Life is not a race. Go at your own pace.

Love this concept. I've spent a long time treating life as a race. Sometimes a relay race where we're all part of a team, holding the baton tight in fear of stumbling, dropping it and letting everyone down; sometimes the 100 sprint where you gave it your all and heard the cheers as you won; or the three legged where you and your pal helped each other through, definitely stumbling but definitely laughing also; or the egg and spoon where, no matter how carefully you tackled it, you still dropped the egg and lastly, the obstacle race that was both challenging and infuriating at the same time. I try to take life now as the good old cross country. I loved this, running all terrain and getting muddy whilst pacing yourself for the grand finish.

This quote is so true in the age of consumerism. This is generally too. I find myself doing it. We need to be the tortoise who stops for a rest and still wins. I like the look of rhis book. Might have to have a read and see what I'm missing out on!

We do pressure ourselves in this modern age. We put timelines to our lives that are quite strict. Again, I did it. When you veer off though, it's easy to think you've failed. You have to trust the way your life is heading.

We do think we have to get things done yesterday. But unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. We have to remember that slow progress is still progress. We are still heading for our goals. Even when life becomes a game of Snakes and Ladders and you land on the longest snake, taking you back to the start.

Keep your head facing forward, and held high and just keep going. Love this next quote.

I've been tempted at times to stop. When I have stopped, I'm now seeing it as a slight pause while I get my career back on track. A breather to take stock. Don't stop for good or you will waste all your hard work so far.
I've realised the hard way that we all don't get there at the same time. We all have our own pace at doing things. And that's fine. Don't let anyone tell you you aren't progressing fast enough. How do they know? You know you.

This brings me to another issue I'm facing right now. Feeling you need to hurry up and 'get better' from a chronic illness. Well, we don't 'get better'. We learn to cope with it. I'm concentrating on a big word at the moment and it isn't Brexit! Recovery is my purpose at the moment. But like everything else, I want it done yesterday. I now realise it does not happen like that. It is a long process and I'm attending an amazing recovery college doing writing and art therapy. Meeting others who are going through a similar experience really does help.

When you have a chronic illness, you take life a day at a time because you really don't know how you are going to feel. You do feel guilty at the end of the day if all you did was rest, or did not get dressed until after dinner but even resting is doing something on your way to recovery. If you did just one thing that day, it was not a waste. The old me worked full time and would have done three or four things in a day. We have to stop comparing ourselves to the old us.

I love the idea of taking different paths through life. We need to take more paths filled with travel and adventure. I've taken many when I was younger and I'm ready for more adventures now. It's easy and safe to keep to the same path in life but every now and again we need to veer off and have a change. Such a brave step, but exhilarating! You can always go back if it's not for you.

I love this quote. I'm feeling behind in life at the moment. Not all the time but every now and again it hits me. I let myself believe I've gone backwards with no job and no career. I see others moving on with promotions, bigger houses, better cars and I do feel behind if I'm being honest. Then I remind myself of everything I've already achieved in my life so far. And, when I'm ready to go back to work, I know I'll feel 'in the loop' again. And like the quote says, you write your own schedule. I was considered an old mother at 30. Who makes this decision? What were my friends at 40  then? Geriatric! We all became mums at different times, a few similar but mainly from a range of being around 24 to 42. We are all good mums. Enough said.

No matter where you are in life, if you've had a massive illness or trauma that stops you in your tracks and puts your life on hold, it's totally out of your hands and it is not your fault. I've stopped wasting energy berating myself when my illness could have happened to anyone. I've stopped, mainly, the what ifs and why did I let that happen? They are all wasted thought time. I've seen this with other friends as they get their heads around their new lives living with a chronic illness. I'm now looking to what's next in my adventure called life. This next quote really helped me.


  1. Everyone is unique and only you can live your life!

    1. True words. We are all on a different journey.

  2. Have faith that the journey you are on is leading you to where you should be. Xx

    1. Thankyou. It's the bring patient part when you want something and want it yesterday!

  3. The things you can see when you slow down, excellent blog - follow your own journey have faith so true xx


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