Too early to do a Shirley?

I remember watching this late 80s film with my mum and thinking how pretty the actress Pauline Collins, who played Shirley was. I didn't think too deeply about the deeper meaning behind it as a teenager, I just really enjoyed the film. I remember hearing women in their 40s and 50s relaying stories about friends who'd 'done a Shirley Valentine'. I remember thinking it was like these women were in awe of them. Like they'd just climbed Everest! I'm now the age my mum was as she was watching it. When I looked it up on Pinterest, I saw this fab quote for anyone thinking of doing it. Like a mental checklist!

When I look back on a few films of that era, Shirley was an inspiration; a downtrodden housewife wanting more and bravely making the big step of changing her life. It made me think of the other marvellous film, Educating Rita and the brilliant Julie Walters who played her. Again, I remember loving this film as a teenager, laughing and crying along with Rita and her struggles. The film was coined 'a modern Pygmalion, or My Fair Lady'. The image I have now is with her young husband as they knock down the living room wall. He tries but he doesn't understand why she wants to better herself. In the film, She finds her real self but loses him.

Back to Shirley Valentine! I even loved the main character's name, thinking it was romantic, just as was her fleeing off to a Greek island and meeting the handsome Costas, the taverner owner, who professes his undying love. I know all stories like this don't end this way but I have my rose tinted glasses on again!
It made me think of the start of a poem. I get a lot of inspiration walking our dog around the block! I know it's a light hearted poem but there is the underlining frustration. I need to point out here that not all my poems are personal to me!

Is it far too early
To go and do a Shirley?
You know, her who upped and went?
That one.

Am I too early?
Asking for a friend.

Caught between a rock and a
Hard place.

Wishing my days, weeks and life away.
Living for weekends
Gone in a blink.

Sprinkle some glitter on that
Dead end job.
Grin and bear it.
Turn that frown upside down.
Suck it and see.


  1. Loved that film. Thought about doing a Shirley Valentine a few times! Only kidding!

  2. Ha ha! The poem wasn't about me either!

  3. Loved the film! Could I have a table by the sea with a cocktail please?

    1. Of course! I think I might just join you!


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