Stop trying to be the whole bag of skittles!

You might be the bright yellow one, the shining sun, laughing and lifting everyone up. Or the down to earth green one, laid back and helpful. The last time I looked, there was no rainbow skittle. It just would not be possible to put all those flavours together in one skittle!

Think of your friends. Think of the reds and greens, the yellows, oranges and purples. Which one are you? You all bring something different and amazing to the group.

Remember, there's a bag of sour ones and a bag of mixed up ones put in to surprise you! It may look a certain flavour, but it's nothing like. Remember, and be ready for people who are like that too!

Take that stone out of your shoe!
Walking with a pebble in your sandal can be just like life. We know it's there but put up with it; it's only slightly uncomfy and your hands are full. Carry on a bit longer though and you know you need to stop, put your things down and take the pebble out before the pain gets any worse. Plus, you are hobbling and folk are starting to look!
Life can be like this with little problems. We carry on and try to ignore them because we are too busy juggling all the other stuff. We ignore the problem, hoping it will go away but it just gets bigger as you go on your journey.

Change channels!
Remember the fantastic kid's TV programne, Why don't you? They sang this good advice:

Why don't you?
Turn off your television set
And do something less boring instead?

I loved this programme and think it would be great if it was replayed today. It would pose a fab question to this generation, through no fault of their own, who spend many hours on front of the TV, the playstation, the Ipad and the phone. Get out and kick a footy about or ride your bike!
Even adults! I'm guilty of it!

Take off that bra!
Who doesn't want to unclasp that tight bra and throw it off when you've had it on all day, heave a sigh of relief and relax for the eve. It makes you wonder how the lovely ladies from the past wore those corsets, breathed all day and ate a meal! Things do get too tight for us, situations get hard and we get stuck. We need to let something free and throw it off, just like that bra!

Be a slow cooker, not a pressure cooker.
We are much better slowly getting along with life than rushing around under pressure. I've been there and worn the Tshirt for that one! Ij the same way, I am learning to say things more and not hold things in for them all to come out under pressure. I have said things that have built up, things I now can't unsay. I naively thought keeping quiet would save a friendship and make it easier to work with people. How wrong was I? We live and learn. Instead of keeping friendships, we end up stating things from years ago that obviously weren't forgotten. Sometimes once things are said, they cannot be unsaid. You are better saying something at the time rather than letting it fester.
Life is just like a box of chocolates. Thankyou Forrest Gump for that marvellous quote! We all wait for the brightly wrapped special one, saving it for last, when sometimes the plainer one quietly sitting next to it is actually the tasiest.

Don't judge a book by it's cover is a well known saying which reminds me of this not judging a sweet by its wrapper. It is the quiet, constant inside beauty of people that count.


  1. Yes it takes all sorts to make the world go round!


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