New year, new you.

Stop trying to claw back the old you; she's not there anymore. Instead, there is a new you waiting! Don't waste any more time and effort trying to get her back because she's now assigned to history. Parts of her have followed. The best parts. The other parts like self doubt, pleasing people, over analysing, they're gone! Think of yourself as the main character in your story with a new turn and twist.

Sometimes it is a bit nerve wracking, revealing the new you and taking that first step on your next journey. But you have to trust in the magic. One step at a time. See where it takes you!

We are strong when we keep going and working at things. I've outstayed jobs where I should have left earlier. We all have! Sometimes, you need to see if you are wasting time and energy on staying or if you are better using that energy on something new.

It is so easy to just stay. You feel comfy. Or at least you think you do! When really, you need to move on. Once you do, it is hard to not look back with rose tinted glasses at all the good, forgetting all the hard times. Whether it's a job, a relationship or a friendship, you need to remember why you left, why you moved on and why you need a brand new chapter.

I love this idea of leaving behind what is not for you anymore. Yes, it's sad, very sad but concentrate on what or who you are replacing it with.

It's easy to view leaving employment and relationships as failing in them. You are not giving up on them; you have given it your all. We are not robots though and do need to recognise a need to start over. It is so not about giving up. See it in a positive light.

As you change, some people will not take to the new you and you will find that so hard, their questionning, their defensive reactions as you start sticking up for yourself. I did. You will see though that you only need the people who don't question you; they are the ones who are true friends.

Always remember, in the words of Anne Shirley the quote below. It has helped me to take a day at a time, rather than being overwhelmed by the bigger picture.

If in any doubt, go with your gut instinct. Don't let other's opinions sway you. I did that for far too long, in the quest of fitting in and pleasing people. Now, as I speak, I can hear more of me speaking and it is lovely. I have stopped trying to fit in where my face doesn't fit. People can take me as I am!

As the Beatles song goes, "You say goodbye and I say hello!' Think of all those new, exciting hellos waiting to be said!

Lastly, don't rush it. It will all unfold in time. I love this last quote. Not everything is written in stone for what is to come and that's the beauty of fresh starts. That wonderful feel of new possibilities. Stay open to new things, new things you wouldn't chsnhge. Embrace them.


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