I get by with a little help from my friends, and family!

Where would we be without the people we rely on from day to day? Be they family, friends, or both. Well, Joe Cocker, The Beatles and Wet, Wet, Wet have all sang the same thing!
Life is just better with true friends and family. You do laugh louder, smile more, cry harder and make fab memories.

Sometimes, these people don't always need to do much. Sometimes, they might do a lot, when needed. But the main thing, I feel, is that they are just there. As in the Friends theme tune!

One time, you might just sit and 'be there' and that is all that's needed.

How cute is this quote? I do love my quotes!

It's great to just know your friends are there. You don't have to be doing the most exciting things all the time though. I even like the idea of this next quote!

It's also a bit like being 'on call'! It isn't always convenient when you are needed! That's the 24/7 friendship!

I don't think it's necessarily about the bigger things, the grand gestures. I think real friendship is the quiet, constant friendship thar ticks along, looking after the smaller things in life. Sometimes, these quieter gestures can be overseen and something reminds us how lucky we are to have these people by our sides.

I love the idea of finding your tribe, people who think like you, who are there for you and look out for you.

Life is amazing but it's also hard at times. It's great to have those 'go to' people who are there with their support and unconditional love. Those people who get you and your quirks, as you do theirs. Nobody is perfect. I know my faults, including being last minute, being late, taking things too personally, overanalysing everything, being indecisive. Right. I'll stop there! My friends know my faults but still choose to be with me bless them!

And friends with a cup of tea. How amazing is the ability of a cup of tea to calm a situation?

It is true that certain friends and family are each other's therapists. People we can just talk at and they will listen with no judgement.

It's great having these deeper meaning friendships with people you see all the time but it's just as important to keep in touch with friends you have known a long time, who you have so many shared experiences with, but you don't get to see a lot. It's fantastic when you meet an old friend and realise as you are catching up that neither of you have changed. Facebook has been fab for rekindling old friendships.

Friends and family are a lovely patchwork quilt, made up of colourful, patterned squares, all unique and different. They are all ages too, offering different perspectives .Together, they all add up to make one comfortable blanket. Each person brings something different and amazing! Or perhaps, they make a tasty fruit cake, like in this quote!

When I think of my family and friends, I'm glad we are all different. Although my cousin and I joke we are two peas in a pod as we are similar, just as our two lovely dads were. We are soft though, so I joke and say we are actually two mushy peas in a pod. We have both tried to harden up a little but it's a work in progress!
When you meet a fellow kindred spirit, you just know. I've met a few just recently. People you just click with there and then. You just start talking and find you have so much in common. You automatically want to know more about these people. My favourite childhood book, Anne of Green Gables follows two kindred spirits and I love this quote in the locket.

Three of these friendships have flourished im my new fave coffee rooms, HAVE it. I love the chilled vibe in here. It's a place to chat whilst drinking coffee. The ambience is amazing, chilled music on in the background whilst we put the world to rights.

It's great to have a mixture of interactions, laughing, sharing, conversing, listening and recommending things. This all goes on here. If you have not been to, in my Coffee queen opinion, the best Barnsley coffee rooms, you need to go.
When you unexpectedly meet a new friend, especially as you are getting older and maybe not expecting to make as many, it's fab!

I love this next quote. How it simplifies it. Made me laugh!

I'm so thankful to have such thoughtful friends. In fact, as I am typing this, a friend has just sent me a quote about coffee and book shops and said that it reminded her of me. I love that as it shows they know what you like but it also means they thought of you!

I love the idea of our souls knowing each other. There are people you meet who you feel you have known much longer.

A friend said to me recently that we have three types of friends and I totally get that now.
Friends for a season
Friends for a reason
Friends for life

I have learned the hard way that you are not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I love the quote that says, 'you can be the juiciest peach and someone still won't like peaches'. I suppose it's about being you, staying you and not changing to please anybody. It's also realising, especially in the workplace, who is there for you because unfortunately, it isn't everyone. Learn who has your back. I love the other quote to 'be careful who you vent to because that listening ear might be a running ear, telling your tale'. I may have reworded that slightly!

I love this next quote and have sent this as a birthday card to a friend. At the end of the day, our friends are all different and offer different things to the relationship, but they all offer much needed support and understanding!

This next quote is certainly true. We all need friends and confidantes going through teenage angst and all that coming of age stuff where we can compare notes and experiences. We definitely need them to steer us through adulthood, work, marriage, kids, menopause and so on. We all need to be able to offload and laugh, or we'd cry!

The crux of it all is there are folk out there supporting you. The world does have enough critics and you need your encouragers. There's nothing better than seeing those around you do well. Knowing they are happy, makes you happy.


  1. Everybody needs somebody sometime! Is that from a song? It's true though!

  2. Oh yes! The Blues Brothers! Everybody needs somebody!'

  3. So many fabulous quotes here Suze! I love your sentiment with everything you’ve said. It’s put a huge smile on my face as I just ‘get’ everything you mean. True friendship is such a blessing to be cherished for sure 🥰

    1. Aww thankyou. It certainly is. Surround yourself with those who get you. Simple.

  4. Thought provoking, enjoyable read

    1. Thankyou! Can't believe I've written 100 blogs!


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