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I've always been an avid collector of so many things from being very young. Right back to my early childhood when out on walks with my family, then later with friends, and we'd come back with acorns, pine cones, conkers, horse chestnuts, sticky buds and big, interesting leaves with the veins sticking out 3D. You knew you'd be crafting at home later with much of this stuff. But then, this was pre Nintendo, Game boy and Ipad!
My friends and I collected the daisies on the school field together to make daisy chains and proudly give them to our teachers. By the end of the day, they'd limply lay on thr teacher's desk, all forlorn. Fast forward twentu years and kids were making them for me. We'd pick rose petals from neighbouring gardens to make the most vile perfume for our mums. The jars would sit on window cills and in dark pantries for days before they were thrown out. But even Coco Chanel had to start somewhere. Perhaps not picking petals from the dog muck field. And yes, that is what we called it!
My cousins and I collected the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls which were so cute and came with a pet and a comb. We'd bring them together so we had much more to play with. I still remember the excitement of saving my pocket money to buy them. Years later, fast forward to the La la Loopsy Dolls that came with a pet. Bearing in mind, I was now the mum buying them. My friends and I were far more excited playing with them and we were the adults!
I collected the Care Bears and the My Little Ponies too. I loved collectimg little pot things too, like these frogs you could get doing different poses. I loved the ones laying down, relaxing! A post on facebook reminded me of them.

I have always loved stationery and notebooks. Most of my pocket money went on pencils and rubbers. Again, nostalgic pages on facebook have reminded me of the scented pencils and rubbers of all shapes and sizes. I loved these 80s lovehearts in little boxes.

This collecting continued into my teens with cinema and concert tickets, concert programmes, postcards, photos and lots more momentoes of the 80s and 90s. I keep saying I'm going to make scrapbooks of these, instead of them being shoved away into boxes.
I suppose it is sentimental collecting; these things all have a memory tied to them
The problem is, the older you get, the more things you acquire. I'm still collecting tickets and programmes!
I love my quotes and I used this in another blog. It is true and recently I have decluttered a lot. It was hard but easier once I got going.

Concentrate more on getting out and doing tgings, rather than buying and having lots of things.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a very good organiser; I'm much more a creative, ideas person! It has started getting to me recently and I am trying to be more organised. But maybe it's also this!

I have decluttered my home recently and do ferl better for the less cluttered, more minimalistic look. It's much better for the feng shui of each room and much more calming on the eyes!

Everyone wants this don't they? Just to be happh, however that looks.

This next quote is so true. How many times do we walk past piles of books, papers and other stuff and don't know where to put them? We try and shove them in drawers and cupboards we then daren't open for fear of a paper avalanche. I do feel better for attacking and sorting through all these! One thing I thought of were those hoarding programmes and it's true. Inner stress becomes outside stress in your life and your home.

My dad was very old school and I cling onto thst. I like to make things last, without buying more before the last ones are done. Shoes are a good example. Perhaps I need to do this with books?

This next quote says it all. I have collected and hoarded so much over many years. A lot of it has been through retail therapy and the old shopaholic in me. You feel amazing when you are buying the stuff. But, just like comfort eating, how long does that feeling last? Not long enough! I haven't been the normal bag and shoe buying lady though. Oh no. I've been the vase, coffee pot and earings lady! I now consider calmly if I need it, where will I put it and would it matter if I did not buy it? I am quite proud of myself! When I buy now, I might get one, quality item instead.

When we clutter our lives, these these are taking up precious room. When we clutter our minds with negative, wasteful thoughts, we are taking up valuable room in our heads that could be used for something more productive.

This next quote makes so much sense. I loved having lots of friends and going out to different places. I loved noise and social interactions. I must admit, as I'm getting older, I'm happier to have a smaller circle of friends and I'm happier staying home some days, reading and relaxing. I have wasted time on people and things but I won't anymore. We live and we learn. Other friends have said exactly the same. Surround yourself with people who totally get you!

Over the last few years, I have managed to let go of things. Some easier than others. We have to. It's like that game of Crackerjack where the contestant tried to hold onto everything and it was usually the cabbage that made everything fall. You can't juggle everything!

It does get easier to stop holding onto it all. To stop pretending you are coping when you clearly aren't!

This is a fab quote too. Keep life as simple as yoi can. I no longer have time for any drama or conflict. Move on. Detatch yourself from it wherever you can.

Time does show us what really matters
And who matters to us.

This made me laugh from Pinterest. A great quote to finish on!


  1. Just cleared my kitchen cupboards out! Still holding on to all those bone china teacups that I never use! Tidy House, Tidy Mind! So they say.

    1. Ha ha! They do! Declutter your house, declutter your mind!


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