Room 101

This gets my goat! I'll just get my coat!

In this modern day and age, as I'm getting older, but not necessarily wiser, certain things and social niceties have started to proper get to me. Not in a way that I become enraged. It's more of a slow, seething beneath the surface. Nothing that a tumbler of gin can't fix!
Perhaps I've just read too many Jane Austen novels. A part of me is stuck in the age is social manners and scintilating conversations! Lol! As shown by this post in the waitingformrdarcy blog! Yes, Austen definitely  highered my expectations of folk!

Disney too, gave us unrealistic expectations of people and life, as in this funny quote.

Although, it's more the Marvel heroes who have given us high expectations more than any Disney Prince!

Or perhaps, like this next quote, you just get to an age where you aren't as patient with people and you find it harder to bite your tongue!

Unlike Mary Poppins, I am in no way perfect, which is totally ironic, as being a Virgo, we strive for perfection every day. Pretty much like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Anyways, I know my flaws. It does help having a honest mum who has your back and tells you as it is. Therefore, I know when I've been caught out for just brushing the front and sides of my hair, not the back! Things like that!
I am aware that I leave things till the last minute and became my middle name, especially at work with those dressed forms and data analysis stuff. I would look at my long list when the kids had gone home, relook at it, grab a coffee from the staff Room, look at my list again, hoping it had shortened in that time, then choose the most fun on the list- preparing my lessons and fathing. Yes, I became the greatest procrastinator in the world when I discovered Pinterest!
I've always loved that word- to fath. If it were an Olympic Sport, I'd surpass the Gold and be awarded Platinum. I am a bit of a free spirit, a bit like Maria in Mary Poppins. I'd rather be singing on top of a mountain than doing half of that data stuff that wasn't around when I started teaching and I still knew what each one needed individually. When I did the Harry Potter sorting hat game, I was so glad to be a Hufflepuff, especially when I learned they burst into song at any given moment! This would be me in the quote below. I have worked with people who don't hug and I must admit, I struggled with it! It just comes so spontaneously to me. I'd end up giving them a virtual hug!

I love fathing and time goes by so quickly when you are on your little fathing bubble! Being in your own bubble has its ups and downs. You don't always keep in the loop but at least you are kept out of trivial dramas.
So, I am a procrastinating, fathing, last minute Virgo, striving for perfection in a world where this is gold dust. So, as I write my main bug bears, I know no one is perfect! I know some of my traits must get on people's nerves! I get on my own nerves!

Smugness and condescension.
Why do folk need to be smug?  I find this so hard to put up with. And condescending?  Why? Especially when they finish off their condrscending remark with a smile, as in it's balancing out all the negative by adding a smile. This happens I suppose in life, especially in workplaces where there is competition and some colleagues jokingly put you down to make them feel and look better.
People who speak their minds with no thought of the effects on others. This really gets to me. Social media hasn't helped where there is a lot of rude, passive aggressive behaviour as people say more through a screen. Their confidence is greater when they are texting, rather than being face to face.

Where have a lot of these manners gone?
Mind your ps and qs.
Hold the door open to whatever sex and say thankyou when it is opened for you.
Give up your seat on public transport for OAPs, disabled people and pregnant women.
Just be more thoughtful full stop! Most people are but there are a few who just don't think!

If you are serving, don't chew!
I'm sounding like I'm nagging now but my goodness, I can't stand this habit! Especially if the people chewing chewing gum are serving you food.

'I'm on the phone!"
Remember Dom Joly and his Trigger Happy TV show. I loved his mobile phone comedy sketch. I've heard more private phone calls whilst minding my own business! It tickles me when suited people in Starbucks and Costa sit there on their phones speaking very loudly about their high powered, stressful jobs! I've said, instead of sitting with my book, the next time I go, I will take my Ipad and make up a high powered role and speak very loudly to nobody on the other end!

I do spend time on my phone. I love looking at pinterest, facebook and writing my blog. However, I've learnt when to put it down. It really upsets me and my mum to see toddlers stuck in highchairs with Ipads shoved infront of them, watching back to back Peppa Pig episodes. This is so the adults can talk freely and undisturbed. Yes, I'm on my high horse now but how are these children learning how to interact? Children learn from modelled behaviour, from hearing conversations. Where is the learning here? My friends and I had our kids chatting away to us, asking questions continually and talking over us, seeking our attention whilst we tried to have one conversation at least, whilst we were in the play area! Only today, I saw a family dining with two boys, possibly seven to eight years old. These boys had their ear phones on and were watching their Ipads separately. Such a sad sight. Kids do want more screen time but there needs to be set times when they don't, like meal times.

As much as I love social media for connecting with people you don't get to see all the time and friends and family who love far away, human interaction is still so important. A coffee catch up and a physical hug goes a long, long way.


  1. Learnt years ago theres nothing funnier than folk!! Still it doesn't cost anything just to be nice to each other!


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