Such fun!

I absolutely love Miranda Hart, and can identify with this problem! Like Miranda, sometimes life can appear so farcical that you need to turn to your imaginary camera friend, roll your eyes and question, just what the heck is going on? Or, which happens way much more than I want it to, look and say,

How many people don't hold the door for others anymore? Or say please and thankyou? Or, like in Starbucks the other day  push in in the queue? My friends and I do make a point of loudly saying, in the most sarcastic voice,
I'm going to try it one day. I think we all should. Then grin inanely at the camera and move on with the frivolity of it all. Whilst your friend and side kick, like Stevie, goes all Heather Small on you, delving into the depths of your soul, wondering what you have done to make herself 'proud' lately!

It's all very slap stick and you can imagine the canned laughter going on in the background, people observing, laughing and clapping on cue. Our life can, at times, resemble a situation comedy, where your only option is to run with it and see.
I do love Miranda, and have seen her in real life in Meadowhall. She is a very clever lady whose show began as a little radio sketch and was so popular, it became a television comedy. I saw her signing her new book at the time, 'Is it just me?' Another brilliant aside question.
I say this a lot in this modern age. Just look at the amount of concentrated confusion in that face!

Her pull to viewers is her ability to laugh at herself. You should never underestimate this. I covered most of my Miranda moments, like my dress splitting on the dancefloor at a wedding and brushing my boobs up against the jam and cream, by accident, at a buffet! There are so many more times I could have paused, turned to one side and calmly talked into the camera about my latest mis hap or faux pas. I loved it on Miranda when something hilarious had just happened and they all tried to act like nothing had happened!

We all have awkward moments but Miranda has so many, it's easy to lose track. I could well imagine this happening to me at the Sushi bar at Meadowhall. So many cringeworthy monents!

This photo reminded me of the times I'd fallen over or off equipment at the gym and twisted or sprained something!

And running? Last time I ran anywhere, I wished I bought that sports bra I can tell you! Miranda and I are on the same page fitness wise! Although, I have a few running friends and I have professed my interest in the next Wine Run where you all start with lots of balloons on you and finish with about two, after climbing stiles and running past trees. However, the wine pit stops make it all worthwhile. This really is 'such fun'!

There are so many times I could have reminded myself what I'd done to be proud of myself too. Like today, which dipped and dived as much as an emotional roller coaster could! You know what though? I took the negative and turned it into a positive, then I took the hurt and upset and turned those into appreciation and gladness. Helped along by a few friends and family through the day! Miranda would have been proud. We'd have been ending the night in her bedsit, partying with Gary Barlow to celebrate! I'd sit in between her fabulous mother, Penny and best friend Stevie and we'd have a jolly spiffing evening!
'Such fun!"

And Miranda's mum, Penny has made me laugh so much. This quote from pinterest creased me up!

Miranda is such an amazing programme. I love everyone on the show. I find, as am going about my daily life, I do other Mirandaisms, such as stopping and repeating words I love. I am a wordsmith and love how certain words sound. Apart from this next one!

Miranda makes me laugh when she mouths words to the camera, instead of speaking them out aloud, like 'sexual'. She is so funny!
I also find I'm saying,
"Bear with!" a lot lately, like Miranda's posh friend, Tilly. I've always loved that name Tilly, along with Hetty.

I love Miranda's outlook on life, especially shown in this fab quote.

We followed Miranda and Gary's love story, we rooted for her to get her man and she did! After much laughter and mishaps!

I love this Miranda and Gary montage from Pinterest. They do make a lovely couple!

Honestly, next time you are feeling a bit low, think of having a Heather moment and just remember what you are good at. Everyone is good at something!

I feel like watching all the Miranda episodes now and having a laugh!

Miranda Box sets should come with a comedy warning.
You will laugh your odd socks off and you might need to keep singing rather loudly into an imaginary microphone!

This fab quote a friend shared reminded me of Miranda. Love it!


  1. Love Miranda! Should always be able to laugh at ourselves!

  2. Most definitely! Miranda is a role model!

  3. Love Miranda! Was lucky enough to see a live show and it was fab! 😂x

    1. Ooh. I bet that was brilliant, going to see her live. We saw her at a book signing at Meadowhall and were so starstruck!


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