Relight my fire!

I kind of live my life at the moment through song lyrics! Another blog title I can't read without singing. Lulu has just popped into my head and I'm back on the dance floor in the 90s dancing away to Take That, throwing my arms in the air and enjoying life.
I think, perhaps, I have fallen into the mid life trap of taking life too seriously for some of the time. I mean, life is a serious thing, obviously, but I've maybe been over worrying, over analysing and over thinking a lot of things. May be now I need to underthink and lighten my load. Sometimes you feel heavy shouldered, like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Fab family and friends do help to loosen that weight and it's slowly unloading! It's amazing how the little things people do for you, all added up together can help.
I was speaking to a good friend a few months ago who said she was wanting to refind herself. I was like, snap! Turns out that we both felt like we had lost our mojos. So, as Bilbo Baggins went on a quest for the precious ring, my friend and I went to find our mojos. Like the tip of the iceberg illustration, our mojo was there, we just needed to release it!

People can chip away at you, especially in the workplace, but anywhere actually, and your mojo, your self esteem, self belief and self confidence until it is in shreds. It takes a long time, supported by family and friends to build yourself back up again. That fire that burns within you that got you to so many places before and made you proud of yourself, it's still slowly burning; it's perhaps been momentarily dampened, but it still there, waiting to be re found!

I love this next quote. In finding your gift or whatever you can do to change things for the better, the idea is to not hold onto it but to give it away. Love that thought.

You have to remind yourself of the magic in you. Another song lyric! Oh no, that sing is music in you, but it's actually the same thing! You sing to your own tune, but sometimes you go a little off key and your notes fall off the stave. It's good to have people who love you to help you back up, people who know your tune and don't expect you to change the lyrics for them either.

It's like the old saying, of someone peeing on your bonfire. If they want to put you down or belittle your choices and actions, let them! Just grab some more wood, throw it on the fire and het those marshmallows roasty toasty!
If anyone chooses to talk about you or put you down behind your back, this next quote is fab. I'm not naive; I get folk need to sound off that sonething has happened at work say, and they need to share with someone how they are feeling about it. The worst is when people are talking rubbish about you but smiling to your face and you are just oblivious to it. A few years ago, it came to me. I suddenly stopped being as open with people who were continually slagging off other staff members. I just thought, hang on. This is obviously their thing so I wonder what they are saying about me to them? I'd just back away from conversations, zoning out or changing the subject. Not for me thankyou very much!

This is a hard lesson and can take quite a while before you realise this is happening. Once you realise, it's like,
Wow! They are actually as insecure as me, if not more!

Or, as this quote suggests, maybe these people are even threatened by you and what you can do. Perhaps they see that glint of a spark still burning, maybe they see for themselves that you are getting your confidence back. It is such an eye opener once you see past the behaviour. Remember this quote whenever you begin to question your worth and whether you deserve to be where you are.

I'd like to end on this wonderful quote. We do, often spend our time and energy on others around us, but then forget to remember ourselves. Or are too tired them to address our own needs. Share your energy and precious time out, making sure you get some too! If you do this, you might not then need the time to look for your Mojo or need that spark relighting!

Ooh. One quote more! Such lovely idea that we bloom and grow. And yet another song! We have to remind ourselves of the seasons though and remember the different stages of flowers before they bloom. These beautiful flowers do not bloom all the time, it would be impossible. So, like the flowers, allow yourself time to go through your stages until you are ready to go back out there and shine!

Shine, shine, shine, let it shine! Last song, I promise! Get that little light of yours, place it on top of your head and shine for all to see! If you have wavered with self belief, get that light out and get back out there with it!


  1. Back to one of your original quotes! Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle!


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