She's got it!

She's got it! Ooh baby, she's got it!
I heard this song the other day and my first thought was, I loved this Bananarama song in the 80s. Then, my second thought was, yes! We do have it!

It doesn't take much to lose your mojo in this day and age. You sometimes don't even realise you've lost it till months after. It's a bit like putting weight on, slowly but surely. You go up a size at a time, until, wowsers? How did that happen? It's the same. Your mojo gets chipped away, a little bit at a time and before you know it you don't resemble your old self. Well in spirit anyway.
I've met with a friend recently who has been going through something similar and we both commented how much better we were in ourselves, smiling and laughing that bit more. It was fab to compare the two women who'd met five months before. Not that fab that we started singing 'Venus on a mountain top' at the top of our lungs, but fab!
This friend, amongst others has really inspired me this year. We reminisced about what an amazing team we were when we worked together years ago. We fondly remembered those women, as if they were from a story book or a film. No, those women were us and we can be them again! We had 'it', whatever 'it' is to each individual woman and we never actually lost 'it'. This special uniqueness had just been tucked away under lots of layers, like the layers in a pass the parcel or a Russian doll. It never leaves you. We were a formidable team, like Cagney and Lacy or French and Saunders. Sitting there, sipping our coffees and reminiscing, all the years fell away and we were those people again.

So my it? I might see this differently to how others do, but perhaps 'it' might be my capacity to walk on sunshine, one of my fave ever 80s songs. No matter how I'm feeling, I mainly show up with a smile and am able to laugh at myself; I don't take myself too seriously. Perhaps in my 40s, I should by now and occssionally, I do have moments of seriousness but then something happens like I sneeze in Primark, pulling a muscle and bursting a blood vessel. Or I go to a party as a very nervous new choir member, and instead of sitting in a corner, keeping myself to myself, I draw unwanted attention to myself by rraching for the cheese rolls on the buffet and wiping the beautifully decorated jam and cream from the scones all over my breasts! True stories!

It's important when you are clumsy like myself, to be able to laugh things off. For instance, the times I've had clothes mishaps, if I'd have took it seriously, I'd have missed out on so much. For instance, the wedding where my dress split. I carried on dancing and had a fab time, until I did the 'New York' song leg kick and my dress told me I had to call it a day! Or the time I took the wrong sized jacket off a bed piled full of coats, at the end of a party. Needless to say, the whole lining ripped and needed sewing back together. Which reminds me of the time I got stuck in a chiffon top from the Next Sale whose coathanger had been sized wrongly. That serves me right for not trying it on firstly, and getting dressed by lamplight!
Something I keep repeating, and that is actually starting to worry the hubby is the fact I keep trying to put my daughter's tights on. I need to point out they have been put away in my sock drawer so when taking them put, I expect them to be mine! Soon as I get the gussett to my knees and go,
"Oh not again!"
My husband just looks despairingly at me. Like, how? Again?
I'm used to that look now.
I so deserve that look.
But then tights have always got the better of me. Right back to when I was about 20 one night in the Whispers night club. They'd announced a Dirty Dancing competition and I was straight up on that stage. Unfortunately, so were my 60 denier tights complete with scaffoldes gusset, not something Jennifer Grey would have worn to flirt with Patrick Swayze! My choice of tights must have been forgiven as I actually won the competetion!
Then there was the time I misjudged getting past the wall and a beer barrel rocking from side to side, all the drinks on it wobbling and toppling over while this drunken lad shouted, "Fatty!" at the top of his voice towards me. I did eventually laugh about that but at the time, I cried. Pinch of salt. Get up and carry on regardless! If you're not happy with you, how can you expect others to be?

I'm the kind of person who falls out of mjnibuses, breaking their wrist, or out of miniature trains, breaking their toe! Trains? I love train journeys but I have had a few near misses getting left behind on the subway, in Milan and London. I'm just too nice, letting all the other people off but keeping me on as the doors shut! We could all laugh after, but not at the time!
So, keep strong, keep smiling, keep laughing at your foibles and mistakes and don't take yourself so seriously! My 'it', as in the makeup advert, probably has little to do with makeup as I don't wear it everyday and when I do, it's kind of thrown, sparkly eye shadow is used as lipstick and does not taste nice, I assure you! Yep, I won't be applying to be a Maybelline model any time soon! The spring in my step, when I have one, is more likely a mixture of caffeine and my young outlook on life. I'm always curious and taking in everything around me. I stop on walks to go, aww look at that flower, whilst hubby is half a mile ahead wondering why slow coach me has stopped again. Sometimes it's to take a breather but mainly, I'm enjoying the moment! When I'm dog walking, there are certain gardens with roses that I pass so I stop, brrathe in sloely and breathe back out. I'm not sure what the owners of the houses think as I'm there, heavy breathing with my heaving chest sticking out! Or perhaps I was born with 'it', as I take after my lovely dad and he used to do the same, enjoy the moment.


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