Be grateful.

Every day.
This blog is very apt as Canada has celebrated Thanksgiving. It makes you think of everything we need to be grateful for. And like every other special day, it needs to actually be everyday.

We all do it; we see something sad, watch an upsetting news story or hear some bad news and say we'll never moan again. And in that moment, we do mean this. But it doesn't take long to get back, stuck in our day to day living and feeling the need to moan again, until we are reminded of how other people are struggling more than us.
Yes, we are human and yes, we are going to moan. This picture from pinterest shows this. Perhaps, before we start moaning about often trivial things, we need to think is it worth it? Moaning and complaining does lower your mood. I remember certain people I've worked with over the years, and people I've known in general, who can really lower the mood of a room, especially the staff room. Honestly, if you listen to moaning enough, you just start seeing the big picture in grey tinted spectacles. Pass us those rose tinted glasses please. Or even a pair of Elton John's snazzy glasses!
I love the idea of energy vampires. Don't let their negativity and view of you bring you down. Rise above it!

Is it worth feeling bad? Sometimes, during a meal where something is wrong, if it doesn't matter, I've left it and just got on with the meal. If I have complained, I've done it politely; I remember working at Mcdonalds and getting awful complaints when I wasn't anything to do with it! The other day, in KFC, the waiting time was horrendous and the manager was shouting at the two poor teenagers on the front. I kindly told them it was not their fault and that their manager needed to stop shouting at them and come and help them. They looked at me with a mixture of startlement and appreciation! Look at the queues. Which one would you rather join?

When we are moaning, all that happens is we focus on what's going wrong, not right. If we keep moaning and being surrounded by others doing the same, we really are bringing ourselves down.

I love this quote because of what it says but also because of how it makes you think of a warm summer day. Focus on the warmth of things.

Focus on the good in each other. If you see something nice about someone, tell them
I often tell people I like their hair or if they havs a lovely, new dress. I love it when people tell me!

It's good to be grateful. I love this rewrite of a well known quote where we need to look at our glass half full. Here, we need to just be thankful we have a cup!


  1. Definitely grateful for all the good in my life!!!

  2. A small word of kindness to someone may take a second of your time but to them it can last a lifetime. X great blog thank you xx


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