Silence speaks a thousand words!

Thankyou Miss Debbie Gibson of the fabulous 80s, for enlightening us with this deep song. Oh yes, she wasn't just a pretty, blonde popstrel who sang about 'foolish heart beats' and getting 'lost in your eyes'. No, she was actually a very serious musician, which came through in her second album, Electric Youth.

So, silence. Just how can it speak? I suppose it communicates in the lack of words, or reply or thought.
If you're left wondering how someone feels about you or what their stance of a certain situation is, listen for a response. And remember what it says in this quote- no response is a response and a good one at that!

It can work both ways though and silence, no response, on your own part can be a good thing. I love this song.
'Silence is golden, golden. But the eyes still see.'
I've heard that song a hundred times but, like many old songs, not really thought about the meaning of the lyrics. You might not be hearing words, but you can see actions! Sit back and don't rise!

It is true to not react when you really want to. Especially at work, in a meeting, or in front of other colleagues. Heat of the moment things are said that can't always be taken back.

I love this quote but it's also a very good reason to post a picture of George Clooney!

This quote definitely is apt for the workplace. It's like on the detective programmes where 'anything you say may be used against you!' It's true! Certain colleagues never forget a thing and remind you in a very busy staff meeting of something you said about someone five years ago before you got to know them, whilst said person is sitting opposite! Awkward!

I'm obviously not very wise because I've had a few Ooops moments at work where I possibly should have waited for management, or even Ofsted to leave the room before I started on my honest verbal diarrhoea that comes on when I'm nervous! I save up proper verbal diahhreoa for interviews though. And gesticluation to top it off!

I love Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence song. As I'm getting older, I am actually enjoying silence more, a break from noise. I always felt I needed to be surrounded by people talking, music blaring out or the telly or radio on as background noise and even though I still like all these, I'm happy to just sit in silence, with my own thoughts. I was always the one who filled in awkward silences in conversations, especially when drinking wine! But now I welcome a lull in conversation to listen to birds singing and clocks ticking. It's very relaxing, and with the right people, these silences are natural, never awkward. I love this picture of the empty stave, a powerful image.

When you learn speaking and listening at school, much emphasis is on the speaking. I've already said in another blog that personally, I see a massive barrier to children's learning today to be the lack of focus, concentration and prolongued listening in 'shared carpet time'. This is generally, not every child! Silence is needed in conversations from the other person to hear the speaker. I've met a few folk, as we all have, who just seem to go on about themselves for five minutes, come up for air, eventually ask how you are but not wait for an answer!

This next quote by the wonderful Maya Angelou is spot on. Words are forgotten but feelings and emotions stay forever.

I do love this next quote too though, from the witty Dowager Countess. She obviously has a marvellous bullshit detector for people! Something you acquire over age!

Perhaps some conversations are better off left unsaid. This next quote tickled me too! Why have pointless words? Read a book instead!

Feelings do matter and so do words to some extent. However, words are very easy to say. Words can be so meaningless and empty. They can make the other person look fab or thoughtful. The problem though, is when the words and promises are not seen through. I like to think I don't just talk the talk in work, on life! I must admit though that I was much better at do the do when I startedy career and had more energy!

Love this! Stop promising stuff, saying you'll do things you have no intention of doing, leaving things till the last minute (guilty!) and waiting for someone else to motivate you (also guilty!) Just go out and do it!


  1. It comes with age and instinct! Sometimes it's better to remain silent than to be unkind. Just don't let people walk all over you!


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