Love Big!

Wear your heart on your sleeve or tuck it away in your top pocket. It really doesn't matter so long as you keep an open heart. I love this picture of a locket on Pinterest. I do wear my heart on my sleeve and there are times when I've regretted this over sharing, but, on a whole it's worked out ok! And anyway, when you wear your heart on your sleeve, it makes it easier to find others who are wearing theirs on their sleeves too!

I do bond with people who are open and friendly and who express themselves. And at the same time, I bond with those who are a bit more reserved and still follow their heart, just in a quieter way! It's important to have different people in your lives who offer different things and different perspectives.

I like this next quote because friendship and love are about the little, everyday things we do for each other. Whether it's a quick text, phone call, showing up with flowers or wine, checking up when you know someone may be feeling down, they are all important. They may seem unimportant to the person doing it but the person on the receiving end, this might make their day and be a big thing for them. A small, kind gesture that took you one minute might mean the world to them.

In the same way, sometimes small things can produce a lot of love. As in a dog or other pet? It is amazing the love you can have for a pet.

I like the idea of spreading and sharing love. It stems from a thought, to an action, then to something even greater- a smile and a warm feeling passed on to someone needing their day brightening. You know how good you feel when someone sends you a text about something you mentioned a month ago and they've remembered. Or when you've had a hard day at work and the next day you get a little gift bag with a miniature wine bottle, bubble bath, chocs and a candle. True story! It's even better when the kind gesture is so unexpected. I once received a bouquet of flowers at work whilst I was teaching, as a thank you from a parent and I was so overwhelmed!

This quote makes you think. Would be fab if this happened.

We've all got so much kindness in us. Even when we are feeling fed up. You never know, get spreading that kindness all over, like jam on a scone and it will probably cheer you both up!

I love this reminder that kindness is free; it costs nothing to ask how someone is or how their day has been. I'll never forget my colleagues who checked up on each other at the end of a school day. You might send a free text or give them a free hug. Depending on your network tariff, perhaps even give them a call! It costs nothing or very little but it means so much.

At the end of the day, love is what makes the world go round, according to Madonna. Some others may say it's money, but to me, it's love.

There are so many different types of love: motherly, fatherly, brotherly, sisterly and so on. There is the unconditional, close family love that can stand the test of anything. The people who truely have your back. Some friends who you become so close to, become family too.

Unconditional love is so important in relationships. We need to know who those people are who truely accept us and understand us.

The love of friends, whom you have chosen to spend time with, is also precious. The people who you meet and you just click with straight away. I am very lucky to have a few kindred spirits in my life. Some old and some new people to my life. Those who know the bones of you and just get you. It's a whole deeper level of friendship. This isn't just big love but love on a massive scale! This covers family too. Such as my cousin who totally gets me because she is me and I'm her, practically! We're like two peas in a pod!

I love this next quote. Better to leave your heartprint on the world than a smudge.

Sometimes, I do love in my own little world and don't always think before I do things; I do sometimes jump straight in and go with instinct. Other times, I will make a choice with what feels right, then think on it, changing my mind but going back to my original feeling. When you go with what feels right, most times it is! I love going by my instinct and being spontaneous, without too much planning and thinking behind it. These have ended up being some of my best times and occasions.

This saying doesn't just mean family and friends. It means love life! I loved watching Trainspotting and loved the Choose life slogan. Life is so precious and we need reminding of this some days. We can get stuck in the monotony of it all. I know I did! I've only just stepped out of the little bubble I was in, to notice nature again. The times I stop now to admire a tree or a view. I just love it!

I just think if you're going to do something or spend a lot of your time with someone or doing something, give it your all.

Obviously, when you love this way and you feel everything, you get the good and the not so good experiences. I'd say all in all, it's worth it. Never regret the feelings you had and the love and time you gave because it was real at the time.

Sonetimes, you have to just try something if you aren't sure. You never know!

Just perhaps, as we are getting older, and wiser, each time things happen, we learn a little more. Hopefully, in the wise words of the pop group, Roxette, we will listen to our hearts when they are calling to us!

My favourite head teacher ever had a saying she used in staff meetings. She'd always point out if something had a caviat. I looked up the meaning of this word and it's always stuck with me! Well, the caviat for loving big, being open and wearing your heart on your sleeve is this. Do what you do naturally but just be careful with all this honest 'This is Me' Greatest Showman approach to life. It is a lovely way, but like I reminded myself this evening, try to not give strangers and new acquaintances too much information, too soon! Or, as my teenager would say, "TMI Mum!"

I had this little talking to myself earlier as I met a couple on our road whilst we were walking our dogs. When we realised we lived on the same street, we started describing our houses. Well, I'm there saying ours is the one with all the weeds in the front garden and I'm thinking, what made me say that? I'll never learn!
It made me think of all the other times I've over shared. We'll skip over the Ann Summer's party wine fuelled confessions thank you very much! I do bond easily with people on the same wavelength but telling my sister in law's friend about my stretch marks, without even having a child was way too much! I'm the one who, when complemented on my dress have to proudly state that it was in the sale and say the bargain price. I need to learn to nod politely and say thankyou. End of.
At the same time, it is good sharing some things with people you meet fleetingly if you are going through a similar problem or stage of life. I was in the dentist the other day and was coming around from a dizzy episode when this lovely, elderly lady began talking to me. Before we knew it, we were having such a lovely heart to heart about our illnesses. I told her how much she inspired me and she warmly shook my hand and I said I too inspired her, before being called in to the dentist. When I shared my encounter with a friend, she reminded me of her fave quote. There are three types of friends in life:
Friends for a reason.
Friends for a season.
Friends for life.

She said this lovely lady was a friend for a reason. For those few minutes, she was a friend, someone who listened and empathised. I felt so much better for our short, but sweet meeting. It's good to keep your heart and mind open to chance meetings. You never know where they will lead!

The other thing to be careful of when you love big and empathise is that it can become overwhelming. When you are someone who empathises, you need to be careful to not take everyone's troubles on board. Empathy is brilliant and makes you a good friend and listener. You can try to understand how that other person feels which is an amazing thing. Just don't take it all on. I remember my lovely mother in law, a very wise lady, helping me over the years, when needed by reminding me things could be worse. Most times this helped bless her. On a few occasions though, I'd then be feeling sorry for the other folk who had it worse!

I know everyone is different and not everyone is going to bond and want to be friends. Maybe I'm still quite naive but I like to just get on with things and not make a fuss if soneone wants ti do something differently. I love this next quote. Food for thought.

So, if you are an emotional, heart on sleeve person keep on! But remember, it's not about loving the loudest, but with your whole heart. Actions speak much louder than words.


  1. Don't know why but Love hurts by the Everly Brothers popped into my head (before your time) Love hurts love scars love wounds and Mars. Any heart not tough or strong enough to take a lot of pain love hurts. Looking on the bright side love your blog and love not money definitely makes the world go round!!!!❤

    1. I loved listening to Wake up little Suzy by the Everley Brothers!

  2. You’ve inspired me with your quotes as per usual. Going to have to pinch a few of these I think! Thank you for another fab write! 😀xx

    1. Aww thankyou! I thought of your company when I wrote about the 'Do small things with great love quote!

  3. loved reading your blog and how you stay so positive. As I have often said. think young, have a young outlook , and you will be youthful JM

  4. Aww. Thank you. You are the same! You are an inspiration!


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