I started writing this blog when I read how another blogger had met lovely, new people through her blog. Because I've done the same! I feel so lucky, that through my blog and facebook page, I have met at least four new people I can proudly call friends. Social media may have its down sides, but it also has many ups. And this connecting like minded people who would probably never have met, is one! Yes, we may be connecting on social media, but we also meet up, for the human part of the above quote!
You just know, when you click with people, when you 'get' them and when you want to know more about them. I've also done this in real life lately too and you are never too old to keep making new friends. It's a fab feeling when this happens.

It's great in life to make friends, add to your family and be added to a new family yourself! It's about finding and staying with people you get on with. People you enjoy spending time with and look forward to meeting again to catch up.  To have a group of 'go to' people who just 'get you', warts and all.

These are the precious family and friends, wheter old or new, who just 'get' you, without you having to explain or justify yourself. And you them. These are the people who understand you on a deeper level and you don't feel the need to apologise for behaving in a certain way. You can be real with them. There is no preteding.
Authenticity in relationships is so important. If someone is going to say something about you, you want it to be to your face, not behind your back. I try, though, unless it's really neceassary, to let things go. No one is perfect. I'm certainly not! Is it worth bad feeling you saying something that will offend when it does not need saying; nothing is going to come of it, just both of you feeling like rubbish.
Back to my original thread! It is so lovely to bond and be on a deeper connection with people. And this doesn't happen with all your friends. I'm talking about the friends and family who check up on you, no matter what. I am so lucky to have these people who let you know they are thinking of you. And I them! A text, a call, a letter (yes, we still do this old fashioned method of communicating), a turning up at your door with flowers or the biggest hug when you see them that speaks a thousand words. These people, like the quote says, hear you when you are not listening. They notice that the usually bubbly, easy going friend just isn't themselves.

In the same way, you kind of also get when someone isn't your cup of tea, or you them! Love this quote from pinterest. You might be the loveliest china cup filled with gorgeous Earl Grey tea but they will pull their nose up at you because you are not a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles.

In my case, I sense when I'm too loud or open for some people to digest. Fair enough. It's stopped bothering me! But in the same way, I know if someone hasn't smiled or even acknowleged you then they're not for me. The worst is meeting friends, acquintances of mutual friends who clearly don't appreciate your openness, perhaps I do sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve. The odd time, they've said something quietly, but enough for me to hear. Or even, sided up to the person next to them and whispered something about me, or one of my other friends. Miranda moment coming up.
At least wait until we've gone, or shout up so everyone can hear your comment!
Again, this is another fab quote from pinterest. Don't waste time trying to fit in to someone's idea of perfect. I gone through stages where my face stopped fitting, pretty much overnight. I hadn't changed; same make up, same smile and the same words coming out of my mouth. They had changed, not me. Once you don't fit, you can't quickly re fit either. Saying that, perhaps I have changed in the last year; I crave deep conversations and I'm struggling more and more with small talk.

Anyway, back to Positive Land! So, you just know when you want to get to know someone more and watch it develop into a lovely friendship!

It's lovely to just click with someone, especially when it is unexpected. The not having to pretend part is so important!

It's amazing when you meet someone who's juet as quirky as you! When you realise you have so much in common with each other.

It's great making and having friends all through your life, through the different stages and in the different parts of your life. I think you are probably a bit different with certain friends. You have the long time friends who know you inside out and you can laugh and reminisce the many "Remember when" moments with; the work friends who you know have your back, no matter what, and vice versa; the school mum friends who you can text ten minutes before school in a panic about a newsletter you can't find; the family friends who fondly remember you as a three year old with that horrendous basin hair cut but still love you; your hobby friends who share the same love and passion for whatever (singing in my case) and the new friends who stand in front of you with a curtain, waiting to reveal new things and excitedly discuss things you have in common. You definitely know which friends to swear in front of, who's up for a warm chat over a cuppa and who's going to drag you out for cocktails! It's great that everyone brings something different.
The word friend is a very short word which covers a lot of things. We get so much out of each other. It's more than just chatting and having a laugh. Although, that's fab! It's about connecting, understanding each other, putting up with our failings and knowing that person is so much more than them. For me, it's a need. A need to see these people and spend time with them. You look forward to meeting up. You can't wait to tell them your good news. Or share your sad news. At the same time, they are on your mind. It's a genuine care. It is true that you feel each other's pain and happiness. That makes the connections stronger.

It is so funny when you read this quote about choosing friends.

I feel so lucky with my old friends from my past. Some I see once or twice a year and nothing changes. Your friends from long ago have shared so much with you. You have such a history together, a tight bond. I'm also lucky with my new friends. There's always a new excitement when you meet new people and get to know them. It's lovely to know a variety of people from all walks of life.

Whether the friendships are old or new, it's about this deeper connection. You are there for each other.

I love this next quote too. If loyalty was a colour, it would be a strong, vibrant orange. A feel good colour. It's good to know who's got your back in this game of life.


  1. Great read! Good Friends are so important in life, we’d be lost without them ❤️ Love the quote about a thousand true xxx

    1. Well, you heard me when I was quiet! So glad we are friends.

  2. Yes takes all sorts to make the world go round!


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