A breath of fresh air.

I absolutely love this quote. It says so much in so few words. You can't beat getting out there in all weathers, getting those cobwebs blown away! I am very lucky to know a lot of folk too, who are breaths of fresh air and a hour chatting and laughing with them definitely leaves me feeling refreshed!

It's true. You see life not only through your lens, but the lenses of those people you spend the most time with. You swap ideas and opinions about the world and you have such an influence on each other. Spend your time, and your energies wisely!

I have recently fallen back in love with the great outdoors. I can feel the difference it has made to me, opening up to the powerful vibes of nature. As I sit and write this blog, the sun is shining and I can hear the wind blowing through the tree we are so lucky to have right next to our house. When I am feeling a little bleurgh moment coming on, as soon as I can, I go outdoors!

I love to feel the sun on my face, even the wind in my hair and it really does free your mind from everyday constraints.

Scientifically, sunshine on your skin is so therapeutic with vitamin D and everything else. It's so true. Everything just looks better when it is bathed in sunlight too. Such a mood changer is the weather.

In fact, the weather is a mood changer altogether. Whatever the weather though, get outside and fill those lungs with goodness- with nature and oxygen. This next picture from Pinterest is so visual. I love it!

I also love a hot pot of coffee to get me up those wonderful mountains!

I do love walking in my sandals but not sure I'm ready for bare feet just yet! Bare feet on the sand is great though! I love new words and I love this new word 'nelipot'. Barefoot Five is such a fab Facebook page to follow for inspiration.

I love my handmade jewellery more than any real silver and gold but I do like this quote too! Give me a daisy chain made with love than a string of pearls any day!

I much prefer outdoor exercise to indoor. I have probably been a member of every gym going over the past three decades, including the Ladies gym that closed down over night. I loved it there too! I am very clumsy and the times I've tripped over and fallen off exercise machines is too many! I prefer to renew my gin membership every year instead, as in this pinterest quote!

We are very lucky where we live with all the places to walk and hike. Yorkshire has some of the best views. I love stopping and taking it all in. Then reliving it through your photos.

There are so many local places for walks but here are just a few.
Locke Park holds so many fab memories for me from being young and visiting in all the four seasons. From sledging in the snow to picking conkers in the Autumn. We'd have ice lollies and plastic cones of chips from the cafe. We'd get mucked up in the sand pit, a feeling of contentment passing over us in the car journey home.
We loved going to the many galas and classic car show rallies when we were kids. We also loved the bonfire with the candy floss and bonfire toffee. But the best memory by far for me was the fun fair for Barnsley feast week. It was so packed and always sunny!
Locke Park is always a lovely walk and the dog friendly cafe sells, in my humble opinion, the best cuppa tea in Barnsley. They always have fresh flowers on the tables, normally roses.

It's a lovely place to sit and read a book, or to just sit and be, as the outside world filters in at intervals when the cafe door is opened.

My favourite season for walking is Autumn, especially in this park! The colours of the trees are amazing.

I love to see the tower standing proudly, in all weathers. This is one my my fave photos with the Bowling green, trees and the tower nestled snuggly in the background.

I hope this following montage does this lovely park justice.

Moving onto Cawthorne park and Cannon Hall. If I had to count how many hours I have walked around this park on sat on the many benches with an ice cream or a take out coffee, it would be a lot! It's lovely calling at The Pavillion cafe for a take out hot chocolate as we walk. The Turkish Delight Special is divine!

I love the walled pear garden, at its best in May/June when the roses are in full bloom and the butterflies are landing on the buganvilleas and the bees on the lavender. Such a busy yet calming scene.

The Fairyland part of the park with the pond is gorgeous to walk through, especially in summer. Very pre raphaelite!

It's lovely walking by water too and a walk round Worsbro Reservoir, followed by coffee and cake in the lovely Miller's cafe, is a must! The homemade cakes are yummy and they bake with the flour from.the mill next door.

The walk round the reservoir is gorgeous as the sun is setting over the water. It's so stunning.

It's lovely to walk around with a take out coffee from the cafe. I love bridges and I love it in Autumn with the leaves hanging over the bridge and reflecting ok to the water.

Another lovely lake with two lovely cafes is Newmillerdam. This place brings back so many lovely childhood/teenage memories. We must have walked around here as a family five hundred times, at least, finished off with an ice cream at the end of the walk! The tree roots always astounded me when I was little and we've a few photos of me sat on the long roots, grinning up at the camera with my basin haircut! It is great for kids here still and they have created a large area where you can build dens on your walk!
I always loved the little building on the side of the lake. I always thought it was a boat house.  It has been made into a little cafe and we visited last year. It was lovely, run by friendly volunteers and you sit in the Big window, looking onto the lake or on top of the roof. We sat in the window, watching the little waves lap the huge stones of the boathouse. This photo I took is one of my favourites as it's so atmospheric and brings back so many memories.

I also love walking around Bretton Sculpture park. How amazing is it there? I love their philosophy of enjoying 'art without walls'. All the landscape in front of you is art. It's lovely to sit on the balcony with a cuppa and gaze out at the rolling hills, or sit in the Sky shelter and watch the clouds roll by.
I used to love visiting here as a child and I loved the wooden totem poles and the magic, musical garden with instruments like wood chimes. It still is a magical place with all the different art and sculptures being celebrated. Again, my favourite time to visit here is Autumn and I love the photos I've taken of trees and pond.

We can walk the dog here and sit outside the two cafes. I just love the whole surroundings and can spend hours in places like this, looking at the wonderful exhibitions and walking amongst the amazing sculptures!

We also enjoy walking around Elsecar Park and the reservoir. As you walk into the park and over a little bridge, there's like a little sanctuary part full of bird feeders and it attracts so many lovely birds. This is such a quiet, relaxing part of the park. Then past the gorgeous bandstand and up to the playground and reservoir. There is such a lovely variety of flowers in this park and I love it best here on a sunny afternoon.

I love flowers, any flowers so I definitely love visiting Wentworth Garden Centre for a walk around the maze and the marvellous garden. This is one of my fave places in summer and I have so many photos here!

Ingbirchworth reservoir is also a lovely place to walk round, the wild flowers there are gorgeous. We went the other day and there was a group enjoying wild swimming. It looked absolutely freezing but they were loving it!

We love day trips off; days where your hiking boots get muddy! We make some sandwiches, pack a flask and go exploring!

One of the places we go to is Langsett and walk round the res there. Again, I have so many memories of this place. My friends and I would cone hiking here, as would our family. When I went with friends, we'd somehow miss the bus so be sat for ages in the bus stop at The Flouch pub bus stop!

When we go now, we sometimes call at The Waggon and Horses for well earned refreshments and sit in the beer garden, looking the stunning reservoir view.
Recently, we tried this fab dog friendly cafe across from the pub and loved it. I love the pink spotty outside walls. This photo from Facebook is fab!

We obviously like walking around reservoirs and The Ladybower is beautiful.

One of our fave days out is Carleton. We love climbing Mam Tor. Or so I tell myself! I do stop a lot, but only to keep looking at the views! It's a fab feeling when you reach the top though! There were so many gorgeous photos on Facebook but this one was my fave.

Well, and this one! Both atmospheric. Love the mist hanging over the mountains, then the vibrancy of the next picture.


  1. So many people put Barnsley down! Don't they realise we are surrounded with beautiful parks and countryside. They should get out more!

  2. Absolutely love Batnsley's countryside. Most of these places are right on our doorstep!


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