Town's Treasures!

We are so lucky where we live and we often have hidden gems of cafes/cafe bars/tea rooms to visit, right under our noses. Some have gift shops with gorgeous handmade products so you can take a bit of the magic home with you. As I have been writing my blogs, I've written about many lovely places that my friends/family and I frequent. And dogs! These are places we go where we know the owners and staff who are so friendly and make us (and our dogs) feel so welcome. This montage does not even cover them all. Neither does this blog!

We love all these places for different reasons but they all make our day better for visiting. It's hard to narrow it down but I've chosen a few, so here goes. In no particular order! Oh, go on then, HAVE it is my favourite!

Where do so start in recommending this unique, amazing artisan coffee rooms? I think the photos show how lovely it is, and the fact I met a lady there who is now a close friend and we go there for our different coffee/tea fix every week. If I can't make midweek, I pop in at the weekend to see the lovely owners.

You can proper chill out here, with the record decks in the corner, the music is varied and fab every week. One week it was Chilled Ibiza, the next Fleetwood Mac, then Def Leppard!

I thought I knew coffee until I came here and was introduced to a Cafe con leche, aero press and a siphon. The tea palace tea and Barnsley Brew are very tasty too. I was amazed when I first saw the flowering tea as it blossomed in the bottom of the jug and it tasted lovely!

I am a potaholoic so the gift room in the back selling vintage/retro is proper up my street! I can never have enough coffee and tea cups. I'm a bit like some women are with clothes, except I get giddy by jugs and coffee pots! As does the lovely owner! I think I've met my match there!

They also sell the gorgeously vintage wall hangings from Wonderful Wall Hangings.

All in all, it's probably my fave hangout because it is friendly, original and a good place to chill and chat. Please see for yourself!

I do believe things happen for a reason and walking into HAVE it that very first day, I knew I would be back. I have made three good friends and I love the heart decoration on the Wall saying,

Enter as strangers, leave as friends.

It is full of possibility this quote and I love it!

Another place where I get the same friendly vibe in town is Bar Ruelle. I actually walked in last year, remembering it as a cafe, ordered a coffee, then saw all the gins lined up. I cancelled the coffee, ordered a gin and never looked back! They specialise also, in Cask Ales and lagers and havr a wide variety. I will try the Farmer's Blonde next time I'm in! This is such a friendly, welcoming place to eat and drink and I have enjoyed every visit. They hand out little, tasty nibbles and do marvellous tapas. It is a very special place.

Another special place, which has now become three special places, is The Old George, Old George Town Hall and The Yard. They are all different but I'm putting them as one so I can have more choices! Again, very friendly owners and staff, gorgeous food and drink, lovely decor and cosy atmospheres.

I love all three but I think my fave is Old George Town Hall with the green plant vibe! I always order a Cortado and their vegan soups are divine.

I love their Cortado coffees that are small but strong. The coffee art is fab too! I'd love to do a Barista course!

My friends and I loved it when The Old George opened and have met loads of times for morning coffee and brunch.

Their brownies are gorgeous too and my fave are Caramac and Rise and Pistacchio.

I used to love butterfly mural on the Wall at the original Old George. So stunning and colourful.

I do love sitting in the blue room upstairs where you sit in the window, read, and people watch whilst you sip your lovely cuppa.

I love the Victorian Arcade in Barnsley and I'm so glad there are a variety of small, independent businesses here. I love going to Toasted for a scrumptious toasty and a lovely cup of teapigs tea. They do gluten free bread that is tasty too! They also sell gorgeous homemade buns, cakes and cookies. It's a friendly place and you can sit in or take away.

Opposite is another lovely place to go, The Victorian Tea rooms. I love the nostalgia of this cosy tea room. They still sell the cafetierre and probably have the largest range of flavours on offer. Their homemade cakes are gorgeous and you are stuck for which to choose. Their deep dish egg custard is my favourite. It's lovely to sit here after the lunch rush, with my book in one hand and my coffee in the other.

Also on the Arcade is Cafe Aroma that is nice to visit for coffee and cake.

