Smug as a bug in a rug.

My pet hate is smugness and judging. Why do people have to be like this? There's just no need for it at all. An example being that smug look certain folk at work give you after they've made a snide comment about your work, sniped at you, then walked off, leaving you eithsr counting to ten or trying to think up a quick response you can calmly shout out to their retreating backs.
Remember the brilliant Harry Enfield comedy show? It makes me think of his character who kept going around saying, "You don't want to be doing it like that. You want to be doing it like this!" There's normally one of those characters in every work place too whose opinion and way of doing something is always right!

My motto is to Be kind, or be quiet. It is that simple. Some people need a little more tact when it comes to speaking their minds. Yes, there is the idea we should all say what we think, but to the detrement of others? No thankyou. There are ways of getting your message across without trampling over other people's feelings.

Judging people, for me, needs to be kept to reality shows and competitions. Like when the contestants get four 10s on the last show of Strictly. Even though, they can be harsh and offend but at least the judges know what they are talking about! Or in the law courts where, again, trained people know what they are saying. Anyone else, unless asked, keep your judging to yourselves.
I love this next quote. It's great to encourage people. Just as it's lovely to be encouraged yourself! Some people see what you are not doing right, especially in the workplace, rather than what you have done well.

I love being curious; I love learning. I totally agree with this. Save your judgement. It might make you feel better but might spoil someone's day.

I've let what people have said bother me, even spoil things. It's time now I listened to myself and what I actually think. People will talk about your decisions and actions whatever you say and do.

We also come to realise that some people will always judge you and expect more of you. Unfortunately, there are always people ready to catch you out. Or even just make things up about you if they can't find anything wrong!

This next quote is so true. Outer appearances can be so deceiving. It is what's on the inside that counts!

Nobody is perfect. Sometimes people highlight your faults so they can hide in the shadows of yours. Some people need to look a bit closer to home before complaining about others!

I know it's human to judge; we probably all do ut internally when we see something we don't agree with or someone says something we might not like. The difference is those who keep their judgements as internal thoughts and those who just blurt out what they want, with no thought of the effects of their words. Instead of just saying what comes to mind, maybe we could step back and see the person and what they might be going through before we probably add to more of their stress and problems. Understanding is so important in human relationships. Being supportive is far more helpful than being judging and critical.

Why is one person's decision better than anyone else's? It isn't!

It would be much better if people just did what they needed to do and let others get on with what they are doing.

Remember, if people are behaving bitterly to you, it could be worse. You could be them!

I love this idea of being more mindful of impressing yourself, rather than others. Your own opinion of you matters. Remember that.


  1. Doesn't take much to be nice. A good mentor should know how to build confidence without causing distress and insecurity.

    1. Absolutely. And it takes five seconds to give a compliment!


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