Keeping up Appearances!

We've surely all done it. Well, a lot of us anyway! Tried to keep up some appearance of some sort. Especially in this day and age of social media. We all know it's edited and we put our best bits on. Who wants to see the boring, ordinary parts of everyday life we all have? It doesn't mean we are always living this way. I mean, I'm sure some people think I live in cafes and tea rooms but I do go home! Saying that, I am typing this in a cafe now! If I were to show you some of the other parts of my day, it wouldn't very interesting! Just like everyone else.
When I think back to the comedy 'Keeping up Appearances', it really makes me laugh.  Hyacinth Bucket was hilarious as she stood on the telephone with her posh voice. We've all heard mums, aunties and grandmas put on their posh Marks and Spencer voices over the years. Maybe I need to start doing it!

This next bit that Hyacinth used to do makes me laugh. She was so aware of who, in her mind she had to show off to. I'm sure the lady at number 23 didn't give two hoots about the new hat! There was almost something quite childlike about Hyacinth. How she suddenly got excited about someone admiring her. Little things pleased her. On a deeper level, we know we shouldn't judge people on their appearance but people do. So many wrong judgements can come out of these misconceptions of being taken in by the exterior and ignoring the interior.

Some people are just as good and shiny on the inside but there are others who aren't. They prioritise wrongly. They are more interested in what people wear, their hair, make up, clothes and accessories. These don't make a person though. How you treat people and how you behave make you that. You can be wearing the best dress and have the best hair but be absolutely vile to people.

Hyacinth was such a snob. A loveable snob perhaps. This quote about her family made me laugh. Even though initially it's funny, and she does spend time with her family,  it does make you think.

It's took me a long time to realise this but if your face stops fitting and you feel people aren't appreciating you, then find new places where you fit and new people who do appreciate you. Life is too short to be with people who are embarrassed or disappointed in you. Way too short. You listen to their negativity that long, you get dragged down with them. You need people who love you for you, your personality and quirks. People who look past your appearance on the tired days. People who see the real you with the creased top or the button missing on your favourite coat that you keep forgetting to sew on. This reminds me of a lovely quote which is definitely me!

This next photo of Hyacinth makes me laugh. She not only uses her best crockery to impress, she describes it in detail, just to make sure her guests know it's the best tea service!

These are only things though. It is lovely to collect nice things and I love my collection of Carlton ware I have collected with excitement over the years. But who are you doing this for? Your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, other school mums? Who? I'm collecting them for me, and any visitors who like and appreciate them. I know my hubby doesn't! He used one of my precious, retro 1960s saucers the other day for a little dog plate! My goodness! Which brought back memories of him using one of our wedding prezzy Denby bowls, Cinnamon range, as the new bird water dish in the garden! I tell you, next time his telescope comes out, I'm tempted to leave that out in the rain too!
They are only things though, and they are personal to you. They are collected and enjoyed and not meant to be shown off. I love this quote which says it all really. It shows what is important in life at the end of the day.

When Sister Violet is introduced, the emphasis is on what she's got. Not what she is like as a person. Why should we be defined by what we have? It doesn't make us better people if we have a swimming pool or four Audis in our garage. We haven't even got a garage!

It is easy to make assumptions about people, based on their appearance and what they own. But, as we know, appearances can be very deceptive. I have fallen into the trap, in the past, of comparing myself to others.  I suppose it's only human. There is a lot of comparison that people don't even realise they are doing. It's not that they walk around asking what car you drive or where you holiday, but more of what you do. Some people used to see it as  a leveller but I just get fedup of being asked it. Especially now I've left my profession with ill health. I was asked the question a bit ago and had to pause. What do I do? I kind of made  reference to what I did and that teaching stays in your heart. Then I proudly said that I blogged so I'm a blogger! Should it matter what you do for a living? Are you kind? Helpful? Thoughtful? That's good enough for me! This quote is just fab.

How strange that people care what others think that they don't even like! Why waste money on buying things to impress them?

I've never really tried to keep up with the Joneses. Who are they anyway? I suppose I've never really been a follower of fashion; I've done my own thing, worn what's comfy and worn it because I liked it. Not because it was the height of fashion or it had a designer name on it. I've never seen the point in buying a bag or shoes just because of the make; I'd rather buy books or wine! It's a personal thing and ladies do look stylish in designer, but I feel more comfy in my jeans and sweater!

Perhaps if you are always keeping up and chasing the next thing, you will never truly be satisfied with what you have got; you will always want more. If you are always concentrating on the next thing, are you really appreciating what you have got now? Be happy with what you have got. It's still good to go out and get things in life but there are other important things too.

A lot of people think the grass might be greener but is it really? If you spend time waterring your own, it doesn't really matter about anyone elses. If you tend your own, and mind your own business, you will be more aware of what's beautiful flowers and what's weeds.
Perhaps we are all comparing each other on one level or another. We need to remember we are all originals and all interestingly different.

This next quote says it all. Nobody knows you and your true worth more than you, yourself.  They are using a different way of measuring. Know your worth and hang onto it!

Love this ending quote. As Frank Sinatra sang, "I did it my way!"


  1. Very true and you can't take it with you!!! If you try to keep up with the Jones you will never ever be happy, contented or satisfied with life!

  2. Love this! I used to love hyacinth bucket! 🤣 great article as always and so true! Xxxx

  3. Love this blog! I'm definitely too old and tired to try and keep up with other people and what they've got. My house is tiny, but love runs through it. I have many family signs dotted about and family photos. That's priceless to me.

    1. Aww. You have dear. I need to add that to my blog. It's not the size of the house, or how many bathrooms. It is the love that's in it!


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