Because you're worth it!

That's a pretty good slogan if you're a superstar, have your own entourage of makeup and hair people and are being paid thousands to sit and pout like a constipated goldfish in front of the camera! 
But what about us ordinary folk? Us women who are too shattered to even utter the words, never mind fling our hair back and pout like our lives depended on it. Especially on a night after a day of juggling our job, our boss, our kids and our husband/partner? We need to remember our worth, and then some!

This quote is fab too. Love it!

In fact, there were some very good quotes on Pinterest following this theme. I like the idea of your own opinion of you being important because everyone's opinion of you will differ. You will be liked by some for one character trait but others might not see the magic!

I'm inbetween careers due to ill health at the moment but have worked for 20 years so do remember how hard it is juggling everything. I used to think I was fighting a losing battle trying to be too many things and fulfil too many roles. It's like I was trying be 100% at being a mum, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a teacher but that's just not possible! I'm not some superhero with super powers. If I was, surely I'd be Wine Woman or Captain Carbs!
You have to know though, that others feel this way too. Imagine being Wine-der Woman! Imagine the fun!

I have had this conversation with friends who agreed. It's like something has to give. In my case, it was my health and my career. We are not machines and we have to be kinder to ourselves. Trying to be too much to everyone just leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of guilt when you can't keep it up. You fool yourself and others for so long but, like I said, something has to give.
One of the main things that gave first was looking after myself. I can see that now. You put yourself bottom of the list when really, practically, you need to be near the top! I'm only just seeing that now. 
I know I'm worth it deep down but I haven't been telling myself that.

Again, I began this blog and left it hanging! Well, I'm revisiting it and giving it more time and attention. Something I have been doing with myself recently!
We are so worth it and need to remind ourselves daily of this mantra. I have noticed little changes I've made to my daily routine and the biggest change? I am now devoting more time to me! I still need to spend more time on make up and hair but it takes baby steps! Something as simple as I now have baths, long and relaxing, without feeling guilty! Before it would be a quick shower!

I'm not scrabbling for a minute to read my book or the latest Grazia magazine and I am definitely not trying to watch three hours of 'MY TV' at 11pm at night! So far, so good. I'll let you know how it's going when I start working again!
I do feel that, by resting more and taking time out, I am getting back to the more bubbly me of old.

The top and bottom of it is that we need our 'ME Time' and we deserve it! Oh my goodness! Our emotions and hormones have got a lot to answer for!

When we get this precious time, we sometimes spoil it by feeling guilty or by still thinking about something that happened at work five hours ago, or will happen at work the next day.
We need this quality time to be able to function as the Wonder Women that we are! We are SO worth it!


  1. Agree! You can't have or do everything. Somethings got to give somewhere!

  2. Absolutely! Be fun to be Wine Woman though!


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