They do a lovely afternoon tea with Prosecco. I remember coming here with friends years ago and feeling really posh having pea risotto and drinking Chardonnay wine! They hold fab live music nights, like Motown, soul, and jazz and we must go to one; they sound fantastic!

The last cafe on here is at the bottom called The Brittania cafe and I've been going for years, especially with mum. They do the best potato hash and Yorkshire pudding with a cuppa. So comforting!
We love to visit Ice Queens too, for ice cream, obviously but also for their gorgeous waffles! My fave flavour is the Milkybar white chocolate. We love the decorations on the dishes. The cake slices are massive so not had one yet. They also do a Cake and Shake delivery service too.

My mum and I love going to Olive Cafe and treating ourselves to a basket of chips. Blooming lovely! The staff are so cheery and friendly. Their sweet stuff are yummy too. It has been recently renovated and I love the new, fresh look. I love this montage from Facebook.

Whilstooking on Facebook, I saw this montage of their afternoon tea. How scrumptious does this look?

I love museums and I love visiting The Cooper Art Gallery. I love all their gorgeous handmade gifts and my fave Brownfish jewellery is sold here. In fact, this is where I first saw it!

Their cafe is so cosy and welcoming. The dinners are gorgeous and the homemade quiche reminds me of the quiche from the cafe at Pickerings Flower shop all those years ago.

There is an outdoor patio area with a lovely garden and when it is sunny, you feel like you are abroad!
I really love the new Falco Lounge and they do amazing gluten free and vegan food. I lpve the vintage decor and comfy settees!

It's lovely to call in for a coffee or a tea with friends. The Lounge Breakfasts are amazing too.

Their cocktails are fab and very moreish! It's great to have nibbles with a cocktail and their cup of mixed nuts are so tasty.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my gin and the new Pour 22 cafe bar now has 152 different gins and a variety of tonics to tickle your tastebuds! I've visited in the day for food and coffee.

I've also been in the evening for gin. I love the friendly vibe in here. It hits you soon as you walk in.

My friend and I shared a gin taster tray of four different fruity gins and two tonics and they were so tasty. The added touch of a bowl of nuts went down well too! With the doors open on the light evening, and the view of the Town Hall, it was lovely.

As a gin lover, I have enjoyed some lovely gins at The Tipsy Cow too. Recently, the same friend and I tried a paddle of four half pints where we could choose anything. We went for strawberry lager, a cider, an IPA and a Gathering storm which was very Guineas like. They were gorgeous! We love the vibe here and we love sitting upstairs. I love this montage from facebook with the bar looking all sparkly and glossy!

This part of town is really improving with the Tipsy Cow, Tin Oyle, Pavillion and Glasshouse. I still need to try the Tin Oyle but I looked on facebook and saw these lovely pictures. I love all the old tins in homage the The Canister Company tin factory that was on this site.

I love sitting at the back in the Glasshouse, sipping rose wine, looking through the wall of glass across the side of town where I spent my teenage years. The Pavillion is great to visit in the day for coffee and breakfast, this facebook photo shows the gorgeous Forge coffee served.

On an evening, we've tried their cocktails and they make a fab Pornstar Martini, my fave cocktail. My friend and I were saying the other night how when we go to these places, we don't feel too old here!

My friend and I went to Barnsley Live in June and we loved it! We started at Tipsy Cow, onto Pavillion, then the Temple of Muse, onto Pour House 22 and finishing in the fab Bar Ruelle. An amazing night of great, live music, fab gin and good company! As we left the Tipsy Cow, the sun was setting over the Town Hall. What a grand sight! It reminded me of the Barnsley Bard's, Ian Mcmillan's poem, 'Sunset ovver Barnsley'.


  1. Barnsley Council should employ you as a tour guide or The Barnsley Chronicle to do a regular column. You show Barnsley in a good light. Makes me want to visit all these places and experiment more instead of just having a regular latte!

  2. Ha ha! That would be fab! Well. I've covered a cafe a day for a fortnight there I think!

  3. Loved reading this ii had forgotten that Barnsley as so many lovely interesting places o visit. Although to your credit you do make them all sound and look lovely . JM

    1. Aww thankyou. Yes. A few more places there we need to try!


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