It's my party and I cry if I want to.

Sometimes you have to let it all out. It builds up and builds up so much. Don't feel bad. Just let it out. All those pent up feelings. I had a conversation today with someone about how the British people cope and many a time a 'stiff upper lip' is a grand way of coping. Sometimes, though, instead of sweeping things under the carpet, for them to go all mouldy, you need to not pretend you are coping and let it all out. Obviously, there are better places to do this! I've reacted to things in my life using both methods and it depends on the situation as to which is the best way.

I have learned the hard way though and kept pretending I was coping when I should have perhaps asked for help, especially at work. We have to be careful. When we ask for help, we don't overegg it and look weak. Honestly, this has happened in the past, so when a place that is ready to help you but you don't ask for fear of looking weak, it's a sad state of affairs. I mean, judging from this quote, it's sensible to ask, when you realise you might not be doing sonething the preferred way, rather than further down the road when you've wasted time.

I love this song from the 80s, by Lesley Gore and used to sing along to it with my mum, aunties and cousins. I never saw the deeper meaning, as in a lot of 80s songs. But now I'm in my 40s, I see that sometimes, you can't just keep holding everything up, juggling everything. Things fall. We fall. That's life. Just so long as we get back up again and carry on!

It is your party, your life, your feelings, so if you feel like crying, then crying you must! It's funny how people do hide their feelings but know who they can brwak down with, then carry on. I'm not saying everyone cry everyday, altogether or nothing would get done! Maybe take it in turns to need a shoulder and be a shoulder.

I do love this saying though, with the add on at the end! I suppose we have to get over the little things. Somethings really are not worth crying over.

This next quote also made me laugh. I've seen a few of these on facebook and probably aired  few things myself but not in the amount of detail as some! I definitely have never posted the reply,
PM me and I'll let you know what, and who my post is about.
Never done that and don't intend to neither!


  1. Always been in a career where there are so many people a lot worse off than me. Could usually find time to reflect on things with a colleague. Talking things through definitely helps!

  2. Definitely! Yes, we are thankful that things could always be worse.


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