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I loved Bridget Jones in the 90s. I loved reading Helen Fielding's wonderful work, laughing hysterically one minute, then crying the next. I'd have a glass of wine in one hand and my book in the other, following Bridget Jones and her many mishaps through her twenty something life.

I felt I got her, like I knew her. At the end of the day, we could all relate to her in some way or another. She was endearing and tried her best; she was like a really good friend and you just wanted to give her a hug, have a girly night in with your pjs on or go out boozing with her. (90s jargon!)
I loved the second book too, 'The Edge of Reason' and loved following her further adventures.

The first, as with many things was my fave. I was really pleased when I heard a film was being released.

I was very happy with the choice of Colin Firth, Mr Darcy. Hugh Grant surprised me with the dashing, cad role after his normal bumbling role in films like Four Weddings. The biggest surprise was Renee Zelwegger. It was as if the part had been written for her. I am so glad I read the book before the film but I really did enjoy it. The casting was perfect and I loved when Bridget turned up in her bunny outfit at the garden party. So funny! That became the theme of my hen do a few years later!

I am a romantic and I'm sure everyone was rooting for them both at the end, as I was, in the snow, when she ran after him and they missed. So romantic! Now, I'd be like, ooh. She must be feeling the cold in them slippers in that snow! I loved what Mr Darcy, sorry, Mark Darcy said to when he finally professed his feelings to her. He wanted her for her. Pass me the tissues!

This next quote shows that Bridget chose wisely with Mr Darcy, sorry, Mark Darcy as he saw behind the outside attractiveness, unlike the dastardly Daniel!

I loved the diary like entries, reminding me of the hilarious Adrian Mole diaries that I devoured as a kid and loved. I even watched the TV series. Sue Townsend also wrote about an older Adrian Mole more recently and I need to read those.

I always laughed at Bridget's diary entries bless her. I think this is where she connected with people the most. Failing the day before, then trying again with the best of intentions the next day. In the film, when she was singing along to 'All by myself' in her pjs, we all felt for her; we've all listened to sad music, watched a weepy film and eaten three boxes of chocolates at one point, at least in our lives. Seriously, music strikes a chord with feelings. I remember the song, 'Without You' by Ricky Nelson, being the catalyst for me leaving my university and coming back home. It came on my tape cassette player and that's when I realised I needed to leave. Except, it was Mariah Carey's version and I didn't have any chocolate to hand!

I enjoyed the next film too but again, the first was the best. I got so much from the books and the films. I loved this New Year's Resolutions from the woman herself. I love the last one especially!

I have not read the latest book and from writing this blog, I now need to read it!

I must admit, I have not had chance to see the most recent film, with Patrick Dempsey who I remember from the fab 90s film, Can't Buy Me Love.

Something that made me laugh when I was reading the books, unmarried, was how Bridget referred to anyone married as 'smug marrieds'. Through her single eyes, everyone with a ring on it flaunted their 'happily ever after'.

However, when I watched the films as a married woman, I kept thinking, well I'm not smug! When I looked on Pinterest for these pictures, I came across other books written by women, influenced by Bridget. I love the look of this one and must read it!

I mean, this book is probably nearer my age range now! The recomendation on the front cover says, 'A Bridget Jones for the internet dating age'.

There is also a post on Pinterest showing other books to read that are similar. I have been recommended the 'From Notting Hill with Love ... Actually' and I loved both those films too with Hugh Grant in! So that's even more books to add to my To be read pile!

I know this is a light hearted blog, but, on a deeper level, I found this book also which looks an inspiring read.

I have recently started following a really funny, honest Facebook page, Bernice Bloom. She has also written these books, following the adventures of an adorable fat girl. I must read them!

Bernice Bloom has also written the diaries of further adventures of her main character. These all look like great, Summer reading!

I wondered what the day/month in the life of diary entries might look like for an ex teacher, feeling in limbo in society and on the cusp of, possibly even dipping her toes into a mini midlife crisis? No jesting here; the feelings are all real. I thought I'd give it a go.

Day 1 in the Big Mother House (did I leave out the last chance saloon dieting too?)

Strong coffee: 3
Stronger coffee: 4
Swear words under breath: 2
Stronger swear words under breath: 5
Leaves of lettuce eaten: 0
5 a day portions: 2
Pints of water: 2
Trips to the loo: 10
Moments of biting my tongue: Too many
Hot flushes: 3
Amount of gin consumed: 2 small glasses
Actual amount of gin consumed: 4 tumblers
Walks around the block: 1

I felt refreshed when I awoke this morning. Who am I kidding? I'll start again!

