Dear old self ...

'When you go will you send back a letter from America?'

I love this Proclaimers song and we sing along to it all the time as we watch the amazing Sunshine on Leith musical.

I love the lyrics, thinking of what they'd miss when they moved to America. It got me to thinking what a letter to my old teenage self would look like. Perhaps something like this.

Dear younger, thinner me,
You were fab, you know. Even back then, you doubted yourself, didn't you? But look how hard you worked. Look at all those things you have done to prepare yourself for the wide world!
Enjoy yourself more. It is true to do loads, visit places, have tons of fun, before you settle down. Just do it. Take loads of pictures too to look back on.
Make loads of friends and get to know a whole bunch of different people who bring light and excitement to your soul.
Sell yourself more! Go out and grab life. Enjoy every single minute of youngness. Don't undervalue your fitness and ability to climb mountains whilst you can. You never know what is waiting around the corner.
Stay curious and childlike. Keep learning, always. Stay humble also. Remember to be kind and respectful to your elders, even when they criticise you. Take it on the chin, or the double chin!
But don't be a push over. Start as you mean ti go on. People get a reputation of being soft. As you go through life, don't be too trusting of everyone. You will learn in midlife, who to trust and confide in. It's sad but true but not everyone is your friend. People are going to maybe not like you and it will be out of your hands. You will also learn that you can't please everybody, so don't burn yourself out trying! You get to an age where those who are meant to be in your life are.
Be happy.

Love your midlife self.

If my younger, too soft self was to reply now, she might answer,

Dear midlife,curvier, more stressed me,
You are doing alright you know? If this was a school report it would say,
'Tries hard in everything except PE and Computer Studies, as you need to be fitter and not be so scared of computers! Remember why you were fitter? You had more time and inclination for a start! And that naughty metabolism had not started slowing down back then! You are still the same person inside. Remember that! However, you could perhaps eat less Pringles!
Stop beating yourself up because you've had a a tough year. Instead, look how far you have come. Pat yourself on the back my dear. Have  bit more patience for your next chapter that is starting soon!
I am proud of you and everything you have achieved. Look at that circle of support you have and smile. Look at what you have done already, not at what you haven't done! Look at what else there is for you to do!
You are still that 16 year old, excited at what life had to bring. Remember her? She's there, waiting to greet you, like an old friend.

Love young me.

When I think of the lyrics of Letter to America
and the places they will miss, it makes me want to sing things I used to do that I won't miss!
Dublin no more,
Doubting no more,
Worrying no more,
Stressing no more.

I saw this fab book on Pinterest, where celebrities have written letters to their 16 yeaf old selves. Bet some of them are interesting!


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