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I love Absolutely Fabulous with the wonderful Edina and Patsy. This brilliant duo brought much fun to the 90s and showed you could still be fabulous at any age.
Before I look at that though, I need to introduce the five fs to you. Apparently, when you are female, the first f, and a certain age, you need to be aware of a few things with your health. Especially if you are apple shaped. And, yes, I am of the Pink Lady, Golden Delicious variety, or maybe a Granny Smith? It is better to be a pear, but in my opinion, they aren't as juicy!
This is some advice my friend was once told by a doctor. Don't quote me as my menopausal mind cannot remember recent things very well but I can tell you who I sat with in English 30 years ago and the wrapping paper pattern I backed my books in (rabbits, by the way).
So, we have female, fertile and forty. Right, ok. Those three boxes ticked. Hang on though forty. When life begins? I was so excited to be forty. I truely believed it would mean a shift in my life and people would start taking me more seriously.
This new found, energised mood lasted all of a few weeks until I got the results from my MOT at forty. There followed a diabetes diagnosis just before a week's all inclusive in Malta. The free bar loomed in front of me as I got my results, wishing I'd got them the week after. And memories of my lovely diabetic gran who'd eat a bar of no sugar and no taste chocolate from Boots, then share a bag of licquorice allsorts from Sid's Sweets with me!
Anyway, suffice to say, there followed more tests and diagnoses so so much for the life begins much used phrase.
The fourth f is where my memory fails and I have to ask my friend. Fat. It's fat. So far, I'm ticking all the boxes. If only the ticks were in a positive way! Why could it not be frisky or frivolous? Even fabulous? Absolutely fabulous!
Neither my friend nor I can think of the fifth one. We are both thinking of an f word. And it's not fiddlesticks! Perhaps, the last f word might just sum up being female, 40, tired and trying to fit everything in and please everybody, attempting every night to watch the same episode of CSI or Law and Order without falling asleep. Perhaps the word might be frustrated or f***ed off? Sorry but that felt necessary!
Nope. My friend has just googled it and the last f word is fair. Yep, that's me too. It's not looking good.
I prefer f***ed off!

Seriously though. The doctor did have a very good point and I am trying to detox more, drink water more and walk more. We need to take these into account and look after ourselves as we are more prone to ill health if we are all five.
1. Female
2. Forty
3. Fertile
4. Fat
5. Fair (skin colour)

I kind of want to make my own f list though. I love making lists, then just ignoring them! Referring back to the start of my blog, we need to stay fabulous, whatever our age. I've added fit because we do need to look after ourselves and fair because as women, in the sister hood, we need to look out for each other. Life is hard enough without having to face catty remarks and worry about who is saying what about us behind our backs. We do get to an age where we follow our own tune more. Stay spirited and follow your own path.
1. Female
2. Forty
3. Free spirited
4. Fabulous
5. Fair (character)
6. Fit


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