You can't take it with you!

I grew up hearing this saying. I grew up hearing many fantastic sayings that bring a smile, or a little chuckle to me! This saying though, comes out a lot more as I'm getting older. In fact, I said it yesterday to a friend!
My wonderful grandma said this, whilst smiling at me and walking into Thoms store or Martin Raymond's on a Saturday morning. We'd buy multicoloured tights, patterned socks and woollen scarves like there was no tomorrow. Then we'd pop into the market to get our weekly Sid's for Sweets goody bags, which we'd open on the way home! On the way to the bus station, we'd pop into Jack Foultons, then sit happily on the Town Link home, back to Gran's. Such simple, gorgeous weekends. Most times it was mum, my aunty and cousin too. Sometimes, just me and Gran. This next quote is so true. It's not all the trips abroad I had as a child that I remember, because I didn't have any. Didn't need any! It's those special trips into town on a Saturday, and into Wakefield in the school holidays I remember with love. It's not where you are but who you are with.

At such a young age, I totally get where she was coming from and absolutely loved her outlook on life. She was so funny and bubbly. She knew how to look at life. I'd look at her sometimes and I would feel such a massive amount of love for this amazing lady.
When we got back, we'd unpack, chatting away and laughing, recounting something that had been said in the food hall of Littlewoods, or on the bus back home. Like I said, such simple things that meant so much. By now, most of the licquorice would have gone, so we'd save the Butterscotch tablets and spearmint chews for later. We'd have lunch, watching Little House on the Prairie or a Cagney and Lacey. Sometimes it might be an old film, starring a gorgeous couple. One of our faves was Gone with the Wind. I was so impressed when Scarlett O'Hara made a posh dress out of those green curtains! We loved to watch Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire too as they glided across the dancefloor, or Norman Wisdom as he shouted, "Mr Grimsdale!" at the top of his lungs! When I look back at watching Morecambe and Wise, Open all Hours and other classics with both my grandparents, laughing along with them and being so happy,  or playing Newmarket for copper or dominoes, I know you just can't put a price on this.

My aunty thought the same too and used to say, very wisely, and a little ominously, to a girl with my imagination,
"There's no pockets in shrouds."
But there aren't! Enjoy what you have, with who you have, whilst you are here. These two ladies, amongst many in my family, were so generous to everybody. You could see they, and others getting real enjoyment in sharing what they had with others. I used to love getting little cards and prezzies for friends and relatives and still do! It's great seeing their faces when they receive something you've taken time to choose.
This might sound daft but for me, winning the lottery would be a massive weight off our shoulders mortgage wise, but I'd be so excited too to share it with my nearest and dearest. My friend and I had this convetsation many years ago about writing cheques for folk, knocking on their doors and handing them over. Imagind how fab that would be? Obviously folk we knew! And charities, of course.
I've totally changed my way of thinking housewise though. I used to think, spend loads of money on your house as you are in it enough. Now, I think, as long as it is cosy, spend more of your well earned money on venturing out into the world and making memories with your family. At the end of the day, I want to look back with a happy heart full of memories of places and people, not a show home. I want to keep telling these stories for years to come!

I really think that I've changed my outlook on life a lot recently. I was always collecting this and that, and I still am a sentimental hoardr. I cling onto things that are seeped in memories, such as the cracked vase I bought gran in Portugal and my dad's leather bookmark
I have a box of Brownie badges and swimming badges that will stay with me forever. And cards, postcards and letters from years ago, along with old photos that mean so much. You can't put a price on these.
But I'm not as bothered anymore about material things. Not that I was ever into designer stuff! And I'm forgetting here my weakness for pottery! I'm now more interested in going places and seeing things, than buying them.


  1. True you can't take anything with you!!! Enjoy what you can while you can. Trouble is you don't always realise until it's too late!

  2. True. Enjoy each and every moment!


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