Do yourself a favour!

In the words of Adam Ant:
'This music's lost its taste so try another flavour.'
Do yourself a favour and change the flavour of your life! If you sometimes feel it's gone a little bland in places, get out that paintbrush and add some bright flicks to it! A good example of this, for me, was joining a club, just for me. The club is a choir so it's a bonus in that I absolutely love singing! Do something for you! Get that canvas of your life and throw some different, brighter colours on it!

And don't add too water to the paint; do not dilute yourself for anyone who can't handle you for being you. Don't ever apologise for being who you are.

I love this next idea of using all the paint, every colour and the brighter the better!

We all have bad days and days where we think we're not good enough. We need to remember that like crayons, we get broken. They still colour in and carry on and so can we.

Do yourself a favour by reminding yourself of your many strengths. I had to amend and update my CV the other month, which was amazing as it reminded me of everything I've achieved over 25 years, well since school really! You do forget what you've done and it is great to write about things you'd forgotten you'd done. At times, I felt like I was writing about someone else! Well, I was! Someone more confident, with much more self belief! It totally helped my confidence this task. This quote is true. When you start seeing your worth again and stop hiding it, you're helping others see what you are worth.

A good support network of family, friends and work colleagues is so important. These are people who are genuinely happy for your successes and remind you of your positives when you've sometimes forgotten them. Hold onto this precious network of people.

I love this next quote. We've all given time to things and people and not always necessarily get this time back. As you grow older, you realise what time you've wasted and I suppose you step back a bit throwing effort at things where you don't really get it back. I'm actually well known to not look after plants properly! Sorry plants!

When we look in a mirror, well, when I do anyway, I tend to see my smile first, which is a good thing. It's definitely a good way to start the day, smiling at yourself! Or a good way to end a day! However, I do then proceed to look at the bags under my eyes, my wrinkles, extra chin, you get the picture! I take all the bad things in but I do still finish it off with a smile to me!
It's a bit like that when we think of who we are and where we've come in life. We just focus on what we are not and where we should have come by our age. Why don't we smile? We need to start focusing more on just how far we've come.

We learn in History the difference between fact and opinion. When someone has an opinion of you, it is personal and perhaps biased, it isn't fact. Who says their opinion is right? Do yourself a favour and leave them to their opinions. I've learned over the years that there are probably only a small circle of people close to you whose opinion does really matter. There becomes a close group who you share your lives with and what they think of you and what you do matters. You can't lose sleep over pleasing everyone; I've done enough of that!

When I was rewriting my CV, we discussed the fact you are advertising what you can offer. I've always struggled with this; I'm really not very good at shouting out my strengths from the rooftops! Thing is, I've learnt, it has to come from you; you have to believe in yourself and you can do this in a humble way without showing off.

People can tell you over and over how good you are at certain things, and they can really mean it! They are not always saying these things just to be nice to you! Until you realise this though and take the praise, you're not doing yourself any favours.

So, give yourself a break, and have a Kit Kat! Be kinder to yourself. You are doing ok!

At the end of the day, does anyone truely know what they are doing 100% of the time? I certainly don't! Perhaps some of us are just more honest and open about our self doubt, worry and lack of confidence? This next quote does reassure me loads!


  1. True! Keep believing in yourself!

  2. I am always looking for a new flavour to try and for inspiration from people like you.


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