Forty, not out!

I grew up with Wimbledon summers. Proper red hot Augusts. Where have they disappeared to? I wonder as I hear the rain pour down on our window whilst writing this! I loved it when Wimbledon was on the telly for two reasons.
1. It made my mum's day as she was a real tennis fan and we'd have strawberries and cream, served with lemonade and imagine we were there, in the royal enclosure with our posh frocks on and parasols.
2. Just like the snooker players of this time, the tennis players had grit and character and were interesting to watch, especially John McCinroe.
"You cannot be serious!"
Loads of names come to mind, such as Bijon Borg, Chris Evett Lloyd, then Boris Becker. My blog started as a play on words using a tennis reference but I had to go with that flow because it brought back such fab memories. It also proves you don't have to understand something fully to enjoy it so much.

So, the theme of my blog really is about age and embracing becoming 40, as in 'Forty, Love' in tennis. Also, keeping in the game, as in 'Forty, not out', in cricket, another sport we'd watch televised. I loved the music to the Test Match special! There were so many negative connotations to turning 40 and being 'over the hill, when I was younger, but I don't feel them the same anymore. They've moved the goal posts. This phrase makes me laugh, especially when they use it in Education. Like, who is they and how can they pick heavy goal posts up? But yes, apparently, 50 is the new 40 and so on. I love this quote from Dame Helen Mirren.

I must admit, turning 30 worried me more than turning 40 and life does begin at 40! In fact, I'm quite looking forward to 50!

My friends and I in our 40s are definitely not out. We're not out, out much either but that's another blog! We are well and truely still in and loving it! Turning 40 to me meant a lot of things but mainly to appreciate life every single day. I've definitely gained this insight of feeling thankful every day.

I've rechanged my mind set, due to a few things but I've definitely stopped worrying as much about things out of my control and try to focus more on what is good. Think more about what is good in your life and around you. The saying, You are what you eat is grand but so is the saying, You are what you think!

Another thing I've started to do is to not only think more positively, but talk more positively. It's still good to talk it out but I try to make sure I spend longer talking about my blessings! Not always possible but I try!

Another thing I have really noticed is the moment. You don't realise when you are so, so busy that you are constantly chasing your tail and looking to what you need to do next, rushing off to the next thing. Well I've been there and done that enough and I'm finally slowing down. Before, I'd go to things because I had a fear of missing out. I used to say yes to most things straight away but now I say, we'll see then think about whether I really can squeeze three things into one day! I've done three kid's parties in one day and three school Summer fairs in two days. Much fun was had but I was also left with a headache and sunstroke!

So now, instead of FOMO, I'm more interested in JOMO. I'm learning to say no to things and not worry about what I'm missing.

These quotes really got me thinking. This was me; I was so caught up in being involved in everything and not missing out on any experience, that I became frazzled and too tired to actually appreciate properly everything I was doing.
I'm much more in touch with nature now. I just stop and stare at stuff! My senses are more alive and I am appreciating the more simple things in life. I literally and stopping and smelling those roses, especially the yellow ones!

I mean, I'm not jumping out of bed every morning and dancing around the room, singing and smiling at everything, like something out of a Disney movie. Although, I do like to sing! And I'm certainly not swinging from the chandeliers! But, I am noticing and appreciating more than I did before. Sometimes my walking companions wonder what I'm doing when I just stop and share at the sky, the trees and flowers but they are getting used to it now!

Anyone who knows me will know by now that I'm a recovering busyolic.  Another new word! I am recovering, definitely! I was, as were a few other people I know, rushing from one place to the next, misjudging how much I could fit into one day. Well, I'm not quite there yet but I'm trying to fit less in and feeling better for it! It's good because your time with people us more quality and when you have more free days, you get to do more spontaneous things at the last minute!

We definitely get to realise just what was, and is really important. We come to see how much time we have wasted worrying and fretting about things that never even happened! We have time to things, events, people that wasn't necessarily reciprocated. And, most importantly, we spent too much doubting ourselves, worrying of we were good enough. You seem to become braver as you age, and I see more and more people now going for things they wouldn't have done ten years ago for fear of failure or criticism. It's good to start going for things that you want deep down, not necessarily what you think others might want you to do.

Life really does humble you. This next quote is fab. Others may disagree but I feel that myself and a few friends have gone a bit quiter, depending on who we are with. I think I listen more than I used to and I definitely don't talk away just to fill silences in anymore. Let there be silences!

When I think of my close friends and family, I don't think,
Wow, we're so trendy and we have fantastic jobs with fab cars!
No, I think more about what a lovely bunch of caring, thoughtful, funny, interesting, generous, loyal people I get to spend my time and experiences with! This list of attributes is far more important than any material lust of what they own and where they holiday every year.

Not all of life is a choice and we are faced with things out of our control. A lot of time, though, our mood and how we face the day, is our choice and I love this photo. Well I know who I'd rather be if I had to choose!

As I've said before in another blog, age is just a number and aging can free you from things that you felt confined to as you were younger, especially people's opinions! It's greatooking forward to the future, seeing what adventures you'll have next, and with whom you will share these adventures! I love this next quote; she's definitely got a sparkle in her eye and it's contagious! They do say your outlook on life depends on who you spend your precious time with. Choose wisely as to who will inspire you!


  1. Yes just remember that you are unique - just like everybody else! Another quote I read this morning.

  2. So true! Everybody has their own quirks!


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