One day at a time

I used to hear my mum and my gran sing this line from a hymn as I was growing up and I've carried on singing it occasionally, when swearing wouldn't have been acceptable! One day at a time is very apt for a lot of us and I definitely find that more manageable than being overfaced by the big picture of it all. Sometimes, you need to break the big picture into smaller, more manageable chunks. Stop looking at months and weeks, and take it day by day.

We can all crumble under the pressure of the bigger picture, stressing about what it is supposed to look like. We cling on to relationships and careers that were once right for us but may no longer feel right. They, or you may have changed. Or you both may have changed! Our minds are saying one thing, but in the end, our bodies and our hearts take over and say another.

Go with your gut instinct as most times it is right. We do have plans when we are younger but it is ok to veer off onto another path. It is your path, no one elses. Like Fleetwood Mac sing, "You can go your own way".

If you feel your career choices from 10, 20 years ago have changed, embrace this change. You are not the same person you were all that time ago. Think about what career suits the new you. It might be something totally opposite and you might surprise yourself. Surprise everyone!

Take this time to go forward. It would be do much easier for me to go back to what I know and love but I know, deep down, I'm ready for a fresh start, a new adventure.
But I go back to the good old saying of 'one step at a time'. Small steps are fab for us, as long as they are going forwards to make new memories, not backwards, reliving old hurts and unpicking old scars.

Small steps forward, every day are what it takes to get there. And there's no rush either. Just take it slowly. Slowly, but surely!

I think if we try to do too much and take too much on, the modern multitasking and multithinking can become too much.There is a worry of not doing everything to your best ability, and not getting everything done. You can be left with an awful sense of unfinished business and if you are a Virgo, like me, we need closure, so that's no good. Taking one or just a few things at a time is surely more productive?


  1. As long as it's not one step forward and two steps back!!! Onwards and upwards!!! You will get there in the end.

  2. Ha ha! I like that one! Definitely all forwards!


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