Stay Golden!

I absolutely loved the comedy sitcoms of the 80s and 90s and one of my faves was The Golden Girls. Mum and I would settle down on an eve and watch it, laughing away at all four friends and wishing we had cheesecake as nearly every episode consisted of them not sleeping and going to the kitchen to chat and eat cheesecake in the middle of the night. Many a problem was sorted through this method! We loved all the girls and even though I like the next quote, it would be lovely to be like them all!

They were all funny and lovable for different reasons. I love this wine tumbler with all the different characters.

My favourite had to be Dorothy though. I just loved her dry, witty sense of humour. Especially with her Ma and her ex husband, Stan! Those faces she pulled spoke a thousand words! All the friends ended up together, rather than be alone, which is fab but when she was mad at Ma, she'd remind her of the nursing home, Shady Pines! The times she would bite her fist so as not to say something she'd regret!

Dorothy obviously got her sense of humour from her wise cracking mother, Sophia. She was so funny, telling the girls stories of her past.
"Picture it. Sicily, 1956 ..."
She would make fun of lovable, naive Rose as she'd begin her stories with,
"Back in St. Olaf ..."
But it was always jesting in a good way. They were all there for each other, no matter what. Lastly, the man eating, carefree Blanche who reminded you that age is just a number. All amazing women separately and absolutely formidable together! I love this from Pinterest. It brings back fab memories. I aim to grow old with as much humour and   as these. I aim to stay golden!

It's lovely growing older with friends as you are kind of going through similar things at the same time. It's lovely to have shared experiences and it's great sharing laughter and tears with them. So too, with family, with those who have known you in every stage of your life and had your back throughout.

I think a key to staying younger is thinking younger and still having an open mind to do different things. There's so many things I still want to do in the next stage of my life!

We can have fun at any age, and, I imagine, once you reach a point in life where you do not feel as pressured by the trappings of a mortgage and worrying over teenagers, you get a new lease of life!

Oh yes. Good friends are those who bring wine (and hopefully cheese to go with it) and who also have the ability to laugh at themselves. It is so important to keep hold of your sense of humour as you get older. It's great when a group of friends can all laugh together about things sagging and hair starting to grow in new, unusual places! This is where the wine comes in! Folk who bring wine to get togethers are my kind of people. My friend's sister in law came to my charity book swap and passed over a lovely bottle as we did the meet and greet. I was like, "You can come again!"

This next quote from Pinterest made me laugh!

Another fab comedy from the 90s was Absolutely Fabulous. I loved Parry and Edna. In fact, all the characters were brilliant. I love how Joanna Lumley has grown older gracefully but on here, disgracefully. She played the part so well! Imagine a fun filled night out with these two sweety darling!

My favourite episode was when Pasty fell asleep and woke up to a burnt kitchen and her bouffant hair was stuck flat where she had slept on the table. Her face was a picture!

I also think Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders were a fab comedy pair and Iove this photo of Dawn French from pinterest. I'd like to know who did her make over!

Another amazing female pairing on telly has to be Cagney and Lacey. I absolutely loved this detective series in the 80s. I always wanted to be Christine Cagney and loved the name Mary Beth. I can still remember the theme tune now with the saxophone. I love this more recent photo of the two lovely ladies and totally agree with the quote.

As I scoured Pinterest for interesting quotes, there were loads, especially from aging celebrities who have embraced the next chapters of their lives. I particularly liked the quotes that gave you a feeling of release and freedom as you get to a certain age. I'm kind of on my way there! I could not have put it any better than the gorgeous Helen Mirren!

I also love this quote from Dame Judi Dench. As I remember, from reading Shakespeare, there were some interesting put downs. You naughty knave, you!

Many of these wonderful women and their quotes have inspired me in that they seem to embrace themselves at a certain age and to feel much more comfortable in their own skin. It probably comes from not needing as much reassurance and not caring as much about what other people, who aren't you think. Bravo! Love Susan Sarandon. You kind of think the people will be like the characters they play and she was so gutsy in Thelma and Louise!

This next quote is spot on from Glenn Close. Although, it's probably best not to think of her character in Fatal Attraction!

I'd never looked at it this way, about being over the hill. What a great way to look at it!

I'm kind of getting to the stage of the next quote. I am wanting a more simpler life with no drama. And yes, things are starting to unimpress me! I'm sure I'm not alone here! Maybe our tolerance levels weaken! In my case, it's all that gin consumption!

Life does humble you and as you grow older, you do realise what and who are important to you.

You definitely reach an age when you are too old for drama and mind games. We are tired more easily and any spare energy needs to be used I'm far more productive things!

Perhaps because we are finding this new release that we don't have to try and please everybody, that we can be ourselves and that we don't have to behave a certain way to fit in, some people see a change in us. I know I've changed, as have others I know. I've stopped trying to please everybody because this is just not humanely possible. I've slowed down and I've started to rest more and worry less what people think. It has been a hard transition but definitely a change that was needed. It is hard breaking the habit of trying to please everyone and fit in, to go along with things for a quiet life. When you have been a person who never really spoke their mind, especially at work, it is hard when you suddenly start having a voice and speaking up. It would be easier to just go back to the laid back person from before but you have to remind yourself why you changed and as hard as it is, keep moving forwards, not backwards. I love this Alice quote. I used to say last year, that I was waiting to refund the old me before I was ill, and a lovely new friend said the same when I first met her. But perhaps we have got a newer us waiting around the corner?

I think a few people can relate to this quote about growing older also!

I absolutely love the idea of reinventing ourselves throughout our lives. Just like The Beatles and Madonna! I've kind of done this through different stages of my life by having variations of nicknames. I do think my biggest reinvention has been this year though with my health and career.

Well I've started the reinvention. It could take much longer. Let's just say, I'm a work in progress!

It's funny but I have a few friends in similar positions and we are all on a journey. It's good to know people are going through similar things at similar ages. I tell you. I went for my MOT check up at the doctors at age 40 and I haven't been right since!
Aging, and our perception of being older is so strange. When I was a young teenager, my parents and aunties and uncles were the age I am now. I saw them as oldish but now I'm that age, I feel younger in my head. I used to love my time with my grandparents but time and generations move on. Now I see what me and my gran had when I see my mum and daughter together. The saying that you becone your mum is definitely true with us and who better to become? My mum is becoming more like gran and it's ace!


  1. Wish I had your memory! I must be getting old! Great blog You never stop learning thats what life is all about!


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