I was so tired when I awoke this morning. Most mornings are the same, due to my onset of insomnia. I can fall asleep on the settee but soon as I go to bed, my brain just comes awake! Plus the sciatica! Now I'm waking my hubby up in the middle of the night for a different reason. No amorous, frisky business. It's purely to rub the pain away down my leg!
Once I've come round with a little Nespresso, I'm ready to face the world. I walk down to the local shop to be stopped by an acquaintance at the bus stop, enquiring about my good news, whilst staring at my stomach. Aaah! No such thing, I tell her. It's what's called comfort eating. To which she gives me a packet of Hobnobs out of her shopping bag and pats me on the back. Only problem now is, I make a mental note to breathe in every time I walk past the bus stop, bless her.
Onwards to the shops to see my lovely friend in her flower shop. Such an inspirational lady. She doesn't see it; a modest lady with the biggest heart. I'm only buttering her up because she makes the best homemade Malibu cheesecake. There are other spirits in it, but she had my friend and I drooling at Malibu! I purchase a gorgeous posy of roses as us 'smug marrieds' do actually have to buy our own when it is not Valentine's or our birthdays, or any other commercialised occasion!
I grab a wholegrain loaf with seeds, to feel healthy and a pint of milk from the shop and head home, passing another acquintance. Again, greeted warmly and told I've clapped weight on. Wow! I can fair hear the weight clapping on me, like a clap of thunder! What do I do? Smile, walk on or go back and buy a Share bag of Doritos from the shop?
My day is made better by meeting a lovely friend who I used to work with, back when I could define myself. I find it hard when people now ask,
"And what do you do?"
"Well, I scour Pinterest for quotes for hours whilst eating crumpets with Marmite", would probably not be the best answer!
Anyway, I have a fab afternoon with my lovely friend who is bubbly and funny. We walk the dog, then go for coffee and cake, sharing the cake, therefore sharing the calories! She tells me about a promotion at work and I'm so pleased for her. I momentarily miss working, listening to her stories about what she's got up to. I know I have to be patient. My time will come again.
Whilst out, my lovely mum and sister in law test about meeting up tomorrow. Their texts always make me smile. In these two, I not only have good listeners but I have fellow coffee shop lovers too!
Back home for a night of smugness where I don't nag my hubby to wash his hands after changing the bin, I don't shout at him for leaving the toilet seat up again and I definitely do not curse him for not replacing the new toilet roll and toothpaste! Oh yes! Smug marrieds reign!
No really, I do all of the above, and then some! We do have a laugh though, when he gets out his bat detector and tells me to listen for this certain species of bat. A bat's a bat?
"Lovely dear."
Then to be woken up at 12.30 am to go to the window as so and so satellite station is passing and we can't miss it.
"I'll be fine if I miss it dear."

Day 2 in the Big Mother House

Same old waking up but feel better for seeing the satellite station thingy pass by my window. I feel that good, I practically jump out of bed! Once I've had my magic coffee beans, I remember it's the weekend and excitedly get ready for our glamping trip.
Once ensconced in the car with teenager, dog and hubby, I quietly state that I need a wee. I've reverted to being five again, sat in the back of the car, wishing the next Services would show up and me crossing my legs! Plus, I've eaten my share of the sarnies within ten minutes of setting off!
We meet our fab friends, or other smug marrieds, with kids and dogs. My goodness. You can't get more smug than that. Surely? We unpack, me realising everything I've forgotten, but privately knowing the more efficient mums of our friendship group will have those things covered.
Then followed a marvellous day of us getting back to our grass roots: walking, playing football, barbecuing, more walking, more barbecuing and supping of beer. Very outdoorsy and smug. I was happy with the little glamping cabins and there was a separate toilet cabin which meant no toilet trips in the dark of night behind your tent. Phew!
Hubby was on top form, bless him. After a few pints, he got out his ... Don't worry. It was his telescope. He shouted me to go look at Venus but I'm not being funny, once you've seen her, you don't really need to see her again. I asked my friend to go humour my husband. We're all friends, you know. She did and was suitably impressed!
He then decided to get his metal detector out in the pitch black so all we could hear was this loud beeping but we couldn't see anything! Probably the metal on our cans we were drinking!
I looked over at hubby and thought, Well. You've done alright there missus. We've all done alright. A good group of lads who've been friends forever, lovely women who are always there when I need them, fab kids, even the dogs are cute and loving! I felt a sudden glow. Maybe it was the heat from the barbie, perhaps it was the alcohol. Or it could have been a mixture of the two infused with love. A thankful, not smug feeling and there's a big difference. I knew I'd have my cuppa waiting for me when I woke the next morning. A morning and evening cuppa with a smile. Never take that for granted.

Signing off now as I need another trip to the loo, in the dark and I need to find my torch!


  1. That's life!!! It could be worse!!!Take the good with the bad. Your time will come!!!

  2. Made me chuckle, enjoyed reading!

    1. Aww thankyou! I was chuckling to myself writing it!


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