm, cosy, welcoming atmosphere about it that makes you want to sit down on a cosy armchair and chat to your friends and family over a warm cuppa.

We couldn't get over how hard all the staff were working and everyone was really happy that it had obviously been a very successful first night. Folk were happy too in that they went away with free mementos of the evening!

My friend and I were the last of our group to leave and we loved chilling with our Chardonnay wine, sitting downstairs, listening to an extremely good playlist. Any place that plays Mumford and Sons, gets my vote! Music is a massive part of creating a comfy atmosphere, even if it's on low in the background as it's fab to come in and out of during conversation breaks. Or, if like me, you also visit these places on your own, with a Book and to listen to the music. This Pinterest  quote says it all. The food, drink and music feeds your soul at the Falco Lounge!

We sat there, on this mild evening, looking through the open sliding doors onto people sitting outside. We were so chilled and relaxed. We were feeling the good vibes!

We were so relaxed and both said we didn't feel like we were in Barnsley town centre, opposite the market. With the candles lit, glowing onto the surroundings, we felt like we were abroad.

The Falco Lounge is named as 'a loving not to Kes', the word Falco being the Latin word for the falcon family. On the evening we saw the manager holding a kestrel which was fab. Kes is legendary to anyone brought up in Barnsley. What a fantastic idea.

The lounge also pays homage to the roots of Barnsley with the painted mural of a coslmine on the wall as you enter. I noticed this stunning Art work straight away.
Barnsley is up and coming and already has some amazing cafes/ bars which include HAVE it, Old George, Tipsy Cow and the Pavillion. The Falco Lounge is like the icing on the cake!
The Lounge chain is community minded and I was very pleased to see this Facebook post advertising holding your own book club there. Coffee and books is a fab combination! You can hold other community groups, such as knitting groups. You can get in touch on the Loungers website.

Each Lounge has its own bookshelf for a Book swap and they provide a variety of games for you to play, adults and children, at your table in between eating. There are alsi colouring activities. Again, more brilliant ideas!

When writing my blogs, my mind has about ten tabs open and I always veer off at an angle. I love words and word play and it got me to thinking about the words lounge and lounging.
The definition is quite long so I picked out to 'rest, relax, repose and take it easy. It is about recharging your batteries in your lunch hour or unwinding after a long day. You definitely go away feeling these three Rs I found on Pinterest!

I also looked into the history of the lounges and found out they started back in 2002, when three friends opened a cafe/bar in Bristol. It's grown and grown and The Cosy Club started in 2010. Look how far it's come!
We are a family of day trippers and we love to just get in the car and set off somewhere on a mystery tour. I'll google dog friendly cafes and then we are sorted! At the same time, I'm always looking out for new, fab places. Or my friends are recommending them to me, especially in Sheffield and Leeds. I've researched and now added two more Lounge places we need to visit very soon. One is the Amora Lounge in Sheffield which looks funky. I must say, most of their Facebook photos featured cocktails, but that's fine by me!

They have recently held a Bake sale for Sheffield Hospitals and the cakes looked yummy!

There's so much going on in these Lounges. I saw this sign for a quiz night and live music night at the Amaro Lounge. Looks like fun!  

My friends and I meet regularly for coffee mornings and we're always on the lookout for new places with a fab vibe. We will definitely be making return visits here for morning coffee and evening tapas and wine! It is definitely a place to go to chill and catch up. It's chillaxing and buzzing all at the same time! Loolong on thw website, one of the main aims is to create a home from home for people, somewhere to visit that encapsulates your cosy front room with excellent food and a bar providing refreshing cocktails, beer and amazing coffee. In my humble opinion, every Lounge I have visited has done this and I can't wait to visit more to add to my list!


  1. Brilliant blog! Love to lounge! Will definitely try out some of these. They all sound very inviting.

  2. They are all fab! I need to go to some more as they are all different!

  3. Falco Lounge also opens out into the lovely new Library @ The Lightbox which opened recently

  4. I love the sliding door that opens out into the library, making it a real.comminity hub. We were there last Saturday and the atmosphere was amazing.


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