Coffee, conversations and connections.

I saw a post on Facebook titled Coffee and conversation. That instantly made me think of two things, well three actually because it made me think of coffee! It took me back 20 odd years to the module, The Art of Conversation as part of my English degree, where we studied conversations, recording and analysing them. I can imagine recording some in modern day life and for some, there would be a lot less words.
The other thing it made me think of was my new fave coffee/tea rooms HAVE it. I'm sure friends and family are fed up of me talking about this fab place by now!

Here is the ultimate place to go for me because it offers so much, depending on your mood and what you need that day. It can be a place to chill and listen to music, drinking tea and eating croissants. Or a place to drink strong coffee and listen to Fleetwood Mac and Chilled Ibiza. I like to order a variety of coffees as I enjoy watching it being made, especially the siphon coffee.

Another visit, a hour can go by just conversing. This heart is on the wall in the cafe and speaks volumes because that did happen! Me and my new friend walked in at the same time, as strangers, began conversing over coffee about our illnesses and got on so well.
Enter as strangers, leave as friends.

We instantly clicked and 'got' each other straight away. We said we'd be there the next week and it's gone from there!

It's developed from our initial feeling the same way to much more. We've sat back and listened to each other. I've told her an album to listen to, a series to watch and a book to read, and she has done the same! This is the same with the wonderful owners of HAVE-it who we've shared many a conversation and laugh with. We can be talking music one minute, coffee the next, then education, then which latest documentary we last saw and end on a discussion about the vintage Art work on the Wall. Can't beat a variety of topics. Variety is the spice of life!

There is something special about the human connection. How great it is to connect with people on your wavelength. I love having conversations, deep one minute, then hilarious the next!

Finding out about people, new and old friends, colleagues is great. Finding out what makes them tick, and bonding over shared opinions and interests. When you meet a variety of people, you learn so much and they can introduce you to things you may never even consider.

In addition to bonding over shared interests, it is so good to connect due to shared experiences. When you hear someone is struggling, share your similar struggle. Especially if you have tips on how you sorted your problem! I always think it helps to be open with your mistakes and failures, so others who think they are the only ones feeling this way know they are not!

It is hard in this modern day life to find time and just sit and talk. Most times it is easier to send someone a quick text to let them know you are thinking of them. It is better than nothing! We are all good at remembering to text someone back at 11 at night! It's still connection, and it's reminding people you are thinking of them.
Actual, physical, face to face connection is amazing though, when possible!

This next quote, well, I've been guilty of this myself! I try now to take photos, put my phone away then put any photos on Facebook at the end of the day or night. What did we do before mobile phones? We sat and chatted all night is what we did!

There are places now that have signs up saying there is no Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi? Love this sign in a  pub from Pinterest.

This next quote made me laugh. Most people have a phone, IPad or laptop by their side, like a technological comfort blanket. To sit there with nothing? Rewind back to the 1980s when we had the Walkman and we thought we were so cool!

I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life, the wonderful people I get to connect with on a daily, weekly basis.

Connections throughout life are so important and precious. When look back over my life so far at the wonderful people I've met throughout different stages, I feel so blessed. I made great friends through college, work, being a mum and hobbies and even though a lot of these friends, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like, the friendship stays strong.

Even though I've lost touch with some friends, I know if I saw them tomorrow, we'd carry on from where we left off because those connections remain. It is sad that you can be such good friends with people, especially work colleagues that you see everyday, then when one of you leaves, that connection isn't always kept on. That's life though, I suppose.

I thank Face book for reuniting some of these lovely friendships from my past. It has been fab re meeting people virtually and messaging, then meeting up for coffee. I've even rekindled a friendship with a wonderful lady who I knew at Primary school. Thirty odd years and our first coffee meet, we were just the same eight year olds in our Brownie uniforms laughing and having fun! I've re met a fab colleague from when I was 19, 20 and it turns out, She lived behind me, so that's handy for coffee mornings!

I think this is a good way of signing off on this blog. Time changes people. Pain changes people. We crave different things as we grow older. Perhaps time, and your use of it becomes more precious but I fully agree with this quote.


  1. Yes everyone needs friendship! Keeps the world going round!

  2. Loved reading your blog it's so true on many levels pleased. I am so thankful that we both walked into Have it on the same day at the same time .. As always I love our different levels of conversation intense ,e supportive , funny and uplifting oh and oh not to forget the Coffee /cocktails JM

    1. Who could forget the cocktails? Here's to more uplifting coffee, cocktails and conversations with you, my lovely friend.


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