Stop waiting for Friday.

I love this sentiment. We all do it. We've even got the TGI and TFI to prove it! I did enjoy watching TFI with Chris Evans. He had great live bands and interviews with celebs. And TCI where the chocolate bar, Crunchie was relieved it was the end of a long week! I haven't had a full sized one in years. They come in the funsize bags. I was reminded today of a little Friday jig I used to do at work which caught on with my partner teacher. Some Fridays we'd been that busy though that I'd forget to do my jig until I got home!

There's not just the start of the weekend that we live for. There are so many things we hold onto, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Only problem with that though, is missing out on appreciating all the beautiful colours whilst getting there.

Stop waiting full stop.

I'm constantly torn between two opposing feelings:
1. Not wishing my weeks, months, my life even, away.
2. Looking forward to something happening next week, next month or next year.

I love the idea of seizing the day, the moment even. The idea of grabbing it with both hands and making the most of it. Whatever we are doing, put effort in. This quote reminds me of the advice to always be full hearted, not half. Put your own stamp on everything you do.

This leads onto not just seizing the day, but actually squeezing every last drop out of it! Why not?

When we wake up, depending on the day or what's in store on that day, that will have an effect on your mood. Obviously, you are going to be brighter on a Saturday than a Monday. When we have something to look forward to the next day, we've more chance of going to sleep more relaxed and happier. Anyone who has worked with me has witnessed my Monday morning, not had enough caffiene yet face! Which is in total contrast to my Friday, there will be a Costa surprise waiting for me when I worked at one school!
I do though, try to wake up thinking I'm going to make something of this day. Whether it's a small or a big thing, I'll do something. Perhaps do one of those tasks that always stay on my to do list; they never get done, just get moved down the list and deferred again. But in your mind, they get bigger the longer they are your list!

Another good quote is this one. As someone with a chronic illness, I have good and bad days. I try to make the day count, whatever. I used to proper make myself feel guilty if I'd not got much done in a day. Then I changed my way of thinking to even if I'd just rested, I was still doing something worthwhile in recovering. Make your days count. Don't waste them. I mean, I'm not saying jump out of bed every morning and sing at the top of your voice like Doris Day as Calamity Jane when she realises she's in love and starts singing to the 'golden daffodils'! Just perhaps add a little spring to your step!

When we look back on our lives, our opinions can vary, depending on our mood but mainly, I suppose, we think of everything we've done and the people we are surrounded with. It's good to look at it this way. What we are grateful for. I mean, there's always room for improvement and it's good to have other things to do and achieve, as long as this doesn't make you feel unsatisfied. I have only just recently stopped thinking:
Why did I not do that? Why did I let that happen? Why did I react that way?
Well, not anymore. I try now to have this inner monologue:
We live and learn. What's done is done and I definitely won't react that way to a situation again! I'll just get on with it!
I love this song by Nina Simone; such a feelgood song. Maybe we need this playing into our room on a morning to get us up and out of bed!

I usually play this amazingly uplifting song on  a Saturday morning, especially if it's a sunny morning! I love Elbow and this song normally sets me up for the weekend! 'Drinking in the morning sun'. Drink it in and soak it up. Love this from pinterest.

Everyday can't possibly be perfect, as they woupdn't be as special. But now and again, I'll think, what a lovely day that was! It makes me think of one of my fave songs by Lou Reed, 'Perfect Day'.

I love this next quote. It reiterates the last quote but makes you think that bit more. Like the well known saying, 'Life is no dress rehearsal', this reminds you we don't get certain moments or chances again. Many people tell children to enjoy their schooldays because you don't get them again and it's true. I loved my school days and revisit my primary education memories often. Even more now I'm blogging! We can only retrieve them as nostalgic memories; we will never be those people again or feel those emotions at the time again.

As an ex teacher, I could write a whole blog on stress. Maybe I will! Some days though, when I was feeling stressed and my mind was racing ten to the dozen, I would suddenly stop still in that moment, feel thankful and just smile. It might have been a funny/lovely comment from a pupil or something imaginative they'd written. Or it might have been something I saw on a wall display that made me appreciate all the effort they'd put in. In those moments, the stressed became blessed.

Again, I think this is a lovely attitude to take and is one of my fave pinterest quotes. I am not, however, expecting folk to walk around as conjurors, making rabbits appear out of hats. Or as wizards, creating spells so everyone can win the lottery. It's more the little things, the subtle magic hiding away in people's hearts that comes to light when they help and support you. Or the raindrops on a beautiful rose that make you think of The Sound of Music. Or the sound of a four year old singing a solo in the Nativity. That type of everyday magic that gives you a twinkle in your eye and a glow in your heart like the Ready Brek kids in the old advert.

Life is full of juxtapositions. Love this word and I feel I haven't used a long word for ages! We are constantly experiencing opposite emotions. We can be happy one day, sad the next. We can be busy one hour, then bored the next. But then, we have to take the rough with the smooth. If we weren't sad sometimes, how could we appreciate being happy?
With this in mind, we can enjoy the moment and still look forward to things without wishing our precious lives away. It's about balance. We can look forward to a holiday or a wedding but still enjoy the time in between.


  1. Live for today! The past is past and the future isn't promised! Life is for living!


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