Open your heart!

Watch out! One of my fave ever Madonna songs. Loved her True Blue era. Watch for what can happen when you open up your heart and your mind to new things! So many people have so much love to give. Be open to meeting new people and embarking on new experiences.

It's a good feeling to be grateful. We can sometimes lapse into the, can't believe that happened to me or, why can't I ever .....? It is just human nature. I'm learning though, that if you keep focused on what is fab in your life, you will be happier. When we keep thinking of the down bits, it brings us down too. Keep rekinding yourself of what is good in your life. We are all lucky for one reason or another. What yours? Get those love heart glasses on and be open to all the good around you.
Talking of glasses, I like to also, from time to toke, put my rose tinted glasses on. Obviously, it's a treat to put these on and I love to look back at the past and my lovely memories. But you can put them on for a little glimpse of the future too. Helps it sometimes look a bit more rosy when you are a bit unsure where you are going and which new path to take.

The other accessory I feel is good to have are your positive pants. Again, you can't possibly wear them all the time. I mean, you do need to take them off to be washed from time to time! However, they are a fab thing to wear as a reminder of your preferred outlook for the day. This doesn't mean grinning from ear to ear all day as that will only give you jaw ache. I'm learning it's about changing your mindset, your inner narrative and the way you react to things. When someone doesn't say thanks when I hold a door, I smile, say thanks myself and carry on. I used to stand there, seething at the lack of manners but that's just a waste of your energy.

That inner narrative you have with yourself is so important. When it's negative, we close in, lose motivation and give off negative signals. When we speak positively to ourselves, we are opening up to possibilities and to trying things we have confidence to do.

When we wear our positive pants and focus on the good, we are filled with gratitude. When we are grateful to others, we feel happy.

It's lovely to think we can open our hearts to new people. As we go along our lives, how wonderful that we are still meeting new people and connecting with new souls, kindred spirits who just turn up and make your life better? In the same way, we outgrow certain people too. As well as opening our hearts to new people, we need to think about being open to new experiences and willing to step through new doors. Be brave and take that first step!

We can spend ages worrying about what's next. We can waste time forcing something back that is long gone. After a while, you sometimes have to pull up a chair and sit with the waiting. Don't pressure yourself that your life has to go in a set direction. Sometimes you have to try not over control too much. Especially things that are out of your hands.

At the same time though, when it feels right, take that chance. You will know in your heart of hearts if it feels right.

It is your life for you to live. I love the rational behind this quote. Who does it matter the most to? You and those closest. When you are happy with your decisions and choices, it won't matter so much what others think.

It's also good to keep remembering what is there right in front of us. These constants, especially people, are there for us always and can be taken for granted. I love the saying of seeing things with a fresh pair of eyes. I do this now on my daily walks. Nature is so healing.

Keep open to what is around you. Sometimes, the saying, I can't see the wood for the trees is so right. We become bogged down by daily life, routines, duty and so on. We are constantly chasing our tails, running on that hamster wheel that we sometimes fail to grasp the importance of the little things. Been there, worn the tshirt! When I did finally make an emergency stop, I started seeing the world much differently, in a far simpler light. Like the lyrics, 'I can see clearly now, the rain has gone.'

I love this next quote. It is much better to be open minded and non judgemental. We are all different and who needs people in their lives who are highly opinionated and not prepared to even listen to what you have to say? It's true. Some folk just won't budge. I'll admit, I've held opinions about things, situations and people and I've admitted I've been wrong. You can so easily cut your nose off to spite your face. What's the point in that?

Be open to positive, uplifting vibes. Even emit them yourself! I've put up with folk who give out bad vibes for too long. They are catching! Avoid wherever possible!

It is also about keeping your mind wide open to new opportunities and new learning. How much better is it to have, like Alice in Wonderland, a curious mind? We are never too old to keep learning and being excited about finding new adventures.

I do sometimes have a childlike view on the world. Probably because I've worked with them for twenty years! I love looking at new things with their eyes. Children have this natural curiosity; don't tend to bring other views to . When I read, I still read like the child I was, devouring every page and falling im love with the characters. Same with my Netflix series. I feel like the characters are my friends! When we plan a trip away or a day out, I have the same sense of wonder as when I was a kid.

I really love this next quote; it made me stop in my tracks. When? I'm still thinking! I do much of the same everyday, as do many of us! For me, I'm in my comfort zone at the moment and I need to do something new, something that I enjoy. I recently joined two choirs, something just for me. Both were fab experiences and I met some wonderful people.


  1. Yes you never stop learning whatever your age. That's what life is all about!!!


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