Bring it on!

Bring what on? I hear you say. Well, I'm not really sure but bring it on anyway! Three powerful words to help you move forward, to get started again when you have been coasting through life for a bit. And not the kind of coasting done in an open top down Florida Keys! 

Sometimes, we need to face life head on. Other times, we can go hide away for a bit or just watch it pass us by. Three small words but said together, they hold much meaning. No more coasting and letting life slide by. No more 'we'll seeing'. We can easily get caught up in letting things happen, standing by on the sidleines of our own lives. We forget what it felt like to have some control. 

Everyone has so many plans then life happens. I suppose it is making detours and reversing then getting lost. We may look like we know where we are going but inside we are hoping the Sat nav will guide us. We do, at times, need to be our own Sat Nav, listen to our own inner voices. Not just listen to them, but follow them too. 

When we do 'bring it on', we might find we are actually braver and stronger than we remembered we were. It might not be as hard as you thought. In my case, picking up the pieces of a career, where I worked extremely hard and was very passionate about. To having little confidence but much self doubt and feeling in limbo. Where was I going? Am I still good enough?

Well, looking back, I actually did 'bring it on' in buckets and my confidence is so much more. The team I work with now and my previous teams have really helped. They are so important but so are you. When we make our comeback, it is about the people who are lifting you up but it is also your own inner strength and self belief.

I started to finish this little blog thinking I was going to embrace 'bringing it on' and it turns out that I already have! Go me! And go you. Anyone who reads this. Not everyone will gel with you or appreciate you and your way of working. They are in the minority or vould just have their own self esteem problems. Get that inner narrative set back to positive. Listen to those who admire you and ask for your advice. Take on board the compliments because you have earned them. 

Walk into work, into life even, knowing that you are enough for those who understand you. Stop justifying yourself and do not change yourself to fit in. You are already who and where you should be.  


  1. Bring it on! You only get one life!


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