Those we meet along the way.

I'm at the grand old age of forty five and in this time, I've met a lot of wonderful people. Some have stayed and some, I now see, were just passing through. We have people in our lives, like teachers, who mean the absolute world to us at the time, then become lovely memories and role models down the years. There are people from our youth who stay special and become part of our reminiscing thread. I'm so lucky to have many of these.
When I look back at my schooling, my friends and I were so lucky. I had some marvellous, creative teachers who instilled in me my love of reading and writing, and fired my imagination, feeding my growing mind on a diet of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton during storytime. The passion for reading and listening to stories was passed down to me tgrough my family and my teachers. I will never forget my favourite at Junior school. She was everything I tried to be as a teacher.

During this time, I went to Sunday school and I loved my time here, even moving on to be a helper myself. I struck up an amazing friendship with an elderly couple who were so kind and thoughtful and proved to the young teenager I was that friendship has no age boundaries. They brought experience of the world and many delightful stories of living to me and I probably brought a youthful outlook to them. The other lady I will never forget is another Sunday school teacher. She had such a big heart, always smiling and laughing; such a lovely lady. We also had a youth club on an evening and she brought so much energy to this for us. All voluntary too.
Alongside this was Brownies and Guides. Once a Brownie or Guide, always a Brownie or Guide! Our leaders were amazing women. They did so much for us, all voluntary and all with passion. I have friends who are Guide and Scout leaders and I say you are all brilliant!

Moving onto secondary school, I had many good teachers but my favourite was my form tutor. I loved her; she was creative, bubbly and always there to listen to you. We were so lucky to have her as a form tutor in our GCSE years. When I did my A Levels, I had a phase where I was struggling with a few things. My tutor sat me down and we had the best chat about trying to do too much and letting my studies slide. It was the conversation that the 17 year old me needed. I will forever be in his debt. He was the kind of tutor who went above and beyond. At college, I had such inspiring tutors who helped guide me. I just hope that in 20 years, ex pupils of mine remember me when they are in their forties.

I love this idea that we are all the different parts of people we meet along the way, family and friends. We spend so much time with people that their personalities, thoughts and opinions do have an effect on us. Our peer groups as children, as learners, as parents, as workers are so important to us. The more positive vibes and support, the better.

I do think having role models in life is vital too. I've been lucky with mine, especially in my family. I grew up with a fab peer group too and I'm still friends with some of them now. As a new mum, I was surrounded by really supportive, here's a glass of wine types of other new mums. What we need, at any stage of life, is people who don't throw judgement or utter the dreaded, 'I told you so!'

We live and learn who are truely there for us. I love this next quote. Something to think about!


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